“what juries really think”. do you want to know what juries really think

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  • What Juries Really Think

  • DO YOU WANT TO KNOWWhat JuriesReally Think

  • How do you Persuade?Move Others to ActionLaughCryThink

  • Everything You Do or Sayis Designed toConnect withthe Jury

  • PersuadeStoriesVisualsMetaphors

  • Jury Recall

    ShowingTellingBothWithin 3 hours70%60%85%After a few days20%10%65%

  • Show and Tell is the Key

  • Know Your ClientFirst impression Attire Ability to express articulate story Likeability factor Credibility Honesty Expectations

  • Know Your ClientHire investigatorStart immediatelyBackground check Verify medical information

  • Know Your OpponentThe OpponentInvestigationBackground check creditCorporationPartnership Opposing Counsel Other attorney Yellow pages Web site

  • Jury Statistics

    AgeGenderEducation18-248%Male46%Elementary1%25-3418%Female54%High School35%35-4941%College44%50-6932%Grad. School20%704%

  • Jury Statistics

    EthnicityIncome LevelCaucasian80%Less than $10,0006%Afro-American15%$10,000 - $19,9997.9%Hispanic1%$20,000 - $29,99916.4%Asian1%$30,000 - $39,99918.32%Native American0%$40,000 - $49,99914.62%Other1%$50,000 - $74,99921.23%Over $75,00013.47%

  • Jury SelectionRemember who they areWhat do they expect?

  • Jury SelectionThe TruthWill they tell you the truth?You know them allAll people are prejudiced

  • Mock JuriesNo matter how good we are we still think in the same wayThe jury will think in ways different than youThey will give you tons of sub themes

  • EvidenceYour weakest pointsYour second strongest pointMost controversial issue (no matter who it effect)

  • Ethnic BackgroundPlaintiff

    DefendantBlacksHispanicsAmerican IndiansIrishItaliansNorthern EuropeansNon-Immigrant Orientals

  • Jury ServicePlaintiff First TimeDefendant Experience Juror

  • SexPlaintiff Opposite Sex of ClientDefendant Same Sex as Client

  • GroomingPlaintiff Long Hair, Ungroomed, Casual ClothingDefendant Short Hair, Well Groomed, Well Dressed

  • Jury SelectionDo we hire jury consultantsWhat about Summary Jury Personnel

  • Jury SelectionOpen endedDoes anyone know Dr. Smith?Heard anything about himAnyone undergone bad medical procedure?Bad feelings about banksLeading QuestionsLead on key issues in your caseReasonable personLove people who take personal responsibility

  • Jury SelectionThey will lieNot much from direct questionsIndirect questionsBooksPolitical backgroundReal life experiences (Teach gave me a C)

  • Power LunchWhat JuriesReally Think