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  1. 1. Things You Must Have When Camping.We all know about the obvious items we need when we go camping; tent, sleeping bags and food toname but a few, but there are other things that we either dont think about, or simply just forget. Theyare all things that will seem obvious when you hear them, but it really is incredible how often they dontend up packed in with the rest of our camping gear.Theres nothing like sitting around the campfire, toasting marshmallows, and watching the flames dancesin the night air, but if you forget to bring some outdoor chairs, youre going to be in for a long night ofsitting on a knobby log, or sharp piece of rock. As far as camping equipment goes, outdoor chairs areactually pretty cheap, and can be found in a fold up variety that are stored in a canvas bag; perfect foreasy storage and packing.Its an absolute must that you pack a couple of flashlights in with your gear. One is good, but if thebatteries run out, you are pretty much stuck, so keeping an extra one in your gear is a good idea. It getsreal dark when you are camping out in the wild, and if you have to make a late night potty trip, youllwant to make sure that there are flashlight available to help you find your way there and back.Ive already mentioned chairs, but you might also want to have a look at outdoor furniture too. Mostcamping spot will usually have a picnic table, but those are oftentimes borrowed by other campersthat feel they need more than one table in their camping area. It doesnt have to be anything fancy,maybe just a couple of foldable tables that you can sit at while you eat.Most modern tents are pretty easy to put together, and setting up your space is normally a breeze, but ifyou dont have the correct camping tools, set up could end up taking a good bit longer. A little hammerof some kind is good, as itll help drive in the tent pegs, especially useful when the ground is hard anddry. Its always handy to have a decent knife, and sticking a few extra batteries in with your campingtools could come in really handy if you end up having some flashlight problems.Camping is fun in and of itself, but there are also a bunch of cool outdoor games that are great to bringalong and play. Some of the more popular outdoor games are bocce and horseshoes, but if you have asturdy piece of outdoor furniture, then you could easily set up a beer pong table, assuming of coursethat there are no kids with you, as that game tends to get a little out of hand. If you plan on beingsomeone that goes camping regularly, then why not make up a checklist of items that you will need totake with you, and that way nothing will get missed when you pack.