CETS 2010, Judy Martins, Creating Engaging Elearning

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1.Chicago eLearning ShowcaseAugust 11, 2010 Creating Engaging eLearning Presenter Judy Martins Mid American Regional Training INStitute2. While we wait. #1 S Y M OZART P H O N # 2 N W O D 3. TEAMS WORK T ogether E veryone A chieves M ore 4. Lets get to know each other! Pick an Object ANY Object Note 5 things about the object Share with your neighbor how these 5 things apply to YOU! 5. Butterfly Flying / Soaring Transformed from a caterpillar Dramatic / Creative In Motion FUN 6. Judy Martins Mid American Regional Training INStitute Interactive /Engaging Accelerated LearningBusiness Simulations Teamwork/Team Problem SolvingAll of US are Smarter than any one of US Leadership Development 7. NOT Good eLearning! 8. Your Turn! What makes eLearningSuccessful? 9. Why Engaging is Important! 10. Interaction ALWAYSBeats Passive Learning ! I N T E R A C T I nitiate group discussion N ew ideas T ools E ngaging R efreshments A ctivity C ollaboration T eamwork 11. What do we mean by Engaging? Kirkpatricks 4 levels of Evaluation Level 1 Reaction Did theyLIKE it? Level 2 Learning Did theyLEARNSOMETHING ? Level 3 Behavior Did theyUSEwhat they learned ? Level 4 Results Did thenew behaviorIMPACTthe bottom line ? 12. What can we do to Engage Learners? E N G A G I N G E nthusiastically Received N ot Boring G rabs our Attention A ctivates Our Minds G ains Our Knowledge I nteractive N oteworthy G ives New Ideas 13. Your Turn! What techniques can we use to createENGAGING eLearning? 14. Some Engaging Ideas: Color Graphics & Pictures Job Aids to Print after Post Test Case Studies / Role play Webinars Questions and Answers Blogs / Wikis / Twitter Social Networking Face book Games for Review 15. 4 Steps toCreating Engaging eLearning Define the Outcome What do you want to achieve? WIIFM Design Content Simple, but not simplistic Include practice Sessions Deliver Content with 75 - 86% Interactivity Easy to: Respond & Remember Assess Learner Achievement 16. Using Games for Review Jeopardy Board Tick Tack Toe Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Wheel of Fortune 17. Points & Prizes Funny Money10 wins a piece of candy500 a mug 50,000 wins a jacket Messenger Bag Rubber Duckies 18. Your Turn! Pick an eLearning topic and discuss it (Technologies? Tools?) 19. Resources Shank, The Online Learning Idea Book (Pfeiffer) Watkins, 75 Ideas for E-Learning Solem & Pike, 50 Creative Training Closers: Innovative Ways to End Your Training with IMPACT! Silberman, 101 Ways to Make Training Active (2005 **2nd Edition) Scannell & Newstrom: The Games Trainers Play series http://jeopardylabs.com 20. Good Work! Give Yourself a Hand !