What Developers Really Think of iOS 8

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iOS 8 is will be available this month, but developers have already been testing it in beta since Apple released it in June. Skyhook Wireless tapped into Slashdots community of developers to get their feedback on the update.


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2. In June 2014, Apple introduced8.IFHOFIE Sc iPhone 55iPod touch 5th generation iPad 2 AiPad with Retina diSplay_iPad AiriPad miniiPad mini with Retina dis a 3. 1'1" 1;Since then,iOS 8 has been available in beta. 4. For two months developers have 5. For two months developers have 6. For two months developers have 7. We surveyed 3 O 1 developersin the Slashdot communityabout all things 8. THE RESULTS 9. HomeKit is Apples new framework for controlling connected devicesin a users home.' E , _It. i|l IIUPHILIPS 10. Health Kit empowersdevelopers to build apps that access users health data. 11. Since HealthKit handles much of the heavy lifting of data integration,new developers are likely to take an interest in this field. This should spark development of , ... ~.__ creative new approaches to digital .35activity tracking., ./Edward Sheppard ll Founder,8bitt1. via Medium. com 12. SKYHOOK INSIGHT 13. Extensions lets app developers tap data supplied by other apps,enabling experiences that map to user context. 14. |ts difficult to quantify the impact thatextensions will have on the iOS app ecosystem,but I think it's safe to say that, considering developers reactions to Apple's announcement,we're going to seeplenty of cool new stuff this Fall. 9) >, .~'-. . _Federico Viticci Editor in Chief of MacStor/ esvia Macstories 15. SKYHOOK INSIGHT 16. SKYHOOK INSIGHTOKAY,CALENDAR,|TS GONNA RAIN!WEATHER!MOVIES,ADJUST SCHEDULE FOR TRAFFIC!GOT IT!SEARCHING FOR LATER MOVIE TIMES!YOU Too,RESERVATIONS!ROGER THAT!FOUND A LATER TABLE! 17. iOS 8s otification Ce er Widge! s gi7e apmelopgrs access tu seamlessly regch users il'l1'II1ce? l'Piv! mess(I i sf" 18. SKYHOOK INSIGHT 19. SKYHOOK INSIGHT 20. Swift is Apples new programming language for Cocoa and Cocoa Touch.Its concise,lightning-fast,and runs alongside Objective-C. 21. 190/33 0/O I will delgy AS Soon as learning Swift.possible!18% I I wont be codingwith Swift. 30%Its not a high priority. 22. Swift seems like it finally gives the developers in the iOS world theability to do the things you have been Iable to do in the scripting world but without the penalties. Daniel Doubrovkine, Head ofengineering atArtsy. net I , via The Verge 23. SKYHOOK INSIGHT 24. ii! ii ii i!ii EJEJEJEJITJE Iillfllillilli 25. Swift is a breath of fresh air that makes reading and writing ObjectiveCfeel archaic.I cannot wait for 1.0 and the moment when I cansay qodbye to Objective-C.T Jesse SquiresSoftware developer at Hexed Bits ossetta Stone viajessesquires. com:1 4 l I 5: rt. -". = =35 ,I /'P A .. ' 26. SKYHOOK INSIGHT 27. f. '.'. .'. .'CI S. (. .'. .CC. (lIIlIi7.'C: . .355. CC. '.'. '! I. Download the full results of the survey at Survey by Insights byad ; !.; JJ d ! u J 28. Sourceshttps: //mediu m. com/ mobilecu ltu re/5ways http: //www. macstories. net/ stories/ ios8extensions http: //www. jessesquires. com/ applestoapplesparttwo/http: //www. theverge. com/ apple