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  • 1.PEER-TO-PEER FUNDRAISING:HARNESSING THE POWER OF INSPIRED ALLIESDeepa Karani, Sr. Solutions ConsultantRobyn Mendez, Solutions Architect9/21/2012 Footer 1

2. WHO ARE THESE WOMEN? WHO DO THEY WORK FOR?Deepa Karani Robyn MendezSr.Solutions Consultant, Solutions Architect,BlackbaudBlackbaud9/21/2012 Blackbaud Confidential 2 3. WHAT ARE WE TALKING ABOUT TODAY? Top Trends in P2P Fundraising- Explosive Growth of Social Commerce- Expansion of Mobile Use- Diversification of P2P Programs: DIYFundraising9/21/2012 Blackbaud Confidential 3 4. EXPLOSIVE GROWTH OF SOCIAL COMMERCE9/21/2012 Blackbaud Confidential 4 5. 9/21/2012 Blackbaud Confidential 5 6. F-COMMERCE Almost 25% of total internet time is spent on Facebook Users are 4 times as likely to conduct a transaction inside of Facebook if it is referred to them by a trusted friend.For fundraising, this means integratedFacebook event registration anddonation transactions.9/21/2012 Blackbaud Confidential 6 7. SOCIAL FUNDRAISERS ARE MOST SUCCESSFUL$800.00Social Media Users Set $692 the Highest Goals$700.00$660$590$600.00$500.00 $456$400.00Social Media Users$314 Come Closer to$300.00 $276 $272Reaching their Goals$200.00 $97$100.00 $0.00Social Media Users Are No Social MediaTwitter FeedraiserBoundlessYour Top SupportersFundraisingAvg. Fundraising Goal$ Online Donations per Participant9/21/2012Blackbaud Confidential 7 8. REAL LIFE NON-PROFIT EXAMPLE #19/21/2012 Blackbaud Confidential 8 9. ENCOURAGE TRANSACTIONAL SHARING DONATION CONFIRMATION9/21/2012 Blackbaud Confidential 9 10. DEEPAS REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE9/21/2012 Blackbaud Confidential 10 11. FACEBOOK SHARE FOR DONORS VIA THANK YOU EMAIL9/21/2012 Blackbaud Confidential 11 12. LEVERAGE SOCIAL PLUG INS9/21/2012 Blackbaud Confidential 12 13. ENCOURAGE PHOTO AND VIDEO SHARING In a study of the top 10 brands onFacebook, users liked photos twice asoften as text updates. And they shared videos 12 times more than photo andtext posts combined.9/21/2012 Blackbaud Confidential 13 14. CREATE SHAREABLE INFOGRAPHICS9/21/2012 Blackbaud Confidential 14 15. CREATE SHAREABLE ASSETS9/21/2012 Blackbaud Confidential 15 16. CREATE SHAREABLE VIDEO CONTENT9/21/2012 Blackbaud Confidential 16 17. REAL LIFE NON-PROFIT EXAMPLE #29/21/2012 Blackbaud Confidential 17 18. SOCIAL MEDIA CENTER 189/21/2012 Blackbaud Confidential 18 19. SOCIAL MEDIA CENTER 199/21/2012 Blackbaud Confidential 19 20. SOCIAL MEDIA LOGIN9/21/2012 Blackbaud Confidential 20 21. S O C I A L S H A R I N G ( I N T E G R AT E D I N T O S I T E )9/21/2012 Blackbaud Confidential 21 22. TURN PARTICIPANTS INTO FUNDRAISERS9/21/2012 Blackbaud Confidential 22 23. PARTICIPANT PEER TO PEER OPTIONS9/21/2012 Blackbaud Confidential 23 24. BOUNDLESS FUNDRAISING WITH FACEBOOK9/21/2012 Blackbaud Confidential 24 25. Scriptednewsfeeds Friends can donate and spread themessage9/21/2012 Blackbaud Confidential 25 26. E X PA N S I O N O F M O B I L E9/21/2012 Blackbaud Confidential 26 27. WE ARE ALL WIRELESS US Population311M Wireless Subscribers 331MUS wireless penetration 104% (+6% yoy)US wireless-only households31% (+5% yoy) Mobile devices are rarely more than 4 feet from their owners.279/21/2012 Blackbaud Confidential27 28. WE ARE ALL MOVING TO MOBILE The number of peopleaccessing the mobileInternet is expected toovertake the PC as themost popular way to geton the Web within fiveyears. Average Americansspend 2.7 hours a daysocializing on a mobiledevice. 289/21/2012 Blackbaud Confidential 28 29. KEY POPULATIONS - AND - ACTIVITIES9/21/2012 Blackbaud Confidential 29 30. GOING MOBILE P2P STYLEPrimary Areas of Opportunity Mobile Optimization of your existing website Mobile ApplicationsSecondary Areas of OpportunitySMS Communication (Text Messaging)Text to Give9/21/2012 Blackbaud Confidential 30 31. M O B I L E O P T I M I Z AT I O N : R E S P O N S I V E W E B D E S I G N9/21/2012 Blackbaud Confidential31 32. MOBILE WEBSITES W W W. S K E C H E R S F R I E N D S H I P WA L K . C O M Skechers Foundations Friendship Walk9/21/2012 Blackbaud Confidential 32 33. REAL LIFE EXAMPLE: ACS MAKING STRIDES9/21/2012 Blackbaud Confidential 33 34. REAL LIFE EXAMPLE: ACS DETERMINATION9/21/2012 Blackbaud Confidential 34 35. MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT Mobile Apps are tools that can be downloaded to a smart phone and used to manage elements of a persons fundraising activities. Common App Function in P2P: Mobile Participant Center- Fundraising Soliciation tools through email & social media- Monitor Personal & Team Fundraising Process Many P2P software options baked into the tools or available from developers: - Fundraising with Friends App for Friends Asking Friends - There are also lots developers focused on bulding custom apps- TeamRaiser partners: Charity Dynamics, Zuri Group, CathexisPartners9/21/2012Blackbaud Confidential35 36. MOBILE READY FRIENDS ASKING FRIENDS & FUNDRAISE WITH FRIENDS MOBILE APP9/21/2012 Blackbaud Confidential 36 37. REAL L IFE E XAMPLE: Cathexis Partners TR2Go event dashboard9/21/2012 Blackbaud Confidential 37 38. REAL LIFE EXAMPLE: BIKE MS9/21/2012 Blackbaud Confidential 38 39. RELAY MOBILE APP9/21/2012 Blackbaud Confidential 39 40. D I V E R S I F I C AT I O N O F P E E R - T O - P E E R FUNDRAISING: DIY FUNDRAISING9/21/2012 Blackbaud Confidential40 41. WHAT IS DIY FUNDRAISING? Do It Yourself Fundraising is a style of peer-to-peer fundraisingwhere the individual participant isable to determine how they would like to fundraise for your org.9/21/2012Blackbaud Confidential 41 42. WHY IS DIY FUNDRAISING A SMART IDEA? You constituents are already fundraising this way- Providing online tools kits empowers you to say yes tomore. P2P Revenue Diversification Low Maintenance Campaign Fuels Stories for Media9/21/2012 Blackbaud Confidential 42 43. 9/21/2012 Blackbaud Confidential 43 44. 9/21/2012 Blackbaud Confidential 44 45. 9/21/2012 Blackbaud Confidential 45 46. 9/21/2012 Blackbaud Confidential 46 47. 9/21/2012 Blackbaud Confidential 47 48. 9/21/2012 Blackbaud Confidential 48 49. K E Y TA K E AWAY S Todays Peer-to-Peer Fundraising IS Social Fundraising it is heavily tied to Mobile Access You need to integrate both Social Media and Mobile tactics into your events strategic plans. Adding a DIY fundraising solution can increase P2P revenue and reduce risk by adding another revenue stream.Taking 2-3 actionable steps is better than not taking action on 40-50 ideas.9/21/2012 Blackbaud Confidential 49 50. C O N TA C T U S :Deepa KaraniDeepa.karani@blackbaud.comRobyn MendezRobyn.mendez@blackbaud.comTwitter: @robynmendez9/21/2012 Blackbaud Confidential 50