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for Instructions Installation Servicing andVaillant Combined appliancesfor heating and domestichot water

VCW2Ol1 W T3GC-No. 04403 47

VCW2511 W T3GC-No. 04405 47

VCW-sine T3 W 1847 GC-No. O44 01

Centralheating Domestichot waterThis aoolianceshall be installedin accordancewith the relevant Codes of Practiceby BritishGas or by an authorizedinstaller C O R G Im e m b e r ) These instructions should be left near the gas meter when the installation is completed.

ContentsP4e 1 . lntroduction 2 . Construction of aPPliance J. Generalreouirements 4 . lnstallation of boiler Water circulation system and testing Commissioning 7. Assembling 8 . Servicingof combi heater q Foultfinding 1 0 . Short list of ports 1 1 .Technicaldata 2 2 4

1 lntrcductionThe Vaillant csnbi boiler is a wall-rnqrrH natural draught open-flued (or in the case d VCW-sine, room-sealed) boiler with buifr it instantaneous domestic hot water heater, "TechnicalDda-. Outputratingsare shown in The boiler is designed for use in a sealed c open vented system with pumped circuldin ahd includes the instantaneous hot w& sYSIem. pump,expansionvessel (forseald Circulating system only), terminal box, control and sdetf devicesare providedwith the appliance. Note to Installers ln hard water areas we recommend the d supply to the appliance is via a scale reducer.

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l Fkrcorinection 2 Down draught diverter 3 Sensorof overheat cut-off device 4 Mainheatexchanger 4a Combustion chamber 5 Main hrmer 6 Gasgovernor 7 Flowswitch 8 Differential valve 9 DC solenoid 10 Fbwthermometer 11 Pump with automaticair vent 12 Pressuregauge

1 3 Terminalbox 1 4 Switchboard (mainswitch, heatingswitch, domestic hot water switch)

1 5 Domesticheat exchanger 1 7 Flowthermostat ' 1 8 Pressure relief valve 1 9 Service cock 20 Gas service cock 2 1 Overflow (optional extra) 22 Push button start 23 Push button stop 24 Pilot burner 25 Piezo unit



air vent points

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requirements 3 General3.1 Related documents of The installation the combi boiler must be in accordancewith the relevant requirementsof buildingregulathe Gas Safety Begulations.), tions, l.E.E. Regulations,and the byelaws ot the localWater Undertaking. It should be in accordancealso with any releof vant requirements the localauthorityand the relevani recommendations of the following British Standard Codes of Practice: CP 331 Installationof pipes and meters for lown gas, Part 3: Low Pressure installation pipes. BS 5376 Selectionand installation of gas space heating(1. and 2. family gases). Part 2 Boilers of rated inPut not exceeding60 kW. BS 5449 Central heating for domestic oremrses. Part 1 Forced circulationhot water syslems.

hot cP 342 Centralized water suPPlY dwellings, Part 1 Individual

otherthan Part2 Buildings dwellings. BS 5440 Flues and air suPPlY for Part1 Flues Part2 Air suPPlY. B S5 4 4 6 : 1 9 7 9 Installationof gas hot for supplies domestic PurPosestothefactthd We liketo drawyourattention connection for the filling or replenishingol a sealedprimarycircuitfrom a supplypipe is can ditionalupon a water undertakingseekingaa otits Byeh obtainingconsentfora relaxation 3 and 8 (1)from the Secretary of State. .) Gas Safety Regulation, 1972: It is the law that all gas appliancesare ins{d by competentpersons in accordancewith t: Failureto installappliara , above regulations. correctlybould lead to prosecution.This b L your own interest and that of safety to erisG with. ihat the law is complied appliancesof rated input not ding 60 kW (1. and 2. familY

3.2 Location 3.2.1 Vcwqjle (8.F. APP|iance) The locationdhosenfor the combi boiler must oermit the provisions of a satisfactory flue ierminal. The location must also provide adequatespacefor servicingand air circulation around the heater. The combi boiler may be installed in any room, although particular attention is cjrawnto the requirementsof the l.E.E. Regulations and, in Scotland, the of electricalprovisions the buildingregulations, with respect to the installationof the combi boilerin a room containinga bath or shower. be of Wherethe installation the combiboilerwill may in an unusuallocation,specialprocedures be necessary and BS 5546 and BS 5376 : 2 give detailedguidanceon this aspect. A compartment used to enclose the combi boiler must be designed and constructed specificallyfor this purpose. An existing cupboard or iompartment may be used provided that it is modifiedfor the purpose. Details of essential features of cupboardi compartmentdesign includingairingcupboard are instdllations given in BS 5376 : 2.

3.2.2 VCW (O.F. APPliance) The locationchosen for the combi boilernrrsl permit the provisionof a satisfactoryflue ad bdequate air supply. The location must fu provide adequate space for servicingard * aroundthe appliance. circulation in The combi boilermust not be installed a rqq containing a bath or shower. In addition,it b that the combi boilershouldrd recommended be fittedin a bedroom.Where the installationd the combi boilerwill be in an unusualposilb\ special proceduresmay be necessaryand BS 5'326:2 and BS 5546give detailedguidanceot usedto enclosete this aspect.A compartment combi boilermustbe designedand construec specificallyfor this purpose. An existingopbbard or iompartment may be used provided that it is modifiedfor the purpose. Details of essential features of cupboard compartmentdesign includingairingcupboad are installations given in BS 5376 : 2.

3.3Gassupply of the availability an adequatesupplyof gas. 3.3.1Servicepipes at gas be should consulted the An existingservicepipe must not be usedwit> Thelocal region with the local gas regiorl planning to stagein order establish out prior consultation installation 4

3.3.2 Meters 3.3.3 lnstallation pipes A gas meter is connectedto the servicepipe by Installation pipesshouldbe fittedin accordance the local gas region or a local gas region with CP 331 :3. contractor. Pipework from the meter to the combi boiler An existingmetershouldbe checkedto ensure must be of a adequatesize. Do not use pipesof that it is capable of passing an additional a smaller size than the combi boiler gas 2.95 ms/h (106 CFH) before the VCW 20 connection. (or 3.38 mslh(122 CFH) beforethe VCW 25 or The complete installationmust be tested for 2.47 melh(89 CFH) beforethe VCW-sine18) is soundness as describedin the above Code. installed. 3.4 Flue system for Detailedrecommendations fluing are given in BS 5440 : 1. Thefollowingnotesare intended to give generalguidance. \=i= 3.4.1 VCW-sine (B.F. Appliance) The boiler must be installed so that the flue terminalis exposedto the externalair. Terminationshould be on a clear expanse of wall; the terminal being preferably not less than 600 mm (2 ft.) awayfrom acorner, a recessora projecilon. Do not install the terminal: a) Within 300 mm (1 ft.) measured vertically from the bottomof an openablewindow,air vent, or any other ventilation opening. b) Within 300 mm (1 ft.) above adjacent ground level. c) Within 600 mm (2 ft.) of any surfacefacing the terminal. d) lmmediatelybeneatheaves or a balcony. Where the lowest part of the termlnal is less than 2 m (6,6 ft.) abovethe levelof any ground, balcony, flat roof or place to which people have access, the terminal must by protected by a guardof durablematerial. terminalprotective A guard is availableas an optionalextra with the combi boiler.The air inleVproducts outlet duct and the terminalof the boilermust not be closer than 50 mm (2 in.) to combustible material. Detailed recommendationson Drotectionof combustiblematerialare given in BS 5440 : 1. 3.4.2 VCW (O.F. Appliance) Detailedrecommendations fluing are given for in BS 5440 : 1. The followingnotesare intended to give generalguidance. The cross sectional area of the flue fitted to the combi boiler must be not less than the area of the flue outlet of the appliance.An adapter is suppliedto allowthe fittingof 125 mm steelflue pipe or 125 mm lightasbestoscementflue pipe. When fitting flue pipes a split socket connector must be fitted to ensure easy disconnection of the flue pipe (see page 13 f i g .1 6 ) .

Flue pipes and fittings should be constructed from one of the followingmaterials: a) Asbestoscement, b) Aluminiumor stainlesssteel, c) Cast-iron acid-resistant vitreous enamel lined. lf double-walled flue pipe is used it shouldbe of a type acceptable to British Gas. lf a chimneyis used it preferablyshouldbe one that is composedof or lined with a nonporous acid-resistant material. (Chimneys lined with salt-glazed earthenware pipes are acceptableif the pipes comply with BS 65 and 540 : 1.) A flue pipe constructed from one of the materialsin a) to c) aboveshouldform the initial connection to lined chimneys. Where a chimneyis to be usedwhich is not composedof or lined with a non-porous acid-resistant materialit shouldbe linedwith a stainlesssteel flexibleflue liner or any other liner that is of a type acceptable BritishGas. The internaldiato meter of the liner must not be less than shown in the technicaldata and the number of joints mustbe kepttoaminimum. thefluelinerisnot lf to be connected directly to the combi boiler draught diveder a flue pipe which is constructed from one of the materialsin a) to c) above shouldform the connectionbetweenthe draughtdiverterand flue liner. Before connecting the combi boiler to, or inserting a liner into, a flue that has been previouslyused, the flue must be thoroughly swept clean of any soot and loose material.lf a register plate, restrictorplate, damper etc. is fitted in the flue, it must be removed before connectingthe combi boiler to, or insertinga liner into,the flue. The flue should terminate in accordancewith the relevant recommendationsgiven in BS 5440: