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  1. 1. 108| OCTOBER 2015 | WWW.TRUELOVE.CO.ZA We often think of soulmates as people we love deeply, perhaps because weve watched too many romantic comedies and read all the classic fairy tales. We even envision our mate being tall, handsomeandmale. But psychologist and author Andrea Bonior is challenging the stereotype of who our soulmate ought to be. In her book, The Friendship Fix, she claims that we, as women, spend so much of ourliveslookingforoursoulmateseven though they are present in our lives not as a lover, but as a friend. Andrea explains: Many people hope and expect to find soulmates romantically, but in fact, our soulmate could be that friend who is always there for you in times of need, or the one whose shoulder we cry onto when our hearts are broken.By Percy Matshoba Have you ever wondered if you and your BESTIE ARE ACTUALLY MEANTTO BETOGETHER forever? Read on and find out. SOUL MATES