thomas jefferson 1801-1809

THOMAS JEFFERSON 1801-1809 Chapter 4 Section 3 Objective 1.03 – assess commercial & diplomatic relationships with other nations

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Chapter 4 Section 3 Objective 1.03 – assess commercial & diplomatic relationships with other nations. Thomas Jefferson 1801-1809. Marbury v Madison. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Page 1: Thomas Jefferson 1801-1809


Chapter 4 Section 3Objective 1.03 – assess commercial & diplomatic relationships with other nations

Page 2: Thomas Jefferson 1801-1809

Marbury v Madison Judiciary Act of 1801 – allowed creation of 16

new justices on circuit courts and when a vacancy occurred in the Supreme Court that vacancy would not be filled moving the number of justices from 6 to 5.

“Midnight Judges” – the 16 new judges Adams signed into office the last night as president – William Marbury was one of them

James Madison – new secretary of state for Pres. Jefferson

John Marshall – Chief Justice – Federalist Judicial Review – Supreme Court may

declare laws unconstitutional – giving it a check on the other branches making it equal to them.

Page 3: Thomas Jefferson 1801-1809

Jefferson & the Barbary Pirates Barbary Pirates ruled the North

African coast

1795- US paid bribe of $1 Million to ruler of Algiers.

1801- Tripoli declared war on the US, Jefferson sent the “Mosquito Fleet” to Mediterranean—1st foreign military conflict.

1805- US threatened a coup in Tripoli.

1815- US ended any tribute to Barbary Pirates

Page 4: Thomas Jefferson 1801-1809

Jefferson and Foreign Affairs 1800 Spain gives Louisiana territory

back to France. France now controlled lower

Mississippi River.

US might have to make alliance with Britain (Jefferson despised this idea).

Page 5: Thomas Jefferson 1801-1809

*The Louisiana Purchase 1803 Robert Livingston – sent to

buy Louisiana from France $15 million = $1/acre Doubled the US size Jefferson was faced with a

dilemma: didn’t believe he had the constitutional power to buy territory but the offer was too good to refuse

Preservation of the republic through peaceful expansion

Page 6: Thomas Jefferson 1801-1809

The Louisiana Purchase1790 Map of the US

Page 7: Thomas Jefferson 1801-1809

The Louisiana Purchase1803 Map of the US

Page 8: Thomas Jefferson 1801-1809

Lewis & Clark Expedition Meriwether Lewis &

William Clark Sent by Jefferson to

explore the new territory and discover a passable way to the Pacific

Sacajawea – Shoshone Indian girl used to guide and interpret

1804 – Corps of Discovery

Gave the US a claim to Oregon

Page 9: Thomas Jefferson 1801-1809

Lewis & Clark Expedition

Page 10: Thomas Jefferson 1801-1809

Effects Pike’s Expedition – Another

expedition led to explore Texas & Colorado – found Pike’s Peak

Essex Junto – group of Federalists who wanted New England to secede from the Union – led by Vice President Burr

Page 11: Thomas Jefferson 1801-1809

Foreign Policy 1805 France & Britain at war (again) Impressments – British capturing US sailors

& forcing them to fight for the British Napoleon & France gaining control of

Europe Both nations began making decrees against

trade thereby almost ending US trade & hurting the economy

Jefferson wanted to remain neutral Embargo of 1807 – banned all trade

between the US & with Europe It ruined the American economy grinding it

to a halt

Page 12: Thomas Jefferson 1801-1809

“OGRABME”--- Reaction in the US to the EMBARGO ACT OF 1807REPEALED IN 1809