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5 Things You Must Do. To coach exceptional advocates. Goals for workshop…. Task: Details:. TEXT Questions : 318 – 801 - 8876 . Volunteer Management is HARD!. #1: Care & Connect. Mindset of Supervision:. Managing vs. Partnering . Transactional. Relational. Transactional. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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5 Things You Must DoTo coach exceptional advocates

Goals for workshopTask:


TEXT Questions : 318 801 - 8876

Volunteer Management is HARD!


Care & Connect

Mindset of Supervision:Managing vs. Partnering

Transactional RelationalTransactionalRelationalExceptionalCoachingCare and Connection

WHAT DO YOU KNOW???Volunteer Performance

Level of Connection & Feeling of Meaningful Work

#2:Manage Expectations

The Problem: implicit expectationsUnspoken expectations are the baggage we carry with us into a relationship with one another.

The Problem: too few mind-readersWhen we expect others to inherently know what our expectations are in a given situation


The SolutionWise managers make things very explicit (out loud). They explicitly state, to the Advocate, what their mission is, what their resources are, and what they have chosen to do and not do with their resources.

Prep Work: 2 preconditionsTRUST & Trust-Worthiness:

Good Communication:

The Performance Agreement SkeletonMust Dos:How - Tos:Resources:Follow-up:

Principles of the AgreementThe Performance Agreement must be mutually created (advocate and supervisor involved in the process).It can not simply be a transactional process (i.e. just another form).Negotiable responsibilities must be hammered out as well.It must be flexible to allow change in circumstances.#3:

Diagnose Before Your Prescribe

Leading in the Moment:A Failure of Nerve?

Avoid the Traps of Denial & Avoiding Problem BehaviorsAn issue will never really go away unless you work through it.#4:


Synergistic Performance AgreementHands down ordersWE ThinkingUs VS. Them ThinkingIdentifies Resources and Follow-upRescues from hardshipCare and SynergyTransactional MentalityHigh Trust RequiredLow Trust DisplayedEmpowerment vs. EnablingRequires vulnerabilityDistance keptResponsible FreedomUnlimited License Clear about mission and valuesLacks vision and purposeRemoves barriers to greater outcomesSeeks to give power Empowerment vs. EnablingBarriers to EMPOWERMENTLack of PurposeLack of ProtectionLack of PermissionLack of Proficiency


Finish Well!

Celebrate & Debrief:Celebrate:The close of a childs caseThe commitment of the Advocate

Debrief:Face TimeUnpacking the Emotional side of CASAHowd we do with the Performance Agreement?

Recognizing Advocates:The pay check of volunteerism

Connection precedes Recognition.

Debriefing: Do this, Not ThatIntensity / Investment should match the Cases historyGive not Take Let it MarinateNo SurprisesCelebrate!Gather Pertinent InformationWhats Next?

Team Up:

Continue the Conversation5:00 5:30 One on One (in the lobby)

Call: 318-398-0945