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  • 1. Conrad the Builder Israel Butler, Jason Cribbs,Mary Lanhem, Janessa Senn, Twyla Tuten

2. CoachesSally Subject loves nouns & pronouns,people, places, things, and ideas!Pedro Predicate loves verbs andaction!Molly Modifier loves adjectives, adverbs,and descriptors! 3. Conrad is dreaming of constructing a building during class. 4. Conrads teacher, who knows him well, asks him, "Would you like tohelp me build something for todays lesson?" Surprised, Conrad givesa teacher a smile and nods his head.I can do it! 5. Conrads teacher asks, "What are some of the mostimportant building blocks in a sentence?" Here come some ofmy favorite parts! 6. Conrad is confused when the teacher asks, "Name for me somepeople, places, or things--all subjects that we like to talk about." 7. Conrad is so excited by what his peers are saying. He chooses rollercoasters.Rollercoasters !Good choice! 8. The teacher asks for a person who will be on therollercoaster. 9. "Good," says the teacher, "now that we chose Cindy, what will Cindy do on the rollercoaster?"What do people do onrollercoasters? 10. "Good choice, Conrad! Cindy will ride therollercoaster."Cindyridesrollercoasters I think we canmake thissentencemore exciting! 11. The teacher asks, "Describe Cindy as she rides therollercoaster." 12. "Good, so Conrad, build the sentence: Scared Cindyrides rollercoasters."Cindyridesrollercoasters Fearless 13. "Good, now how can we describe the rollercoaster?" You can never have enough! 14. Conrad begins to build the sentence: Fearless Cindy rides the fast rollercoaster.Cindy rides rollercoasters Fearlessfast