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Chapter One of the Bunny Legacy! Alien abduction, babies, birthdays, and sibling rivalry ahead. Better bring a helmet and jump in!


  • 1. The Bunny Matrimonial Legacy By katdelval

2. Hey there! Katdelval here. Welcome to my first attempt at a legacy. Its actually a matrimony challenge, so there are two founders. This was when I broke free of playing with cheats. Its actually a lot more fun that way. My words are in grey. 3. Meet Kyle and Amanda Bunny! They are two young Sims fresh out of CAS with big dreams.Amanda is a family Sim and a Cancer. She has 8 neat, 2 outgoing, 4 active, 2 playful, and 9 nice points. Her lifetime want is to reach her golden anniversary, but right now she really wants a baby. 4. Kyle is a knowledge Sim and a Pisces with 4 neat, 5 outgoing, 6 active, 3 playful, and 7 nice points. His lifetime want is to become Chief of Staff. They live in thefriendly little burg of Quibbleville, which is a great place to raise a family. 5. This is their cat, Lily. Her owners take good care of her, so she assumes that she istheir master. Purrrr. All your humans are belong to me. 6. One particularly starry night, after a long session with the telescope, Kyle was visited by some wayward travelers from another galaxy. They were even kind enough to offer him a ride in their intergalactic spaceship. But that was where the kindness ended Owww 7. My back oh, my posterior region They did unspeakable things to Kyle in that spaceship. Things that he may neverbe able to scrape away from his nightmares. Things that he could never share with his new bride 8. Things that involved objects that looked like the shiny alien equivalent of a turkey baster and a rubber hose. Aaaahhhh! 9. Wait a minute is that a lullaby I hear?Hey, check out this shiny doodad above my head! You know, excluding the abjectterror and anal rape, that was kind of awesome! I had the privilege of meeting awhole new race! How many Sims can say that? Many, but Im glad youre happy, Dear. 10. Heh heh. Thats a good look for you, Kyle. It seems Amandas going to get that baby she wants after all, even if its not the way that she expected. 11. *PLOP*Hey, my belly just got bigger!Then again 12. Wow, mine too! Also, I just learned how to make snapdragons. What aproductive day this has been! Sure thing, Kyle. Looks like generation 2 is on the way! 13. *Second PLOP*Oops, it must be all the food Ive been eating lately. I have been awfully hungry.Nope, but judging by the size of that bump, Id say that you and Kyle are about to have a whole litter of Bunnies. 14. OW! Oh, what is this agony? My mama never told me about this!Nothing beats giving birth outside in your underwear in front of the gardener. Just make it stop! 15. Amanda gave birth in her front yard to a beautiful baby girl. 16. Ill name you Lori! Youre just perfect. But wait, theres more! You mean?Uh huh. 17. Oh! Well, youre just as pretty as your sister! Ill call you Hillary. 18. *Sniff sniff sniff* Um, excuse me! What is this thing doing on my floor? I do not likeit at all. Remove it at once, Humans, and I shall refrain from nibbling your faceswhile you sleep. Humans? 19. Amanda, look at what just popped out of my plumbbob.Oh, Kyle, hes beautiful! Such lovely green skin. What shall we call him?I named him Adam, after the first man. He is the first alien-human hybrid that we know of, after all. Adam I like it. 20. All right, Adam, Earth-Mommys going to give you a bathie. Do you like that? Gurgle gurgle.While Kyle works his way up the ladder of the medical career, Amanda stays homewith the children. Three newborn babies keep her hands full. 21. But babies dont stay newborns for long, as every parent knows.First up for the flip, Lori! Wheeee! 22. *SPARKLES!* 23. Oh, Lori, youre just adorable! 24. See? Isnt she cute? ^ - ^ 25. Omnomnomnom!Okay, thats enough pic spam of Lori. Its time to flip Hillary! 26. *Shazoom!* 27. Theres the future heartbreaker!Give me all your cookies now!Ah, such a delightful age 28. *Sigh* They grow up so fast. One day youre going to become a very beautifullady, Hillary, but youll be your Mamas baby forever. Cookie? 29. Goodnight my little Lori-Bear. 30. Sleep tight.Kyle is such a good daddy. 31. Its Adams turn!*Sparkle Explosion*The world is mine! *Blows raspberries* 32. Well arent you a little cutie?Cute is beneath me, Earth Mother. I am fierce and powerful. Tremble before me.Aww, what sweet little baby talk. Goo goo to you too! Blast. I must learn to communicate with these pink ones. Then the world will be mine! 33. Kitty!Get your paws off me, you strange, sticky critter! Humans? Humans, help! Love the kitty. 34. Lori grew up well, just in time to see her father off for work. She is a Libra with 4 neat, 9 outgoing, 6 active, 3 playful, and 9 nice points. 35. Hillary followed her into childhood right after.All right! Now that Im a kid, I can have all the cookies I want!Keep thinking that, sweetheart. Hillary is a Gemini with 5 neat, 10 outgoing, 10 active, 3 playful, and 7 nice points. 36. Kyle hated to spend so much time away from his children, missing out on their skilling and growth, but he knew that he was doing the best for them by workinghard for those promotions. When he became Chief of Staff, the family could movefrom their tiny starter house to a home with plenty of room for future generations. 37. When Kyle was home, he made the most of his time with the kids. Im Cinderella, Daddy. Dance with me like were at the ball!It would be my honor to dance with you, Hillary. I told you, Im not Hillary, Im Cinderella. Now spin me around! As you wish, my Princess. 38. Lori and Hillary are best friends. Their parents never see one twin without theother. Here they are playing pirates in the bathroom. They often leave Adam out oftheir games. Hes just a baby, Lori says. And hes weird and green like a little frog.And dont forget slimy, adds Hillary. 39. I heard that, pink female. My sense of hearing is far superior to yours. And ifyoull notice the hourglass spinning above my head, you will see that I am no longer a baby. Also, I am most certainly not slimy! 40. Now that I have reached this new stage of life, I am one step closer to rulingyour planet. Adam is a Scorpio with 10 neat, 6 outgoing, 10 active, 0 playful, and 0 nice. 41. And when that time comes, you will bow punily before your dictator and I will leave you out of my games! Bwahahahaha!! 42. Now dance little puppet as I max my creativity skill. Dance yourself to death!Or at least till all your needs are really, really red. Mua ha ha! The music I cant stop 43. Maybe if I find Adams home planet, I can summon the aliens and theyll bringhim back on their mother ship. No more mean, green, slimy little brother! Besides, Im sure he has a green, slimy alien mommy who misses him lots. 44. Ill just make a new brother out of snow. He will do all of my homework andbake me cookies, and be my slave and call me Princess Hillary and he wont stink the way that Adam does. 45. There. I shall call you Freezie. You are welcome to call me Princess Hillary. Or, if you want, Your Majesty will do just fine. Now about those cookies. It looks like even a fancy private school education couldnt teach Hillary thatsnowman + hot stove= puddle. Also, that snowmen arent alive. 46. Quibbleville has some of the coldest winters around. Poor Lori found that out afterspending too much time at the telescope.*Shivering* I feel like a popsicle. Just drink your cocoa and youll be fine. 47. I made you a muffin to help you feel better, Lori.Thanks, Hill, but I seem to have gotten my arm stuck in the table. 48. Awww, it burned. Im the worst cook ever!Dont worry, Sis. Its the thought that counts. Have some cocoa. *Sniffle* Okay. 49. Winter finally passed, and the girls were only a day away from their birthday. As she boarded the bus on the last day of elementary school, Hillary wondered whather aspiration would be when she aged. Whatever it was, she was sure it would be just perfect for her.Stand back world, cause here I come! 50. Tune in next time to see the Bunny children become teenagers! What will theiraspirations be? What will their futures have in store for them?And who will be the heir? Find out later, same Sim time, same Sim channel!