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We Dont Know Who Our Friends Are

We Dont Know Who Our Friends AreBy: Gabrielle Rogers

A Friendly EndeavorMary and Rachel decided to go to nursing school together.

But soon, they werent getting along, and Mary wasnt completing her assignments.Mary relied on Rachel to complete her assignments and do her work. Mary thought this was just fine, Rachel didnt feel the same.

Mary was oblivious to the fact that Rachel was annoyed with her. She thought Rachel was enjoying college with her. Even though most of us wont cheat, or do extreme things, weve all been in this situation. Weve all thought someone liked us who didnt, and weve all pretended to like someone we didnt.Did you know that studies suggest that even though most of us believe the people we like, like us back, Only about 34-53 percent actually do?WOW!Thats a depressing statistic

Dont believe me? Think of all the ways we fake liking someone.

Some times we end up going to court with an ex-friend. Yikes! Because we are not honest with each other, we end up in these situations. Studies suggest we lie about ourselves even to our close friends to protect ourselves from judgement.

What can we do about all of this?Accept itLearn How to protect ourselves Try to be more honest with others

So here we are, stuck in this world with a bunch of people who dont like us, and a bunch of people we dont like. Though this is the case, its important to remember that there are real friendships, and all we can do is protect ourselves just incase it isnt.

Sort of grim :(

ConclusionWe are good at pretending to like people

Other people are good at pretending to like us

We dont know who our friends are