digital story project: the story of the three friends

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Digital Story Project: The Story of the Three Friends

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Digital Story Project: The Story of the Three Friends. Background. Parts of a story & how to write a story Aspects of a fairy tale Characters Based on other characters they know or themselves Create a unique name Describe important characteristics. Based on Rapunzel Lives in a tower - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Digital Story Project: The Story of the Three Friends

  • BackgroundParts of a story & how to write a storyAspects of a fairy taleCharactersBased on other characters they know or themselvesCreate a unique nameDescribe important characteristics

  • Princess LeyaBased on RapunzelLives in a tower18 years old

  • Captain Num-NumsSuperhamsterSuperpowers:InvisibilityFlyingJumping into booksWalking through wallsSaving people

  • Rene the Superhero16 years oldSame superpowers as her pet hamsterSecret lab

    Three main characters are best friends

  • Scary Sid & the Terrible TarantulaEvil villain of the storyLooks friendly, but isntLand of MysteryTurns people into stoneCollaboration of ideas from everyone

  • ProcessWrote & illustrated several pages together each dayShortened the story & began recordingScanned final picturesEdited digital story (recordings, pictures, sound effects)Showed to students, asked for feedback

  • FinalizingCreated story books for each studentIncluded their drawingsIncluded the longer version of the story

    Created DVDs of the story for my students and cooperating teacher

  • Technology ProblemsNo words in digital versionHard copies of the bookWanted to keep their drawingsLong version of story

    Problems aroseCouldnt edit recordings in iMovieHad to rerecord in GaragebandVolume difficulties

  • Technology BenefitsEnhanced project overallSound effectsRead their own storyInteresting presentationIncorporated everyones workIllustrations*Voices*FeedbackExposed students to technologyStudents very excited about final product

  • Discussion

    How do students improve their abilities during the process of creating the story?

    In what ways do students grow by creating a final product?

    With this lesson, what is more important, the process or the product?

  • Impact & ReflectionStudents-Share ideasWork in a groupTechnologyFunMoral most important part

    Writing this story was the best time of my life. I think its the best story Ive ever read in my whole life.

  • Impact & ReflectionPractice using technology with studentsWorking with a small groupLong-term project (3 weeks)Teach better writing skills full sentences