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<ul><li><p>Dedicated Mercedes-Benz Digital Consultant</p><p>Fully Responsive Chameleon Website Platform</p><p>Google Analytics Integrated Reporting SuiteAdministrative Access for Metrics, Site Editing, Inventory Management and Other Dealer Controllable Features</p><p>At Least Six (6) Call Tracking Numbers</p><p>Inventory Management</p><p>Automated Specials</p><p>Free Third-Party Integrations</p><p>Advanced SEO Capabilities</p><p>Google Analytics Reporting Suite</p><p>Free, Unlimited Exports</p><p>Call Tracking (Sales &amp; Service)</p><p>Custom SEO Editing Tool</p><p>Integrated WordPress Blog</p><p>Basic Video Package</p><p>Send to Mobile</p><p>SEO Accelerator Platform</p><p>Schema Local Business</p><p>Lead Accelerated Coupon</p><p>Edmunds Vehicle Reviews</p><p>A/B Testing (Consulting Included)</p><p>Mobile Text Chat</p><p>Mobile Lead Driver</p><p>Integrated CarStory Reports</p><p>Web Presence Optimizer (WPO)</p><p>Behavioral Targeting System (BTS)</p><p>Geo-Fencing with Targeted Offers</p><p>Android Pay/Apple Wallet Coupons</p><p>FEATURES BASE EXECUTIVE ELITE</p><p> $999 $1,899 $2,799</p></li><li><p>GLOSSARY</p><p>Next page</p><p>Dedicated Mercedes-Benz Digital ConsultantA dedicated Mercedes-Benz Digital Consultant (MDC) works with your dealership to update and manage your new website, report analytics, and provide suggestions to improve website performance. </p><p>Fully Responsive Chameleon Website PlatformDealerOns Responsive Website Platform is one of the most advanced in the industry. Per Googles guidance, DealerOns responsive websites improve SEO &amp; conversion relative to the alternative technologies, require less dealer hours to maintain and update, and are future proof because they can handle any new device sizes without any technology updates or changes.</p><p>Google Analytics Integrated Reporting SuiteDealerOns SEM services traffic and lead tracking integrates with Google Analytics website reporting to show dealers end-to-end SEM performance. Dealers can track visit to lead conversions at the keyword or visitor level if desired.</p><p>Dealer and Shift Digital User Administrative Access for Metrics, Site Editing, Inventory Management andOther Dealer Controllable FeaturesManage and update multiple content areas on your DealerOn site.</p><p>At Least Six (6) Call Tracking NumbersCall tracking lets your dealership measure 100% of your digital marketing results by allowing you to track the Source, Campaign, Marketing Media of any and every inbound phone call coming from your dealerships website.</p><p>Inventory ManagementDealerOns inventory management system lets you pull, edit, and deliver inventory from any DMS to your website and third-party sites. Dealers can add pricing, pictures, and custom comments for every vehicle in inventory. There is also the ability to make modifications to specific pieces of inventory before being published to the website, and create bulk pricing rules for easier management.</p><p>Automated SpecialsDealerOns specials engine lets dealers set up their own rules-based algorithms to automatically display specials highlighting specific vehicles, models, or classes of vehicles. The specials engine is intuitive and easy to use, so dealer personnel are more likely to use the system and maintain engaging, attractive, up-to-date specials.</p><p>Free Third-Party IntegrationsDealerOns website platform readily integrates with every lead capturing product available to all segments across the industry. Whether it is Chat, Service Scheduler, Credit App, or a Trade Application tool, we can support it.</p><p>Advanced SEO CapabilitiesDealerOns website platform provides the SEO management tools that digital agencies and in-house SEO specialists crave. Dealers can easily customize SEO across all major platform pages, leveraging a library of replacement codes so that a few quick SEO edits can update all vehicle details pages with optimized content based on whatever keyword patterns the dealer or their agency selects.</p><p>Google Analytics Reporting SuiteReceive Enterprise reporting that ties out to Google Analytics data, and provides ad hoc reporting capabilities as well as Demographic Reporting capabilities. This offering gives dealers the tools to measure website performance by form factor, demographic data, or interests.</p><p>Free, Unlimited ExportsDealerOn can provide free inventory exports of all relevant inventory data to 100s of third-party websites that host dealer inventory. This file can include the following fields: VIN/Stock ID, Vehicle Make/Model/Trim/Body Style/Transmission, Exterior/Interior coloring, MSRP/Invoice/Dealer Price, Dealer comments.</p><p>Call Tracking (Sales &amp; Service)In the age of mobile, almost half of your dealerships website traffic is from a mobile device. DealerOns call tracking lets you measure the complete impact of all your Marketing Media, Campaigns (down to the creative level) or even the Keyword level for Paid Search traffic.</p><p>Custom SEO Editing ToolEasily customize SEO across all major platform pages, leveraging a library of replacement codes, so that a few quick SEO edits can update all vehicle details pages with optimized content based on whatever keyword patterns the dealer or their agency selects. </p><p>Integrated WordPress BlogDynamic, fresh content is an increasingly important part of Googles algorithm for ranking content. DealerOn provides dealers with a fully integrated WordPress blog that integrates as a folder within the primary URL of the domain, for maximum SEO value. Dealers may then write their own search optimized content to leverage the powerful platform that we provide out of the box. For an additional monthly charge, DealerOn can write search-optimized content on a dealers behalf as well.</p></li><li><p>GLOSSARY</p><p>Next page</p><p>Basic Video PackageDealerOns video package provides used VIN specific walkarounds for dealership inventory.</p><p>Send to MobileGives website visitors the option to send vehicle information directly to their mobile device.</p><p>SEO Accelerator PlatformDealerOns SEO Accelerator Platform provides customized SEO adhering to Googles best practices for: Title tags, Meta tags, On-page readable content, Semantic markup, Structured data, Google-optimized XML sitemaps, Bing optimized XML sitemaps. For each Vehicle Details Page on the platform, DealerOns SEO Accelerator provides Semantic Markup/Structured data, based on the taxonomy of for Auto Dealers, Offers, Ratings, etc. so that the corresponding Rich Snippets (EGthe star ratings seen below) can appear in Googles Search Results Page.</p><p>Schema Local Business (SLB)DealerOns SLB is up-to-date with all of the latest integrations and audited monthly, and in some cases weekly, to ensure the latest schema rules are followed. While many other providers have integrated structured data into their platform most are done incorrectly or done in such a way that Google is going to start recognizing as structured data spam. Dealers may write their own search optimized content to leverage the powerful platform that we provide out of the box. For an additional monthly charge, DealerOn can write search-optimized content on a dealers behalf as well.</p><p>Lead Accelerated CouponA Entrance/Exit Coupon presented to website visitors that avoids Popup Blockers. Benefits: Delivers huge increase in highly-qualified vehicle leads, real-time updates for any special dealer offers, and website integrated lead reporting.</p><p>Edmunds Vehicle ReviewsDealerOn, through our partnership with Edmunds, uses structured data to mark up the Vehicle Details page so that the review star ratings actually appear in Googles Search results. This has a two-fold benefit for dealers with this integration: 1. Greater visibility in Googles search results we have seen these pages appear more frequently and higher up in Googles result set in tests where weve implemented the integration, 2. Higher click-through rates for the page that appear in Googles results.</p><p>A/B Testing (Consulting Included)With DealerOns Elite website package, customers gain access to our A/B testing platform and Optimization Client Services team. Dealers are able to conduct A/B tests of particular changes and appropriately measure/value the results of their testing plan with our Optimization team. They may also opt in to DealerOn platform A/B tests where their site or sites participate in Platform-wide A/B tests &amp; optimizations when multiple dealers request similar tests. This process provides a much faster result with a higher statistically significant confidence level.</p><p>Mobile Text ChatDealerOns integration of Edmunds Car Code technology delivers: incremental leads from low funnel shoppers on your dealerships mobile website, better consumer engagement by using the shoppers chosen medium, mobile leads have been shown close at 3x the rate of desk top leads, and dealership sales staff texting with customers that is not being monitored in the CRM.</p><p>Mobile Lead DriverDealerOns mobile coupon ensures that your website can provide a proven lead conversion tool--a cash back incentive for a vehicle purchase--for any consumer, regardless of device. Mobile users are closer to the point of purchase, and those same consumers are more likely to be influenced by a monetary incentive. Mobile lead driver ensures that dealers maximize their vehicle sales to these consumers.</p><p>Integrated CarStory ReportsDealerOn has built an integration with CarStory so that we can provide CarStory market reports to demonstrate the value and bolster a consumers confidence that a dealers used vehicle pricing is very competitive and compelling based on the geographic marketplace. CarStory Inline Market Reports are designed to provide the vehicles whole storyembedded seamlessly in your VDPsto ensure that consumers dont click off to third-party websites.</p><p>Web Presence Optimizer (WPO)This platform provides SEO tracking, reporting, and analytics that tie Keyword Ranking to Traffic and Leads (via our integration with Google Analytics API).</p><p>Behavioral Targeting System (BTS)DealerOns Behavioral Targeting System (BTS) is a state-of-the-art lead generation enhancement system designed to increase the number of leads and service appointments by delivering contextually relevant offers to consumers as they leave a dealers website.</p></li><li><p>GLOSSARY</p><p>Geo-Fencing with Targeted OffersDealerOns platform gives our dealers the ability to conquest consumers by pushing targeted offers to website visitors, based on their actual location. Dealers can create any number and variety of offers that will fire only to visitors located within the determined parameters (LAT/LON, plus a radius (500 feet, one mile, etc.) targeting that offer).</p><p>Android Pay/Apple Wallet CouponsDealerOn has recently rolled out a new integration with Android Pay and Apple Wallet that lets our dealers customers add Service Coupons and Offers directly to Android Pay or Apple Wallet on their Android or Apple phone. After a consumer adds the coupon to their device, the dealer may update the offers, provide new images, or even update an expiration to the coupon directly on the customers phone, without them ever returning to the dealers website.</p></li><li><p>Additional Inventory FeedAdditional inventory feed to accommodate group inventory.</p><p>Advanced Pricing MatrixQuickly completes inventory pricing, by setting flexible pricing rules for both new and used inventory. </p><p>Android Pay/Apple Wallet CouponsAllows customers to add Service Coupons and offers directly to Android Pay or Apple Wallet. </p><p>Beacons w/ Text Dupe SuppressionSends a targeted message when customers come within range of your dealership. </p><p>Behavioral Targeting SystemDelivers relevant offers to customers as they are about to leave a dealers website. </p><p>Custom Homepage Slide DesignsUp to 5 custom homepage slider ads per month, optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile. </p><p>Elite SEO 2.0 PackageLocal optimization in four areas: On site signals, off site signals, social media, reputation management.</p><p>Geo-Fencing w/ Targeted OffersProvides offers based on specific location. For example, can be pushed to a customer who is currently at a competitors showroom.</p><p>Incentive ProProviders customers with the best rebates and APR available to them, specific to VIN. </p><p>Lead Accelerator CouponEntrance and exit coupons that avoid pop-up blockers; increase in leads.</p><p>Managed Blog ServiceFully integrated WordPress blog on the dealership website to build SEO value.</p><p>Managed ChatUnlimited Managed chat regardless of number of website traffic leads. </p><p>One-Time Custom Page DesignProfessionally designed responsive custom page, optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile.</p><p>Payment DriverMarkets your vehicles with finance and lease payments, using updated manufacturer incentives and rebates. </p><p>Premium Call TrackingUnlimited minutes with two lines, Integrates directly with Google Analytics. </p><p>Service Plus+ Content PackageFixed-operations focused website content module.</p><p>Social/Reputation ManagementEnsures that your social presence and online reputation remains positive: daily/custom posts, monitoring of reviews, replies to all comments/questions.</p><p>Spanish WebsitesIn-language platform provides optimal customer experience to Spanish speaking customers.</p><p>Spin CarReal-time, interactive, virtual walk around of your new and used inventory (using actual photos).</p><p>Trade PendingProvides trade appraisal results to customers in less than half of the time that other reports do.</p><p>A LA CARTE ITEM(S) COST</p><p>$40 monthly</p><p>$379 monthly</p><p>$239 monthly</p><p>$569 monthly</p><p>$559 monthly</p><p>$969 monthly</p><p>$3,400 monthly</p><p>$239 monthly</p><p>$379 monthly</p><p>$479 monthly</p><p>$669 monthly</p><p>$1,329 monthly</p><p>$479 one-time</p><p>$669 monthly</p><p>$569 monthly</p><p>$1,049 monthly</p><p>$1,099 monthly</p><p>$1,799 monthly</p><p>$569 monthly</p><p>$479 monthly</p></li><li><p>Award-Winning Website Platform</p><p>AWARD-WINNINGCUSTOMER SUPPORT</p><p>EXCLUSIVEMERCEDES-BENZPACKAGES(Come see us for details)</p><p>ELITEEXECUTIVEBASE</p><p>$999 $1,899 $2,799</p><p>877-543-4200WWW.DEALERON.COM</p><p> 5-Time Driving Sales Top-Rated Website Provider Google Analytics Certified Team Retail Automotive Experience</p><p>7-Time Website Excellence Award (Digital Dealer)Technology Leadership Award (Dealer Marketing Magazine)5-Time Top Rated Website Provider (Driving Sales)AWA Pinnacle Website Award</p><p> GOOGLE ENDORSED:Better for SEO</p><p> Lower Bounce Rate &amp;Higher Conversion</p><p> More Leads &amp;More Sales</p><p> Optimized forMobile</p><p>faster home pageloading speed vs competitors</p><p>2x</p><p>average lead increase</p><p>250%</p><p>RESPONSIVEDESIGN</p><p>HIGHESTCONVERSION</p></li><li><p>BUY</p><p>Search SEARCH RESULTSYOUR DEALER SHIPSEARCH ENGINE</p><p>MARKETING</p><p>RETARGETING</p><p>DISPLAY ADVERTISING</p><p>Digital Advertising</p><p>EXCLUSIVEMERCEDES-BENZPACKAGES(Come see us for details)</p><p>ELITECOREBASE</p><p>$3,000 $6,000 $10,000</p><p> Connect with consumers WHILE THEY ARE RESEARCHING. Engage new customers BEFORE they search. Target by demographics, interests, and content. </p><p>877-543-4200WWW.DEALERON.COM</p><p>Focused on Conversion Optimization: Continuous testing of ad copy, model landing pages, and keyword / bid strategies allow for high conversion rates and low cost-per-opportunity.</p><p>Dynamic Inventory Ads: Tailor your advertising strategy and ad spend to vehicles on your lot.</p><p>Data-Driven Strategy: We analyze your market and brand monthly to ensure that we spend your money on qualified regions and prospects.</p><p>Boutique Custome...</p></li></ul>


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