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How to Photograph your IB studio work

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  • How to Photograph your IB studio work

  • Follow these guidelines:1. Use a Plain (black or white) background depending on your work

  • NOT

  • Sewing machines???

  • Even something that needs to be worn should be photographed ...

  • ..more like this

  • Follow these guidelines:1.Crop the work until we only see the work(2D)

  • NOT

  • But dont cut off the edges

  • Follow these guidelines:Lighting is very important Take pictures with bright even light to show the best of your works colors

  • Sunlight is an excellent source of light!Keep it even and bright..not under a tree Or use good even studio lighting

  • NOT

  • Using flash will give uneven flares on your work and flatten out texture

  • Follow these guidelines:Lay your work flat and keep the camera perpendicular to your work

  • ...Or like this

  • NOT

  • Follow these guidelines:Make sure your images are clear and show the details of the work

  • NOT

  • Follow these guidelines:If you have a reflective surface, find lighting that will not detract your work

  • NOT

  • Good luck!