Why Cloud? - A Review Of Cloud Adoption Determinants In Organizations

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<ol><li> 1. Why Cloud? - A Review Of Cloud Adoption Determinants In Organizations Aleksandre Asatiani, Aalto University School of Business, Helsinki, Finland. ECIS 2015, Mnster, Germany. </li><li> 2. Motivation - Inconclusive results across studies. - Lack of high-ranking publications on cloud adoption. - No thorough reviews summarizing empirical findings. </li><li> 3. Methods </li><li> 4. Literature search - 7 databases: AISel; EBSCOHost; Google Scholar; Proquest; ScienceDirect; Scopus; Web of Science; - 6 search terms: Cloud adoption; Cloud computing adoption; SaaS adoption; IaaS adoption; PaaS adoption; XaaS adoption; - 5 criteria: Published peer-reviewed articles; original empirical studies; adoption in organizations; clearly identified adoption factors; </li><li> 5. Search results - 76 articles after manual review of titles and abstracts. - 31 articles for the first step of the review. - 18 articles for the second step of the review. </li><li> 6. Step 1 Goal: Identify cloud adoption factors used in previous studies. Approach: Concept matrices identify, code, group. Outcome: 5 adoption categories, 43 adoption factors. </li><li> 7. Step 2 Goal: Explore empirical evidence behind adoption factors and adoption decision. Approach: Systematic review (Jeyaraj et al. 2006). Outcome: Set of cloud adoption determinants. </li><li> 8. Findings </li><li> 9. Adoption factors categories Drivers 11 items 1. Cost advantage 2. Relative advantage 3. Accessibility 4. Strategic flexibility &amp; adaptability 5. Implementation times Barriers 14 items 1. Security &amp; privacy 2. Cost unpredictability 3. Complexity 4. Lack of standards in SLAs 5. Technological limitations Organization 7 items 1. Compatibility 2. Management support 3. Organization size 4. Transaction costs 5. Previous experience with cloud Cloud Providers 5 items 1. Provider reputation 2. Provider competences 3. Customer support 4. Economics of scale 5. Location of data External factors 6 items 1. Legal issues 2. Competitive pressure 3. Social influence/peer pressure 4. Shared best practices 5. Partner pressure </li><li> 10. Determinants of adoption argued in case of qualitative studies, relationships between independent variables and adoption of cloud. I used the five categories created on the first step of the analysis to draw a framework for summarizing findings (Figure 2). These findings present determinants of cloud adoption, which proved as relatively reliable predictors, backed up by empirical evidence. Adoption of cloud Drivers of adoption Cost advantage ++ Fast implementation ++ Opportunities for innovation ++ Strategic flexibility + Focus on core competences+ Accessibility + Trialability + Relative advantage + Online collaboration + Inhibitors of adoption Security &amp; privacy -- Performance risks -- Economic risks -- Lock-in Organization Management support ++ Attitudes towards technology + External environment Partner pressure ++ Cloud providers Provider reputation ++ (++) More than 80% of the evidence is positively significant (+) 60% to 80% of the evidence is positively significant (--) More than 80% of the evidence is negatively significant (-) 60% to 80% of the evidence is negatively significant Figure 2. Cloud adoption determinants based on cloud adoption literature. After coding relationships according to a direction and significance, I followed Jeyaraj et al. (2006), </li><li> 11. Future research - Further exploration of underrepresented categories. - Cloud impact of business processes. - Studies in broader context. - Impact of cloud providers. </li><li> 12. Questions and comments Key findings: - Cloud adoption categories - Set of empirically supported adoption determinants - Need for further studies: - underrepresented categories - broader context - cloud providers Asatiani, A. (2015). Why Cloud? A Review of Cloud Adoption Determinants in Organizations. 23rd European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS), Mnster, Germany, 2015. http://aisel.aisnet.org/ecis2015_c r/13/ </li></ol>


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