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Apps, Apps and Apps Andy Van Steenbergen & Bert Clevering

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SharePoint Apps, Apps, Apps


  • 1.Apps, Apps and Apps Andy Van Steenbergen & Bert Clevering

2. About us 3. About ushttp://www.linkedin.com/in/bclevering http://www.appventure.nl 4. Light Intro SharePoint Apps 5. App Hosting SharePoint WebYour Hosted SiteSharePoint WebAzureHost web Client side technologies and declarative workflowsApp Web (from WSP) 6. App Shapes for SharePoint Full pageImplement complete app experiences to satisfy business scenarios Parts Create app parts that can interact with the SharePoint experience UI Command extensions Add new commands to the ribbon and item menus 7. The Problem: Self service site creation 8. Solution? 9. Steps for creating this solution Create SharePoint-hosted App Change Default.aspx and app.js to facilitate provisioning Add standard deployment options For GUI options add Jquery.BlockUI.js 10. Recap Easy to create. Quick deployment of different site types. For Tenant operations deploy the app in the App store; in App development site collection a SharePoint-hosted App doesnt have Tenant rights 11. Light Intro Apps for Office 12. App Shapes for Office Task PaneApp adjacent to the documentContent App in the body of the documentMail Inline Pane on an email or appointment item 13. Apps for Office 14. Office enabled Apps for SharePoint 15. Composable App ModelDocument LibraryDocument 16. Comment a document app Still need a cool name 17. Comment options for a document Word review SharePoint Versions SharePoint Approve / reject 3rd party tools? 18. Solution? Embed comments in document Comments stay in App Web (security) CSOM and/or REST + JavaScript Easy to create 19. Flow 1. If new document, comments are not yet possible 2. If not new document, comments are possible 1. 2. 3.Select reviewer Add comment message Click add comment 1. 2.Comment is being saved in list Call is done to retrieve comments from list 20. How to build it App for SharePointDocument LibraryDocument Template 21. Idea for an App? 22. Take away Learn JavaScript + CSOM / REST Easy to build, follow the steps