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Press Release Power (PRP) is the Best Press Release Distribution Service Network site where You can Submit Press Release Online for Prospective Customers. Get in Touch! Website - Skype - shalabh.mishra Telegram - shalabhmishra Whatsapp - +919212306116 Email - [email protected] Mobile - +1 646 204 3425


Press Release Submission

PressRelease Distribution & Submission


Proper Way to Reach Media

Identify editors, journalists & reporters for your press release distribution services who would be most interested in what you have to say

Choose your media list carefully

Only send your release to one person per press release distribution service company

End your press release with either ### or -30- typed across the center of the page a couple lines below the end of your text

Be patient.

Not every editor or reporter will

respond to your submission.

Try a Different Press Release Angle

Brainstorm different approaches before

approaching a

press release distribution service agency

Ask Yourself –

What does your industry report on?

Is there a story there you could

develop involving your company?

What does your industry ignore?

You will only know if you try and send out a press release

To the best press release distribution service to test

Then keep trying !

A successful PR campaign is made by

a series of press releases,


testing and trying different approaches

to garner Media Attention

PR Strategy

Here are some questions that can

generate Ideas for

online news distribution service–

What are the blind spots within your


Who is the enemy in your industry?

Big-box retailers or anything else?

Who is the unnoticed hero in your


Can you develop stats or a publish the

results of survey that

would be useful within my industry?

Can you organize a list of trends or

predictions within your industry?

Is there something counter to prevailing thoughts on a topic within your industry you would be willing to develop thoughts on with the help of pr news distribution services?

Is there something local going on in your industry that deserves a national spotlight (and vice-versa?

Get your news out in 3 easy steps

STEP 1. Create It

Write an announcement of pr services for small business. It could be a product or promotion, a sale or a new location, a customer survey, or any other newsworthy story.

STEP 2. Optimize It

Turn your news release into a search marketing asset with Add keywords to target your customers and Include a video and photos to attract more attention!

STEP 3. Distribute It

The press release distribution list will deliver your story to every major search engine, national news sites, and bloggers-generating visibility and buzz for your business



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