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  • 50 Best Accounting Blogs of 2014

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    In Salary.com's overview of their hot jobs for 2014, Accounting roles (including Auditors) rankednumber 6 of 8, with an expected growth rate of 17%.[1]. So it's no surprise that there are severalhundred blogs online covering accounting, taxes and topics in-between. As a handy resource, hereare 50 of the best such blogs.

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    Associate's in Accounting - Colorado Technical UniversityBachelor's in Accounting - KaplanUniversityMaster's in Accounting - Walden University

    Methodology for selection:

    Primarily American market-related blogs.Is actually a blog, not a Web site masquerading as a blog.Isan accounting or accounting-related blog.Recency: must have had a post in the past six months, attime of writing.A combination of personal selection and scientific ranking.No popup ads and doesnot require being a member of some organization to read.Target readers are either accountants orthose who can benefit from relevant advice.

    General Accounting, Financial Reporting, Tax-related

    AccountingWEB Blogs: A collection of nearly two dozen blogs covering accounting-relatedtopics.Bloomberg BNA Accounting Blog: In-depth coverage of accounting , auditing and taxtopics.Kaufman Rossin Blog: Covers IRS-related tax issues and other topics.QuickBooks and Beyond- The Sleeter Group: Reviews small business accounting software and solutions.AccountingTomorrow: News and articles about the accounting profession.The CPA Desk: Not one but severalCPA-related blogs for topics including taxes, entrepreneurship and global business strategies.Blog |Cherry Bekaert | CPAs and Advisors: News about the accounting industry, with an emphasis on

  • financial reporting and standards.Accounting Onion: Tips and advice from an SEC expert onfinancial reporting.It's Taxing: Covers taxes, estates, finance and general accounting topics ofinterest to business owners.Schneider Downs Insights: Thoughts on accounting, taxes and relatedtopics.Intuit Accountants News Central: News and tips about the industry for CPAs, includingsoftware overviews.Blog
  • of Accountants: NSA Blog: Perspectives on accounting, tax prep, IRS and more, from the other NSA(National Society of Accountants).NYSSCPA Blog: Views on accounting and related topics from theNYSSCPA (New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants.CPA Cafe | Where Ideas Brew:Writings on accounting, taxes, IRS and other topics from the VSCPA (Virginia Society of CertifiedPublic Accountants).


    Going Concern: A broad accounting-related blog who is Managing Editor is the writer of the Jr.Deputy Accountant blog. Also covers student topics and the CPA exame.Jr. Deputy Accountant: Anaccounting blog interpreting what the Fed says, written by a Washington, D.C., resident whosedisclaimer says "I'm not a junior nor a deputy nor an accountant". Warning: NSFW language.re: TheAuditors: A broad accounting blog with an emphasis on the Big 4 accounting firms, written bywriter/ speaker / consultant Francine McKenna.re: Balance: A blog with indepth articles on the stateof large accounting firms.CPA Technology Blog: Covers the technology side of the accountingprofession.Accounting And Finance Blog | Accounting Principals: A broad look at accounting careers,including how to use social media, monthly job reports, and more.Accountant Jokes and Fun: Whosays accountants are not fun? Here's a whole blog full of accounting and tax jokes.Success StartsHere: A blog about the careers side of public accounting.iPad CPA: Not frequently updated but has afocus on iPad apps for the accounting profession.Accountant By Taxes Day: Musings on accounting,personal finance and every day life by an auditor and tax accountant who formerly blogged asAccounting Elf while still an accounting student.

    Recommended Online Accounting Degree Programs

    Associate's in Accounting - Colorado Technical UniversityBachelor's in Accounting - KaplanUniversityMaster's in Accounting - Walden University