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How to get your company where you want it to be? Ukuzwa helps companies succeed through getting people to work optimally, ensuring best business practices are followed and that the CEO and his team have a vision. Ukuzwa clients enjoy working in their business again and reap the reward of increased revenues and profits. Who are you going to call to help you succeed? Remember, with a trusted partner you can go so much further!


  • 1. The Ukuzwa Story A Profile Document October 2013

2. Index 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.The Ukuzwa Story Begins About the Team Our Purpose is Not Negotiable Our Approach to Success How do we Deliver? The Rockefeller Habits What Clients Say About Other Products Infographic Where to Contact Success2 3. The Ukuzwa Story Begins Background Ukuzwa was founded by Jacques Velleman with the purpose to help companies succeed. This is not a euphemism for sales or selling but rather a methodology to work together for mutual success and satisfaction. The word Ukuzwa means to listen in Zulu. How often do we find that people misinterpret circumstance and issues because they fail to listen? As the late Stephen R Covey advices in this book, The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People, first seek to understand. Ukuzwa is the trusted partner to do just that. Our approach is simple: We first listen. Then we confirm what we have heard to ensure we do understand. Only then will we start to investigate possible solutions to address your needs or more importantly, to help your company succeed!Ukuzwa is a member of Gazelle International Coaches and has unlimited access to business tools, case studies and thought leadership. Through the extensive experience and capability of its people, Ukuzwa is able to apply these tools, case studies and leadership wisdom to the context of South African companies. Together with people management and financial outsourcing solutions, Ukuzwa is the trusted partner to help companies succeed.The Ukuzwa Values We achieve collaboration by working together to build great teams;We create sustainability by having a long term view to have a positive impact on the future;We add value by thinking before we act to ensure our actions lead to results;We embrace trust by doing what we say we will do to ensure we are accountable.Why Ukuzwa? Ukuzwa is a South African company with a passion for its country. The name Ukuzwa means to listen and we believe that by hearing our clients, we can help them succeed. We believe that by helping companies succeed they will in return grow, prosper and create jobs in a country that desperately needs to bring down its unemployment rate. In the process Ukuzwa aims to educate, empower and coach people to achieve this objective of reducing unemployment.3 4. About the Team Jacques Velleman, B. Comm (Hons), Unisa Jacques, a Gazelles International Coach has a passion to help companies and people succeed through training, speaking and consulting. He also has a love and delight for business subjects that speak to relationships, leadership and purpose. Jacques studied Accounting and completed his Accounting articles with a one of the large auditing firms. He subsequently completed his honours and his entrepreneurial spirit led him to start an accounting and IT services business. Later he became a financial director of a subsidiary of a listed concern. He then resigned and founded a business unit within a very prominent medium size consulting firm, with the banking industry as his core clients. This is where his love of consulting, speaking and training was unlocked. Jacques later became an executive and shareholder in a fast growing IT company. Here he honed his skills in providing structure, processes and financial leadership. His ability to create teams and work with people added great value to the organisation. Knowing his purpose is to coach businesses to succeed he exited in 2012 to found Ukuzwa. Jacques has also been involved in a few start ups which gave him opportunity to exercise his entrepreneurial muscles. These, included a womens only gym, olive and olive oil distribution and a consulting firm. He has had his fair share of failures which is where Jacques experienced his greatest learning's from the school of business; something that every MBA graduate longs for. Besides his passion for business, Jacques is also passionate about his family. He loves cooking, red wine and conversations about making South Africa a better place.Drikus Engelbrecht, CA (SA) Drikus is a Chartered Accountant who thrives on helping companies maximise their profits with specific focus on people, systems and information. He qualified as a Chartered Accountant early in his career and, after completing his articles, discovered the diver se exper ience t hat Managem ent Consulting offered. His exposure to various sectors and strategies has helped to fuel his passion for understanding the activities behind the numbers. After gaining a wealth of experience in both private and public sector consulting, Drikus joined a company where he formed part of the team who listed this company on the JSE Limited Main Board. He went on to become the Group Financial Manager of this company and was later promoted to head up the Turnaround and Change Management Programme as Business Executive of the listed concern. Drikus joined Ukuzwa in May 2013 with the objective to add value to companies in South Africa and helping them take their business to the next level. Drikus believes in building great teams and looking after them, focusing on the right tasks and executing them successfully.He is a keen fly-fisherman and golfer, and enjoys fine culinary experiences that include good wine and coffee.4 5. Our Purpose is Not Negotiable Our purpose is to help companies succeed. For many CEOs and their executive teams success means different things. Through conversations and working with clients we have discover 3 key drivers of success: 1. Sustainable Revenue Growth 2. Sustainable Profitability 3. Successful Exit Strategy Revenue Growth Most CEOs and their leadership teams want to grow their business and revenue growth is the key focus here. Gazelles International Coaches work with clients all over the world and our bench mark for a Gazelles type company is 20% revenue growth for at least 4 years. Our approach and tools help clients become market leaders in their industries.Profitability Growth in revenue is vanity if it does not correspond with growth in profits. Gazelles International Coaches have found that the key barriers to growth are:We address these barriers to ensure clients maintain profitability or even better yet, increase profitability! Exit Strategy Many business owners want to exit their company at some stage. Either to retire, take up a hobby full time or to start another business for the sheer adrenalin rush. Before you can sell your business it needs a value and to be independent of the owner or founders. If your business is dependant on you then you have a job and not a business. We help business owners put the right systems and structures in place to enable them to sell it for the price they want. We also help them grow the business until they get the price they want for their business. The more businesses we can help succeed in South Africa, the more jobs we can create in our country. The more jobs we create the more people we enable to live a life where crime is not a option. Where people can invest in their children's education so that South Africa can become the true leader of the Africa continent. That is our purpose.1. Lack of Leadership 2. Lack of Systems and Structures 3. Market Dynamics 5 6. Our Approach to Success Although success can mean many things for different people the formula stays the same, whether it is for a business or an individual. First you create a picture of where you want to go. When you know what that picture looks and feels like, when this vivid picture is imprinted in your mind and heart, then you need to put a plan together. Dreaming up ideas are great and we promote this activity furiously. A plan, however, helps make a dream a reality. With a plan in place the next step is to do something about it. Nobody has ever achieved anything by waiting for it to happen. To complete the final piece of the puzzle you need to execute your plan. At Ukuzwa our focus is on helping companies achieve success and our approach is simple: DREAM + PLAN + EXECUTION = SUCCESSDream A vision is not merely a plaque in reception. No, please do not insult your employees like this. It is a painted picture of what your company looks like in the future. It is a picture that has captured the hearts and minds of your employees. People are emotional beings and you first need to get their emotional buy in to your companys dream. They will then go to the ends of the world for your company and you dont have to pay them more. They do it because they believe in a higher purpose than just doing a job.Plan Once your picture of the future is crystalized in a beautiful painting it is time to sit down and plan. Planning includes thinking about resource requirements and what skills will you be needing to execute your plan. What are your time frames to achieve what? And very importantly who is going to do what? A structured plan creates clarity and alignment, without which a company cannot grow towards success.Execution Everything is now in place to execute but it is not always that simple. Even with a plan in place execution will not be effective if you dont monitor the plan and hold people accountable. This can however be achieved by creating a meeting rhythm in your business and appropriate dashboards that inform leaders of what behaviours are being executed. Ukuzwa helps clients achieve all 3 components by ensuring the correct sequence takes place. First you need to win the hearts and mind of people (DREAM), secondly you need to create a plan for alignment (PLAN) and thirdly people need to be held accountable (EXECUTION). This is our approach to success for clients.6 7. How do we deliver? Our purpose is to create more jobs in South Africa. We therefore help our clients grow by employing more people, and either maintain or increase profitability. This is a huge task and that is our job.We train CEOs and their leadership teams in Mastering the Rockefeller Habits, an Executive Programme used by mo