webinar - creating engaging elearning for complex technical topics in the financial industry

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Creating Engaging eLearning about Complex Technical Topics

SpeakersCOOBankers AcademySr. Business Development ManagerHarbinger Knowledge Products

Identify the Following CarefullyAudienceCultural nuancesAptitude LevelPoint of ViewImportant Timeframes to ConsiderLength of courseLength of AssessmentsDevelopment Time Window available before releaseExpected Shelf Life of the courseSchedule of pertinent Regulatory Changes (if applicable)

Target Devices and Output formats

Bandwidth available to learners

StoryboardsBalance and Organization

Add Value to the Dry FactsIf you can show it with a picture, do soCharts are excellent toolsSmart Art

Experts Interim Review Ask a stakeholder to help

Add InteractivityWhenever possible, add videoGraphics. How to balance. Keep ConsistentNarration. Quality counts


What is it?Can it work for compliance and other technical topics?Dont get carried awayUse a rapid development toolPersonal Experience Using a Rapid Development Interactivity Builder toolOur choice: Raptivity

Overview of Quick Customization of Raptivity

About Interaction ModelNotesSet Parameter ValuesSelect ParameterCustomization WindowQuick ViewAction PaneMedia ToolboxROI and Benefits of Using Raptivity

For assessments, KISSRemediation?Pool for Shelf LifeReinforcement

The Social Element How does it fit in?

User Acceptance Testing One more round

Wrap Up

eLearning Simplified



Diverse set of 180+ customizable interaction models Wide range of eLearning interactions including games, simulations, brainteasers, interactive diagrams, virtual worlds and many more You can check and see a preview before choosing particular interaction modelCUSTOMIZE

Customization is a simple form-filling exercise NO programming | NO scripting | NO special design skills required Completely customizable interaction models with YOUR images, audio, video, look-and-feel, etc. It's FAST, EASY and COMPLETE!What is Raptivity?SAVE & USE

Output interactions in Flash and HTML5 format It's Tin Can, SCORM / AICC trackable Your learners don't need to have Raptivity to view your eLearning course

You can add Raptivity interactions to: PowerPoint slides Existing eLearning courses (compatible with authoring tools, LMS, LCMS etc.) Websites and IntranetWhat is Raptivity?Multi-Language Support

Customize content in any language such as Arabic, Portugese, Spanish etc. This feature is available in all Raptivity packs.Flexibility

FlexiRaptivity Packs enables publishing interactions to mobile devices that have Adobe Flash support making it more flexible and easy to use.

Allows extending the interactions way beyond their normal look. Resize and arrange flash cards in different ways. Stretch the objects as required.Media Toolbox

A new media toolbox now allows you to add additional Medias such as textbox, video, image and button in interactions.Key Features of RaptivityHyperlink

Text within interactions can now be hyperlinked to external websites.Video Support

Video format support - Now you can play FLV, F4V, OGV and MP4 video formats in Raptivity interactions

Video support for all possible interactions. We have increased the number of interactions where videos can be inserted.Licensing and Support

Raptivity provides Annual as well as Perpetual licensing optionsKey Features of RaptivityOutput and Compliance

Support for mobile publishing. Raptivity Packs publishes the output in SWF as well as HTML5 formats.

Interactions are Tin Can, SCORM/ AICC trackable.

Raptivity now supports AS3 (Action Script 3).Key Features of RaptivityWith Raptivity you get180+ Customizable Learning InteractionsGamesSimulationsMulti-device SupportAssessmentsPresentation AidsHTML5FlashBrainteasersBenefits of RaptivitySmart Interactivity Building ToolDiverse ways of presenting content in eLearningEngage learners wherever they areWise investment

Raptivity Interactions in Action!Basel Standards CourseCourse: http://www.raptivity.com/Basel-Standard-Course/story.html



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eLearning Interactivity Hub http://www.linkedin.com/groups/eLearning-Interactivity-Hub-5050923


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