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Chango 2015

Alex LePage @lepage

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Brand /brand/

VerbMark permanently with a hot iron.

Noun1. Explicit or implicit promise to deliver a valuable, differentiated, authentic and consistent experience

Company Confidential | chango.com3

AwarenessPerceptionConsiderationIntent Loyalty

The process of branding is filled with many goals. Given the importance of brand in conveying authenticy, value, differentiation, thats why CMOs measure brand EQUITY.Company Confidential | chango.com4

Soap Opera created to target affinity audience with relevant content and sell advertising. Started 1920s in radio industry.

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NEW!For whites and special careOrganic2x cleaning power

Marketers task has become more complex more competition and more fragmented audience with discerning tastes but competing attention

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NEW!For whites and special careOrganic2x cleaning power

But the goal remains simple marketings singular goal:

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Use data (hopefully knowledge) to reach Audience

IdentifyTarget EngageMeasureSpecific audiencesPsychographic segmentsRespondersLoyalists

Why programmatic is uniquely positioned to drive brand marketing

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Measuring how ads lead consumers to actually try and buy products

Marc Pritchard, Global Brand Officer, P&G

P&Gs Pritchard says the branding practice has changed: because of our ability to measure, he now asserts we must measure outcomes/engagement/sales

Mention MMM and latency of that information.

P&G said hes moving past the in-process metrics to measuring outcomes. We need to break the cycle of addiction to outdated metrics

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But the goal remains simple

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Were using more and more data to understand who our consumer is, and more importantly, find the right moment and right message to reach her for our brands. Its hard to find those moments!

Erica Lamoreaux, The Clorox Company

But the goal remains simple

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Better targeting cross-deviceImproved performanceData and insights about target marketCost efficienciesSource: Chango programmatic pulse, November 2014

We need to focus on understanding the unique customer experiences that move consumers through the customer lifecycle.

Amy Michaels, T-Mobile

WE ASKED 232 MARKETERS: What are some benefits marketers are telling their boss about?

Sprint campaign that linked branding and DR using video (from the original draft from Alex)

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Affinity MomentCUSTOMER JOURNEYEngagement/ Conversion

Shopping for prom dressesReads Hunger Games blogs Fast food consumerAd Opportunity


The next ad seen by a loyalist could have a different offer from someone that we know has recently switched to a competitors product. Erica Lamoreax, The Clorox Company

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You dont want to start communicating with them once they show interest in Vegas, but instead start that conversation early on so you are top of their mind when they begin planning for their trip.

Robyn Phelan, Palms Casino Resort

Over 56% of her customers are being shown an ad on a mobile device who then convert on desktop.

Programmatic can assist in identifying the journey AND doing so across screens (from the original draft from Alex)

Company Confidential | chango.com18

NIKE Phenomenal Shot: Remixing unforgettable moments in real time

Source: Google

Nike's Phenomenal Shot is a perfect example: a real-time campaign that played off the action in ways that wouldn't have been possible four years ago. Nike Phenomenal Shot let fans all over the world view, remix and share phenomenal moments from Nike athletes just seconds after the plays happened. Display ads that celebrated these moments were delivered across the Google Display Network to a global audience with near-instantaneous speed.

Company Confidential | chango.com19

Programmatic can be more effective at STORYTELLING

Test and learnMap (literally) the consumer journey

Target specific affinities at scaleEvolve story with message sequencing

TV used to drive all advertising now use digital to experiment with message Chris Moloney Wells Fargo

Company Confidential | chango.com20

Measuring those OUTCOMES Pritchard referred to

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Marketers now understand that the value of an interaction is far greater than the value of an impression.

Amy Michaels, T-Mobile

WE ASKED 232 MARKETERS: What are some benefits marketers are telling their boss about?

Company Confidential | chango.com22

Programmatic can be used to measure engagementLeverage CRM lists to find more consumers that look like loyalistsIdentify and score customer touch-points deemed successesUse attribution (statistical market tests; physical-world attribution)

Mention Zappos (LIsa Archambault) branding test

HOW?START BY IDENTIFYING THE ( SUCCESS) EVENTS THAT ARE ASSOCIATED WITH CUSTOMER INTEREST, CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT Map that Path to purchaseNeed to SCORE these. There will be low-value that leads to high-value

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Technology stack unifying channels, attribution, analysisUnderstanding the customer segments vs personas Reconciling creative and programmatic inventory

Mobile to In-store attributionNative mobile ad unitsProgrammatic (premium) direct