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<ul><li><p>50 Best Accounting Blogs of 2014</p><p>Image Source</p><p>In Salary.com's overview of their hot jobs for 2014, Accounting roles (including Auditors) rankednumber 6 of 8, with an expected growth rate of 17%.[1]. So it's no surprise that there are severalhundred blogs online covering accounting, taxes and topics in-between. As a handy resource, hereare 50 of the best such blogs.</p><p>Recommended Online Accounting Degree Programs</p><p>Associate's in Accounting - Colorado Technical UniversityBachelor's in Accounting - KaplanUniversityMaster's in Accounting - Walden University</p><p>Methodology for selection:</p><p>Primarily American market-related blogs.Is actually a blog, not a Web site masquerading as a blog.Isan accounting or accounting-related blog.Recency: must have had a post in the past six months, attime of writing.A combination of personal selection and scientific ranking.No popup ads and doesnot require being a member of some organization to read.Target readers are either accountants orthose who can benefit from relevant advice.</p><p>General Accounting, Financial Reporting, Tax-related</p><p>AccountingWEB Blogs: A collection of nearly two dozen blogs covering accounting-relatedtopics.Bloomberg BNA Accounting Blog: In-depth coverage of accounting , auditing and taxtopics.Kaufman Rossin Blog: Covers IRS-related tax issues and other topics.QuickBooks and Beyond- The Sleeter Group: Reviews small business accounting software and solutions.AccountingTomorrow: News and articles about the accounting profession.The CPA Desk: Not one but severalCPA-related blogs for topics including taxes, entrepreneurship and global business strategies.Blog |Cherry Bekaert | CPAs and Advisors: News about the accounting industry, with an emphasis on</p></li><li>financial reporting and standards.Accounting Onion: Tips and advice from an SEC expert onfinancial reporting.It's Taxing: Covers taxes, estates, finance and general accounting topics ofinterest to business owners.Schneider Downs Insights: Thoughts on accounting, taxes and relatedtopics.Intuit Accountants News Central: News and tips about the industry for CPAs, includingsoftware overviews.Blog </li><li><p>of Accountants: NSA Blog: Perspectives on accounting, tax prep, IRS and more, from the other NSA(National Society of Accountants).NYSSCPA Blog: Views on accounting and related topics from theNYSSCPA (New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants.CPA Cafe | Where Ideas Brew:Writings on accounting, taxes, IRS and other topics from the VSCPA (Virginia Society of CertifiedPublic Accountants).</p><p>Other</p><p>Going Concern: A broad accounting-related blog who is Managing Editor is the writer of the Jr.Deputy Accountant blog. Also covers student topics and the CPA exame.Jr. Deputy Accountant: Anaccounting blog interpreting what the Fed says, written by a Washington, D.C., resident whosedisclaimer says "I'm not a junior nor a deputy nor an accountant". Warning: NSFW language.re: TheAuditors: A broad accounting blog with an emphasis on the Big 4 accounting firms, written bywriter/ speaker / consultant Francine McKenna.re: Balance: A blog with indepth articles on the stateof large accounting firms.CPA Technology Blog: Covers the technology side of the accountingprofession.Accounting And Finance Blog | Accounting Principals: A broad look at accounting careers,including how to use social media, monthly job reports, and more.Accountant Jokes and Fun: Whosays accountants are not fun? Here's a whole blog full of accounting and tax jokes.Success StartsHere: A blog about the careers side of public accounting.iPad CPA: Not frequently updated but has afocus on iPad apps for the accounting profession.Accountant By Taxes Day: Musings on accounting,personal finance and every day life by an auditor and tax accountant who formerly blogged asAccounting Elf while still an accounting student.</p><p>Recommended Online Accounting Degree Programs</p><p>Associate's in Accounting - Colorado Technical UniversityBachelor's in Accounting - KaplanUniversityMaster's in Accounting - Walden University</p><p>http://www.accounting-degree.org/50-best-accounting-blogs-of-2014/</p></li></ul>