1801-1809 president thomas jefferson

1801-1809 President Thomas Jefferson By Conor Evans

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1801-1809 President Thomas Jefferson. By Conor Evans. Facts about Jefferson. Born in Shadwell 1943 http ://maps.google.com/?ll=38.012563,- 78.396217&spn=0.005165,0.007135&t=h&z=17 Went to William and Mary College from 1760-62 IN 1772 Jefferson married Maartha Wayles Skelton - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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1801-1809 President

Thomas JeffersonBy Conor Evans

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Facts about Jefferson

• Born in Shadwell 1943


• Went to William and Mary College from 1760-62

• IN 1772 Jefferson married Maartha Wayles Skelton

• They had a kid named Martha

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Jefferson's politics

1768 elected to house of Burgesses.

1779-1781 Served as governor for Virginia

1783 elected a delegate of congress

1784-1789 was a commissioner and minister in France

1790-1793 served as the first secretary of state

1997-1801 served as Vice President for John Adams

1801-1809 was President of the United States

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• Got rid of army and Navy expenditures• Cut budgets• Eliminated tax on whiskey (unpopular in the west, but cut the

debt by a third)• Claimed new landform Napoleon in 1803 (Louisiana) 15 million dollars• Fought Barbary Pirates.• http://www.teachertube.com/viewVideo.php?video_id=92268

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Jefferson’s Second Term Had to try to stop Napoleonic wars

England and France interfered

This put American merchants neutral rights at risk.

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After politics

• Jefferson retired in 1809• Monticello was his house name• When he saved up enough money he funded the University of Virginia