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  • 1. BYMaddie Slingerland&Chelsea Ellis

2. 3. USA Constitution 4. USA has 3 branches 5. Government. 6. Executive 7. Legislative 8. Judicial branch. 9. Executive Branch 10. The executive branch consists on the president, the vicepresident and the 15 cabinet-levels departments. 11. Some of the 15 cabinet level are interior , transportation, education , state, and, defense. 12. The person in charge of the executive branch is thepresident. 13. Executive branch is run by the president. 14. The executive branch is to make sure laws are enforced,and taxes are collected , also they are to keep the USAsafe. 15. 16. Legislative Branch 17. The legislative branch consist of the House ofRepresentatives and the senate. 18. Together they are known as Congress 19. The legislative branch is to ensure the nations laws andto control where the money goes. 20. 21. Judicial Branch 22. The Judicial Branch consist of the supreme court . 23. The supreme court consist of nine members. 24. Then nine members are chosen by the president , theare approved by the senate. 25. The supreme court job is to hear cases that challengelaws or require translation of the laws. 26. 27. Athens Constitution 28. Ancient Athens have 3 different braches ofgovernment, legislative, judicial, and executive . 29. the legislative branch in Athens has two bodies, aCouncil of 500 and an Assembly of 6000. 30. the Council was randomly chosen by the malepopulation 31. the Council was in charge of day-to-day business. 32. The assemblys members were all the males in thepopulation. 33. the assemblys job was to solve problems in the city. 34. The jury courts formed the core of Athens Judicialbranch. 35. The executive branch enforced laws and made surethey were followed. 36. The executive branch consists of commissioners,functionaries, and minor officials. 37. 38. Thank You4 Watching