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Issue One Autumn / Winter 2012 £4.00

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Alternitave fashion magazine including trend features and fashion photography


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Issue OneAutumn / Winter 2012£4.00

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As you adjust or re-align yourself to fit into modern society you fall into reality - normality Capturing an energy that differs with every step

you take.Your human mind is now in the same category as

the person standing next to you - with a sense of soundness and rationality what some may call Sane

But what is Sanity?And who decides what is sane and what is purely

insane?As you take part in this journey the only question

you should as yourself is..

Who is to judge your own sanity?

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Confessions Of Insanity


Caroline Saulnier


The Consciousness Of Diluting


Mary Design


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Mary Design


Paralyzed Beauty


That Extra Ordinary Gentleman


The Outsiders


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Model - Izzy EyreStyling - Alexandra DobsonPhotography - Alexandra DobsonHair - Jordan HugginsMakeup - Alexandra Dobson

Confessions of Insanity


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Model - Izzy EyreStyling - Alexandra DobsonPhotography - Alexandra DobsonHair - Jordan HugginsMakeup - Alexandra Dobson

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Opposite page model wears - Baggy top, Emilio Pucci, Trousers, Indian mar-ket, Shoes, Carvella, Jewellery, Selfridges. This page model wears - Shirt and bow tie, Vivienne West-wood mens, Trench Coat, Topshop, Watch, Mi-chael Kors, Boots, Dr Martens

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Model Wears - striped shirt, Vivienne Westwood, bow tie and braces, Be-yond Retro, sequin shorts, Topshop, watch, Mi-chael Kors


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Caroline Saulnier

What Is Beauty?

A Moment An AccidentAn ObsessionA Coincidence

A Visual MessageSomething that may happen

Beyond your plans or expectations

Makeup Artist Caroline Saulnier takes beauty to a new levelCreating avant gaurde looks for designers and photographersSuch as Karl Lagerfeld Mario Testino Bettina Rheims and has

Recently worked closely with Rankin

Transformation is taken to an extreme

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Doll Face

“When Rankin suggested the surreal beauty story, I was delighted. Normality doesn’t interest me. I wanted to

create expressive but frozen looks, in a simplicity that

reminded me of my own childhood”

Caroline Saulnier

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The Imaginarium Of

Caroline Saulnier

Working closely in Collaboration with Rankin Caroline published a beauty

book featuring all her Latest work.

Thinking outside the box and creating complex looks

Using coke cans for rollers, eyelashes in the eyelids and

studding the face.

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The Consciousness of Diluting

Model - Jordan HugginsPhotography - Alexandra Dobson Styling - Alexandra Dobson


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This page- model wears vivienne westwood polo shirt, white turnup shorts, ZaraOpposite Page- Model wears white oversized tee, deep cloth-ing, white shorts, Zara

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Model wears - White Vivienne Westwood polo shirt, White Hareem shorts, Zara, high top converse


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Minas Gerais in Brazil held the Mary Design show where she previewed her latest collection this season. The fashion designers theme for the show was sustain-ability, the pieces that stood out the most were certainly the accessories, especially the hats, made of out newspaper they have been constructed to per-fection creating new and exciting silhouettes for this season. The paper maiche technique used pre-cise construction to cre-ate the shapes and sturdi-ness of the head pieces. Teamed with black strong shaped glasses, pale fac-es and black lipstick the designs were brought to life and here is presented the best of high fashion

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“If you want something you cant have you make it!”

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“After I realized that necessi-ty is the mother of invention, I am certain Mary Design was created because of my own need to adorn myself and get pretty. At the valley of Jequitinhon-ha, Brazil -that is how we did it. If you want something you cant have you make it! This is how I grew up, creating jew-ellery by transforming what-ever was available into pre-cious pieces. I soon realised that my creations could be a good way to communicate with women, and besides adornment they could deliver a beautiful message. So, I started writing poems on the pieces and com-ing up with a history for each collection, hoping to enchant the ones that got my design.”

Mary Arantes - Mary Design

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The OutsidersModels - Luke Stubbs and Robert DaggPhotographer - Alexandra DobsonStylist - Alexandra Dobson

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Previous Page model wears - Oversized baseball jacket, Urban Outfitters, Black skinny jeans, All Saints. This page model wears - Vintage checked shirt, Deep clothing, Black Skinny jeans, All Saints, Nike air max

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This page model wears - Shirt, topman, black skinny jeans, All Saints

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Luke wears - Light long sleeved denim shirt, Ralph Lauren, Denim Jacket, All Saints, light denim skinny jeans, Topman. Robert wears - Dark denim shirt, Paul Smith, Black Skinny Jeans, River Island

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Luke wears - Vintage shirt, Urban Outfitters, Blue denim skinny jeans, All Saints, grey Nike Blazer high tops

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Robert wears - Blue denim shirt, Ralph Lauren, Grey Hoody and denim waistcoat,Diesel, black skinny jeans, River Island White high top Converse.

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Paralyzed BeautyModel - Caroline Duffell

Photographer - Alexandra DobsonStylist - Alexandra Dobson

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Model Wears - Short dungarees, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Purple oversized T-shirt, Topshop, White Dr. Martens


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That ExtraOrdinary GentlemanModel - San OlutayoStyling - Alexandra DobsonPhotographer - Alexandra Dobson


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Previous page model wears - Jacket, Gieves and Hawkes, Pocket scarf, Gieves and Hawkes. This page model wears - denim jacket, Levi Strauss & Co, vest, Top-man, pocket scarf, Gieves and Hawkes, Skinny Jeans, Topshop, socks, Ameri-can Apparel Trainers, Nike Blazer hightops, watch, Mi-chael Kors.

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This page model wears - Hat, Lock & Co, Jacket, Gieves and Hawkes, pocket scarf, Gieves and Hawkes, skin-ny red jeans, Topman, Black dress shoes, Russell & Bromley.

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Model wears - Hat, Lock & Co, Jacket, Gieves and Hawkes, Trousers, The Kooples, Shoes, Russell & Bromley.


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Who is to Judge your own Sanity?