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Empower Anyone To Fundraise On Your Behalf! Allow folks to create their own personal page to fundraise for your organization or for things like joining your walk-a-thon. Gen-Y donors not only like to give, but they love to invite their friends to contribute. Empower staff and your most engaged supporters to boost your fundraising efforts by using peer-to-peer fundraising.


  • 1. WEDIDIT Visit our website at Peer-to-Peer Fundraising
  • 2. What is Peer-to-Peer Fundraising? The process of empowering individuals and groups to raise funds on your behalf by allowing (or assisting) them to communicate and solicit prospective donors from their own networks and communities. Satellite Fundraiser P2P Ambassador Fundraiser Campaign
  • 3. What is Peer to Peer Fundraising? Old Model New Model A way to build your crowd. It u3lizes the people who already support you, and brings them on as fundraisers on your behalf.
  • 4. Why P2P Works Networking! 72% of Millennial donors said theyd be willing to communicate with friends and family about ways to be involved in an organization they support. 74% of those polled said they would be highly likely to donate to a cause if asked by a friend or family member *Source: Achieve:
  • 5. What are the objectives of P2P 1. Acquire new donors. 2. Build reservoir of online donor information. 3. Strengthen social media assets - Facebook, email, Twitter 4. Empower your current supporters. 5. Create volunteer opportunities for current supporters.
  • 6. Benefits of P2P MYTH: The only real way to measure fundraising success is the amount of money raised Increased engagement More action = more invested in your organization Low upfront cost Failure is rarely failure
  • 7. How WeDidIt Helps Personalized campaign page for every fundraiser Fundraising packet for all Ambassadors with tips, tricks, best practices, advice, and email & social media templates. Mobile App access to all Ambassadors Email & Live Chat support for all Ambassadors Page traffic for all Ambassadors pages when requested Assistance with your campaign
  • 8. Example Campaign Page
  • 9. Getting Started is Easy! 1. List of supporters who will have fundraising pages Ambassador fundraisers (AFs) 2. Photo, personal goal & bio for each AF who they are? why do they support you? why should their friends/family/co-workers should donate? OPTIONAL: Additional images & organizations background info Explanation of where donations will go. OPTIONAL: Internal competition & incentives. We recommend offering 2 prizes most money raised & most donors acquired. Personal Fundraising Pages
  • 10. Case Study Alan T. Brown Founda3on P2P Campaign Goal: raise funds for Health & Fitness initiative $200 / 15-day campaign / 9 ambassador fundraisers Considerations: Get new younger donors involved with ATBF Wanted a way to invigorate newly-formed Junior board Didnt want to exhaust main email lists Results: _ _ _ _ over 15 days __ of the 9 AFs reached their personal fundraising goal
  • 11. Mobile App No hardware required Take donations anytime, anywhere Safely empower anyone to fundraise Capture and leverage valuable donor data
  • 12. How Mobile Works Easy to download Great for in-person dona3ons
  • 13. Questions ? Visit Create your Peer-to-Peer campaign with WeDidIt and Email us at