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  • 1. BONN Germany Bonn

2. General Information Bonn was the capital of the Federal Republic of Germany and lies on the river Rhine. Its population is 315,000 people. Bonn is a modern, lively and cosmopolitan city with a history of over 2.000 years. 3. Bonn is attractive historic centre,it has about 30 museums and numerous sports and music events which can offer entertainment. 4. Beethoven-Haus The house where he was born in December 1770 has become the symbol of Bonn and now it is a museum dedicated to his life and work. Beethovenfest is a month long music festival in September with numerous concerts held in Bonn. 5. Festivals Rhein in Flammen A big firework over the Rhine, usually on the first saturday in May. The most popular spot to watch it is the Rheinauen, where a big fair with music and food stalls is taking place. Karneval Karneval is celebrated seven weeks before Easter.It is followed by parties in the city centre and Altstadt (Old Town). 6. Haribo Factory Store Haribo is one of the biggest manufacturers of gummy and jelly sweets in the world, with its products mainly consisting of gummy bears and other jelly sweets. 7. Shopping and going out With its attractive sales, actions, and events Bonn's shops will make your shopping a pleasure. There is many shopping areas in Bonn. There is something to suit every single taste here. As a university city, Bonn also has a wide variety of bars, pubs, and clubs to offer. 8. University The Main Building of Bonn University is the former Palace of the Prince Elector, right in the lively inner city. Most university institutes are located to the west and south of the city centre.The University of Bonn is today one of the leading universities in Germany. 9. Thank you for your attention!Nadja