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Player (rugby, football etc.), dancer
Movement of a car, bus, bike, train etc.
Movement of an animal
Movement inside a clock
Movement of a machine
movement: changing position without changing location; “the reflex movement of his eyebrows revealed his surprise“;
“movement is a natural happening that entails moving the position or location of something
The act of changing location from one place to another; “the police were controlling the crowd’s movements “part of a mechanism that drives or regulates (for example a watch or clock; “the expensive watch had a diamond movement"
The act of changing the location of something; “move the cargo on it to the boat"
Kevin Sinnott was born in South Wales in 1947.
Sinnott studied in Cardiff Art and Design College between 1967-68, in Gloucester Art and Design College between 1968-71 and the Royal College of Art between 1971-74.
Sinnott is a contemporary artist, and he is internationally renowned.
He has displayed his work across Wales, Britain, America and Europe.
Sinnott returned to Wales in 1995.
Sinnott’s work has strong feelings towards human relationships and the landscape of South Wales has influenced his work.
Jackson Pollock
Jackson Pollock was born in Cody, Wyoming, in America in 1912.
Pollock studied in the High School of Arts, Los Angeles, but he left there without graduating. Then, he went to study at New York Art College.
Throughout his life his work has shown the influence of Renaissance Art, Mexican murals and Picasso’s Cubist art.
In order to create his work, he does not create paintings in the traditional way – he places a canvas on the floor and scatters paint using a piece of wood.
These pieces of work are an exploration of dance movements.
Pollock often dances around the canvas, and lets the paint drip.
Pollock died in 1956 in a car accident.
Neale Howells was born in Wales in 1965.
The majority of Neale Howells’ work is done on hardboard using found materials covered in scribbles and graffiti.
His work refers to the television, to conversations he happens to hear or to pieces of information from the radio.
His work is rich, although he uses limited colours.
Neale Howells now works and lives in Neath.
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The Italian artist, Giacomo Balla, was one of the founders of Futurism
Futurism was very fond of machines and things that moved, such as cars.
The racing car was very important during this movement, and the futurists’ early pictures showed things moving.
In his work Girl Running on the Balcony, Balla was trying to show movement by showing the girl’s legs running.
Other works such as Dog on a Leash, showed speed by putting a number of images on top of one another.
After futurism, cinematography (the cinema) came to take its place by showing pictures that really moved.
Futurism came to an end with the First World War.
Dynamism of a Dog on a Leash
A modern art movement that started with Italian artists in 1909, finishing at the end of the First World War.
Futurism liked machines and war and also showed things that move.
Marcel Duchamp (France, 1887-1968), the cubist and constructivist, used some of these ideas.