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<p>SERVICE MANUALCOLOR TELEVISIONAVM-32F4 AVM-32F9</p> <p>LOCATION OF CONTROLS</p> <p>SERVICE MANUAL34 "A" CHASSISCAUTIONBEFORE SERVICING THE CHASSIS, READ THE SAFETY PRECAUTIONS IN THIS MANUAL.</p> <p>FRONT</p> <p>9 10</p> <p>3 4 5 6 2 1 7 8</p> <p>11</p> <p>REAR</p> <p>12</p> <p>13</p> <p>14</p> <p>15</p> <p>16</p> <p>17</p> <p>SPECIFICATIONSTelevision System Power Consumption Picture Tube Power Requirement Tuning Ranges Antenna Input Impedance IF Frequency Speaker Impedance Sound Output Aux TerminalNTSC-M 165W A80DEA891X001S-VHS IN</p> <p>AC 120V, 60Hz VHF CH : 2 ~ 13, UHF CH : 14 ~ 69, CABLE CH : 1, 14 ~ 125 75 Ohm UNBALANCE TYPE FOR VHF/UHF PICTURE : 45.75MHz, SOUND : 41.25MHz COLOR SUB CARRIER : 42.17MHz 8 Ohm 30W 15W + 15W AV IN/OUT JACKS</p> <p>1. Power Button 2. Remote Control Sensor with STAND BY Indicator 3. Channel Up ( ) Button 4. Channel Down ( ) Button 5. Volume Up ( ) Button 6. Volume Down ( ) Button 7. Menu Button 8. Video Button</p> <p>9. Headphone Jack 10. Video/Audio 2 Input Jacks 11. S-VHS 2 Input Jack 12. S-VHS 1 Input Jack 13. Video / Audio 1 Input Jacks 14. Video / Audio 3 Input Jacks 15. Video / Audio Output Jacks 16. Component Video Input Jacks (DVD IN) 17. Coaxial cable Connector (75ohm)</p> <p>SAFETY PRECAUTIONX-RAY RADIATION PRECAUTION1. Excessive high voltage can produce potentially hazardous X-RAY RADIATION. To avoid such hazards, the high voltage must not be above the specified limit. The normal value of the high voltage in this receiver is 32KV. The high voltage must not exceed 38.5KV. Each time a receiver requires servicing, the high voltage should be checked according to the high voltage check procedure on this manual. It is recommended that the reading of the high voltage be recorded as a part of the service record. It is important to use an accurate and reliable high voltage meter. 2. The only source of X-RAY RADIATION in this television is the picture tube. For continued X-RAY RADIATION protection, the replacement of tube must be exactly the same type tube as specified in the parts list. 3. Some parts in this television have special safety-related characteristics for X-RAY RADIATION protection. For continued safety, parts replacement should be undertaken only after referring to the PRODUCT SAFETY NOTICE below. 4. Serviceman - WARNING : To Reduce the Risk of Possible Exposure to X-Radiation, take X-Radiation Protective Measures(See Service Manual) For Personnel During Servicing. CAUTION : SHORT ANODE LEAD ONLY TO CHASSIS. DO NOT PLACE THIS PRODUCT ON AN UNSTABLE CART, STAND, TRIPOD, BRACKET, OR TABLE. THE PRODUCT MAY FALL, CAUSING SERIOUS PERSONAL INJURY AND SERIOUS DAMAGE TO THE PRODUCT. USE ONLY WITH A CART, STAND, TRIPOD, BRACKET, OR TABLE RECOMMENDED BY THE MANUFACTURER, OR SOLD WITH THE PRODUCT. FOLLOW THE MANUFACTURERS INSTRUCTIONS WHEN INSTALLING THE PRODUCT AND USE MOUNTING ACCESSORIES RECOMMENDED BY THE MANUFACTURER. A PRODUCT AND CART COMBINATION SHOULD BE MOVED WITH CARE. QUICK STOPS, EXCESSIVE FORCE, AND UNEVEN SURFACES MAY CAUSE THE PRODUCT AND CART COMBINATION TO OVERTURN. Measure the AC voltage across the combination of 1,500 ohm resistor and 0.15uF capacitor. Reverse the AC plug at the AC outlet and repeat. AC voltage measurements for each exposed metallic part. Voltage measured must not exceed 0.75 volts RMS. This corresponds to 0.5 milliamp AC. Any value exceeding this limit constitutes a potential shock hazard and must be corrected immediately.</p> <p>PRODUCT SAFETY NOTICEMany electrical parts in this chassis have special safety-related characteristics. These characteristics are often passed unnoticed by a visual inspection and the protection afforded by them cannot necessarily be obtained by using replacement, rated for higher voltage, wattage, etc. Replacement parts which have these special safety characteristics are identified in this manual and its parts list. Before replacing any of these components, read the parts list in this manual carefully. The use of substitute replacement parts which do not have the same safety characteristics as specified in the parts list may create shock, fire, x-ray radiation or other hazards.</p> <p>SAFETY PRECAUTIONWARNING : Service should not be attempted by anyone unfamiliar with the necessary precautions on this television. The followings are the necessary precautions to be observed before servicing. 1. Since the chassis of this television is directly connected to the AC power line (Hot chassis),an isolation transformer should be used during any dynamic service to avoid possible shock hazard. 2. Always discharge the picture tube anode to the CRT conductive coating before handing the picture tube. The picture tube is highly evacuated and, if broken, glass fragments will beviolently expelled. Use shatterproof goggles and keep picture tube away from the body while handing. 3. When replacing a chassis in the cabinet, always be certain that all the protective devices are put back in place, such as non-metallic control knobs, insulating covers, shields isolation resistor-capacitor network, etc. 4. Before returning the set to the customer, always perform an AC leakage current check on the exposed metallic parts of the cabinet such as terminals, screwheads, metal overlays control shafts, etc. to insure that the set is safe to operate without danger of electrical shock. 5. Plug the AC line cord directly into a AC 120V AC outlet. (do not use a line isolation transformer during this check) Use an AC voltmeter having 5,000 ohm per volt or more sensitivity in the following manner, Connect a 1,500 ohm 10 watts resistor, paralleled by a 0.15uF, AC type capacitor, between a known good earth ground (water pipe, conduit, etc.) and the exposed metallic parts, one at a time.</p> <p>Alignment and Adjustments1. Service(Factory) Mode Adjustment1) Service(Factory) Mode MenuSince there are VRs in the "34A" chassis, all adjustments after parts replacement must be done in the service mode. Service mode adjustments are necessary when EEPROM(Q002,24C08) or the CPT is replaced.</p> <p>5) Service Adjustment ParameterPART NO 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 OSD HRS H-SIZE VS HIGHT VRS TRAPEZIUM PINCUSHION EW SHARPE S-COR RG GG BG CONT BRIG AGC 1 AGC 2 Y.DEL CATH LEV CONT MIN CONT MAX BRIG MIN BRIG MAX SHARP MAX COLOR MAX S1 VOL AGC P.CONT P.BRIG P.TOP P.LEFT P.BOTTOM P.RIGHT INITIAL 41 47 33 25 31 25 36 41 27 32 36 44 32 32 6 7 -8 6 0 48 17 42 50 50 125 18 5 2 21 34 20 34 REV 1 REV 2 REV 3 REMARK</p> <p>PICTURE</p> <p>FIX</p> <p>2) Entering the Service ModePress Remocon button by this sequence below at SET stand by condition.(or Press FACT 1 key with Power ON)Stand-by Display Menu 3 8 Power ON SERVICE 1 W/BALANCE</p> <p>3) Service(Factory) Mode Menu1. SCREEN 2. W/BALANCE 3. PICTURE 4. SERVICE 1 5. SERVICE 2 6. VOL TEST MIN 7. DEVICE CHECK 8. EEPROM RESET 9. OPTION 00 00 10. PIP 11. CHROMA CONTROL Soft Ver : 2002/**/**</p> <p>SERVICE 2</p> <p>FIX FIX 60Hz+50Hz HRS(FIX) 60Hz+YUV HRS (FIX) CONTRAST MIN CONTRAST MAX BRIGHT MIN BRIGHT MAX</p> <p>PIP</p> <p>4) Key operation in F-MODEKey name 1 4 5 7 8 9 Channel up Channel down Volume up Volume down Power F-MODE R-CUT HRS G-CUT RF-AGC VRS B-CUT Cursor up Cursor down Data up (Enter) Data down Power Video Sleep P-STD MTS PICTURE Display Add/Delete S-STD PIP FACTORY 1 FACTORY 2 Key name F-MODE OUT CONDITION H-SIZE PINCUSION TEST PATTERN TRAPEZIUM HEIGHT S-COR VS EW SHARPE FACTORY 1 FACTORY OUT OPTION PART</p> <p>AUDIO OUT LEVEL PIP TUNER AGC PIP CONTRAST PIP BRIGHT PIP TOP POSITION PIP LEFT POSITION PIP BOTTOM POSITION PIP RIGHT POSITION</p> <p>Soft Option ParameterNO 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 OSD LANGUAGE V-CHIP SYSTEM CATV V-MUTE AUTO POWER PIP INITIAL 4 LANG YES NTSC AUTO YES YES AUTO REV 1 REV 2 REV 3 REMARK ENGLISH ONLY/4 LANGUAGE/TAIWAN YES/NO NTSC/3MODE(NTSC,PAL-M/N) AUTO(STD,IRC,HRC)/NO(STD) ON/OFF YES/NO 1 TUNER/ 2 TUNER/NO</p> <p>Note 1 * 4 LANGUAGE : ENGLISH, SPANISH, PROTUGUSE, FRANCH * Auto power : The power after -COM reset is output with the same condition as the last condition before reset.</p> <p>2. Other Adjustments1) General Alignment Instructions1. Usually, a color TV needs only slight touch-up adjustment upon installation. Check the basic characteristics such as height, horizontal and vertical sync and focus. 2. Observe the picture for good black and white details. There should be no objectionable color, shading: if color shading is present, perform the purity and convergence adjustments described below. 3. Use the specified test equipment or its equivalent.</p> <p>4) Screen Voltage Adjustment1. Tune the TV set to receive a color bar pattern. 2. Press P.STD button on remote controller. (standard picture) 3. Connect the probe of oscilloscope to the RK (Red Cathode) of CPT Board. 4. Adjust Screen Volume of FBT so that the waveform is the same as below figure.Horizontal FlyBack Time Sync level Black level</p> <p>180Vp-p</p> <p>White level</p> <p>4. Correct impedance matching is essential. 5. Avoid overload. Excessive signal from a sweep generator might overload the front-end of the TV. When inserting signal markers, do not allow the marker generator to distort test results. 6. Connect the TV only to an AC power source with voltage and frequency as specified on the back cover nameplate. 7. Do not attempt to connect or disconnect any wires while the TV is turned on. Make sure that the power cord is disconnected before replacing any parts. 8. To protect against shock hazard, use an isolation transformer.</p> <p>1H-LINE</p> <p>GND for dc</p> <p>The waveform of RK(Red Cathode) of CPT Board</p> <p>5) WHITE BALANCE ADJUSTMENT (MANUAL)1. Tune the pure white pattern and warm up the set for 20 minutes. 2. Check the data in FACTORY MODE : RG(32), GG(36), BG(44). 3. Select GG and BG, and adjust to high light data. 4. Check the result of adjustment using White Balance Meter. HIGH LIGHT : X=0.261, Y=0.268. NOTE: If a White Balance Meter is not available, than approximate the following color adjustments "by eye".</p> <p>2) Automatic DegaussingA degaussing coil is mounted around the picture tube, so that external degaussing after moving the TV should be unnecessary. But the receiver must be properly degaussed upon installation . The degaussing coil operates for about 1 second after the power is switched ON. If the set is moved or turned in a different direction, the power should be OFF for at least 20 minutes. If the chassis or parts of the cabinet become magnetized, poor color purity will result. If this happens, use an external degaussing coil. Slowly move the degaussing coil around the faceplate of the picture tube and the sides and front of the receiver. Slowly withdraw the coil to a distance of about 6 feet before turning power OFF. If color shading persists, perform the following Color Purity and Convergence adjustments.</p> <p>6) FOCUS Adjustment1. Turn in the active station in your area. 2. Press the VIDEO buton on the Remote control for DYNAMIC condition. 3. In put the standard signal. (Cross-Hatch pattern)\ 4. Connect the oscope probe (100:1) toR438(TP40) terminal. 5. Rotate L405 unit reading of oscope be 1000Vp-p. 6. Adjust the FOCUS (F1,F2) control on the FBT to abtain a sharp and clear picture.</p> <p>7) Purity Adjustment1. Warm up the receiver for at least 30 minutes. 2. Plug in the CRT deflection yoke. Tighten the clamp screw. 3. Plug the convergence yoke into the CRT and set it as shown in Fig. B-1. 4. Input a black and white signal. 5. Fully demagnetize the receiver by using an external degaussing coil. 6. Turn the CONTRAST and BRIGHTNESS controls to maximum. 7. Loosen the clamp screw holding the yoke. Slide the yoke backward or forward to produce a vertical green belt. (Fig. B-2) 8. Tighten the convergence yoke. 9. Slowly move the deflection yoke forward. Adjust for the best overall green screen. 10. Temporarily tighten the deflection yoke. 11. Produce blue and red rasters by adjusting the-low-light controls. Check for good purity in each field. 12. Tighten the deflection yoke.</p> <p>3) High Voltage CheckCAUTION : There is no HIGH VOLTAGE ADJUSTMENT on this chassis. But +B power must be adjusted in +135V under the full color bar pattern and normal picture control level.</p> <p>Connect an accurate high voltmeter to the second anode of the picture tube. Tune on the TV. Set the Brightness and Contrast controls to minimum(Zero beam current). Adjust the Brightness and Contrast controls to both extremes. Ensure that the high voltage does not exceed 34KV under any conditions.</p> <p>8) Center Convergence AdjustmentVertical Green Belt</p> <p>1. Warm up the receiver for at least 30 minutes. 2. Adjust the two tabs of the 4-pole magnets: Change the angle between them. Superimpose the red and blue vertical lines in the center area of the screen. 3. Adjust the BRIGHTNESS and CONTRAST controls for a well-defined picture. 4. Adjust the two tabs of the 4-pole magnets, and change the angle between them. Superimpose the red and the blue vertical lines in the center area of the screen. 5. Turn the both tabs at the same time, keeping the angle constant, and superimpose the red and blue horizontal lines in the center of the screen. 6. Adjust two-tabs of 6-pole magnets to superimpose the red and blue lines onto the green. Adjust the angle affects the vertical lines, and rotating both magnets affects the horizontal lines. 7. Repeat adjustments 2-6, if necessary. 8. Since the 4-pole and 6-pole magnets interact, the dot movement is complex(fig B-3).</p> <p>ADJUST</p> <p>FIG. B-2 CENTER CONVERGENCE ADJUSTMENT</p> <p>BLUE</p> <p>RED</p> <p>BLUE</p> <p>RED</p> <p>BLUE</p> <p>BLUE/RED</p> <p>RED</p> <p>GREEN</p> <p>4-POLE MAGINETS MOVEMENT</p> <p>6-POLE MAGINETS MOVEMENT</p> <p>FIG. B-3 CENTER CONVERGENCE ADJUSTMENTFIG. B-1 CONVERGENCE MAGNET ASSEMBLY 9) TEST EQUIPMENTDIGITAL VOLTMETER OSCILLOSCOPE DIRECT/LOW-CAPACITY PROBE COLOR-BAR/DOT/CROSSHATCH GENERATOR SWEEP/MAKER ALIGNMENT GENERATOR BIAS SUPPLY Fluke model 8060A or equivalent. Kikusui Model cos 2050 or equivalent (Accessory of osc) PM 5518 or equivalent Leader Model 480-080 or equivalent Kikusui Model 7314A or equivalent (Combined in Model 415 generator)</p> <p>10) Geometry Adjustment(1) Ready of Adjustment. Turn the monochrome(lion head pattern) channel and warm up the set for 20 minutes. On factory mode, select screen. Use Program Up( )/Down( ) key to select of item.</p> <p>(2) Deflection Adjustment Procedure HRS(Horizontal Shift) Adjust so that the vertical center line of a digital circle pattern is in accord with geometric vertical center of the CPT. H-SIZE(Horizontal Width) Adjust to that a digital circle pattern looks like exact circle. VS(Vertical Linearity) Adjust so that the boundary line between upper and lower half is in accord with geometric horizontal center of the CPT. HIGHT(Vertical Amplitude) Adjust so that the circle of a digital circle pattern may be located within the effective screen of the CPT. VRS(Vertical Shift) Adjust so that the horizontal center line of a digital circle pattern is in accord with geometrc horizontal center of the CPT. PINCUSHION (East-west Parabolar) Adjust so that middle portion of the outermost left and right vertical line looks like parallel with verti...</p>