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ER&L 2015:Best UX Practices of Librarieswith Exceptionally High Mobile UsageFebruary 23, 2015

Megan Hurst, MLISDirector, EBSCO SaaS Product ManagementResearch Workflow / EDS + EBSCOhost Platforms

OverviewGeneral mobile web usage trends through 2014

2012-2014 year-over-year analysis of aggregated mobile device usage data of EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS)

What strategic practices are libraries with exceptionally high mobile device traffic* undertaking to best serve their users?

Heuristic evaluation of mobile-friendly best practices of EDS libraries with exceptionally high mobile device traffic relative to total traffic

* EBSCO Discovery Service mobile website usage only. Mobile app usage is excluded.Mobile GlossaryMobile Device a handheld, portable computing device, with internet-connection capabilities

Mobile App an application that runs on a specific device which may not require an internet connection (works offline), and is available via App Stores (e.g. Google Play Store)

Mobile Website a website that has been tuned for a mobile display and touch-based navigation. An internet connection is required to access a mobile website.

Responsive Website a website that has been tuned to progressively disclose and stack user interface and content elements based on the computer or device screen size.

Hybrid App a mobile-optimized website that is paired with app functionality ranging from a simple app-wrapper allowing the site to be discovered and downloaded via app stores, or more robust functionalities, such as offline reading.Mobile Device a portable, hand-held computing device. Smaller than a netbook or laptop. Includes tablets and cell phones.Tablet Smartphone - 3Mobile Experience InfluencesMobile UsageHow many devices do you have with youright now? Factors influencing mobile experienceHABITEXPERIENCETECHNOLOGYModel: M. Hurst + Francis H.General mobile web usage trendsOpen Web Trends (Global): Computers vs. Mobile Internet Traffic, 2010-2015Data Source: Global Stats: StatCounter GlobalStats YTDOpen Web Trends (United States): Computers vs. Mobile Internet Traffic, 2010-2015Data Source: Global Stats: StatCounter GlobalStats YTDOpen Web Trends: Device TypesSource: Business Insider

Technology use and gadget ownership among all Americans 16+


EBSCO Discovery Servicemobile website statistics

EDS and EBSCOhostthe most widely-used library-research platforms in the world Delivering 400+ collections

To 10s of thousands of customers

In 6 continents; ~30 languages

4+ million user sessions per day

3+ million searches per day

Using 4,000+ devices typesComputerEBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) FULL SITEEDS MOBILE SITEiPadAny other mobile deviceAuto-detect device / Auto-direct to Full or Mobile Site

Toggle Links lets user switch between Full and Mobile SitesEDS FULL SITEUSERvisits EDS via anydeviceEBSCO Discovery Service: Usage StatisticsAll Mobile Device Web Sessions as a % of Total EBSCO Discovery Service Web Sessions, Jan 2012-Dec 2014EDS iPad mobile sessions 2012-2014Year-to-Year increase of iPad Sessions as a % of Total EBSCO Discovery Service SessionsEDS non-iPad mobile sessions 2012-2014Year-to-Year increase of non-iPad sessions as a % of Total EBSCO Discovery Service SessionsiPadiPhoneGoogle Nexus 7Samsung GT-I9300Samsung GT-N7100Apple iPod TouchAmazon KFTTSamsung GT-I9505Samsung GT-P5210Samsung SM-G900VSamsung SCH-I545Unknown MobileSamsung SM-P600Google Nexus 5Samsung SGH-I337Samsung GT-I9500Samsung SM-T310Samsung GT-P5110Samsung SM-G900ASamsung SGH-M919Amazon KFSOWISamsung SM-T217SSamsung SM-N9005Samsung SM-T210HTC OneSamsung GT-N5110Samsung SM-G900TVerizon Ellipsis 7Samsung SPH-L720Samsung GT-I9305Samsung GT-N8013Samsung SM-G900FSamsung GT-N8010Samsung SM-T530NUAmazon KFTHWIMotorola XT1032Samsung SM-T800Samsung GT-N8000Samsung GT-P5113Samsung SM-N900TSamsung SM-N900ASamsung SM-T230NUSamsung GT-I9195Samsung SM-G900PSamsung SGH-I747Google E960Nokia Lumia 520Samsung SGH-I337MSamsung SM-N900VSamsung GT-I8190Apple Unknown MobileSamsung GT-I9100Motorola XT1080Samsung GT-N5100Amazon KFOTSamsung GT-P3113Samsung SM-P900HTC One (M8)Amazon KFJWISamsung SM-T530Asus TF300TSamsung GT-P5100Google Nexus 10Samsung GT-P3110LG VS980Samsung SM-N900PSamsung SM-T110Samsung SM-T330NUSony C6903Samsung SGH-I747MRCA RCT6103W46LG D802Samsung SM-T520Samsung GT-I9190SamsungSamsung SM-T900Samsung SCH-I535Samsung SGH-I537Samsung SM-T320Samsung SM-N900LG VN530Samsung GT-I8190LMotorola XT907Samsung GT-N7105Sony D6503Samsung SM-T700LG MS323Sony C6603Motorola XT1058Samsung SM-G870ASamsung GT-P5200Samsung SM-P605HTC A8181Motorola XT1033Samsung SM-T211Sony D5503Motorola XT1031RIM PlayBookAsus ME173XBlackBerry Z10LG LS980Samsung SGH-I497Asus TF101Samsung GT-P3100Samsung GT-I8190NSamsung SCH-I605Samsung SCH-I515Samsung SM-N9000QSamsung SGH-T599Samsung GT-I9506Samsung SCH-R970LG VK810LG LGMS500T-Mobile D415Samsung SM-G7102Nokia Lumia 521Samsung SM-G900W8Samsung GT-I9082Samsung SM-T805HTC HTC6525LVWSamsung SM-P601Motorola XT1030Lenovo S6000Samsung GT-P7510Amazon KFAPWISamsung SM-N900W8LG D855Samsung SM-T230>4,ooodistinct mobile device typesvisited EBSCO Discovery ServiceQ4 2014

Tesco HT7S3Motorola XT1060Acer A1-810Nokia Lumia 630LG P769LG D801Samsung GT-I8552Samsung GT-S5360Samsung GT-N7000Nokia Lumia 625Nokia Lumia 920Samsung GT-S5830iSamsung GT-P7500Asus TF700TLG VS985 4GSamsung SGH-I527HTC HTC6500LVWSamsung SGH-T989Samsung SM-T217ASamsung SM-T537ALG V410LG E980Samsung GT-S5830LG D800Zen Mobile M14Samsung SM-G900HLenovo B8000-FLG V500Samsung GT-I8160LG LS740Samsung SM-P607TSamsung SM-G900IEBSCO Discovery Service: % of Mobile Sessions by Device Maker76% Apple56% Apple iPad19% Apple iPhone 1% Apple iPod TouchQ4 2013Q4 201466% Apple51% Apple iPad15% Apple iPhoneWhat does all this meanfor libraries?Factors influencing mobile experienceHABITEXPERIENCETECHNOLOGYModel: M. Hurst + Francis H.

In-depth, qualitative engagement with:

High school, college, graduate students

Massachusetts, Texas, California, Nevada

Diversity of background, socioeconomic status

MIT, UNLV, Rice, Georgetown, UMass Amherst, GWU and more

Study #1: 2014 College Students21Study #1: EBSCO 2014 College Student Some of Our FindingsStudents know they should start their research at the library website

However, many dont because they find the library website overwhelming or confusing

Paper is still preferred mode of notetaking in the classroom

Laptops are still preferred device for research

Phones are for socializing and entertainment

Tablets dont (yet) have a place on campus

Study #2: 2015 Heuristic Review ~100 EDS Library WebsitesAcademic LibrariesAlmost 100% of colleges had responsive websites, howeverOnly ~50% of library websites were responsive Jarring mobile experience from many institutions main websites to their library websites

Public Libraries< 50% had responsive websites

Study #3: Statistical and Heuristic Analysis of EDS Library WebsitesFocused on libraries withHighest total mobile sessions OR > 8k sessions, July-Dec 2014 AND 10-18% mobile traffic vs. 4.22% avg EDS mobile traffic8 of 15 English-language sitesExaminedParent institution websites, when applicableLibrary websitesEDS implementationsInstitutions Annual Report, when applicable

Recommended Best UX PracticesMemorable and bookmarkable URL (e.g. website Simplicity of main library website - presents well on smaller device types Simplicity of username and password credentialsLarge buttons and forms that support touch-screen interactionSearch everything discovery search box on website home pageAbility to search and view results without logging inMobile-friendly EDS configuration brief results list displaySimple user tutorialsSocial media presenceInclusion of mobile in librarys strategic plan

SimplicityIs KeyResponsive Websites

Search Everything Box on Home PageSimple Home Page

Results displayed before authenticating; Simple displaySimple UN/PW

Simple Tutorials

Social Media PresenceFood for ThoughtFrom the e-Commerce/Retail IndustryAbandonment Rates + E-Commerce Conversion Best PracticesE-Commerce shopping cart abandonment rates average 55-75%Success rates average 3%Converting Mobile Users to Repeat Mobile UsersFind Library websiteNavigatelibrary websiteLog on/Authen-ticateKnow about library resources onlineEngage with library materialsRepeat/Habituate


Discussion!Questions for Librarians% mobile vs. total traffic at your library?% off-campus vs. on-campus students?% digital vs. print usage?Special considerations / programs / trainings for mobile users?Trends/observations of mobile usage?Thank you!

Megan Hurst, MLISDirector, SaaS Product ManagementResearcher Workflow / EDS + EBSCOhost Platforms TEAM

Chad Movalli, Product AnalystStatistics Research

Lis Riba, Sr. Product AnalystStatistics Research + Heuristic Evaluation

Pradeep Deshpande, Technical Product ManagerHeuristic Evaluation

Will Norris, Business Development & Strategy AnalystHeuristic Evaluation