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  • Manifesto 2014 - Highlights NNNDDDOOOCCC
  • OUR PLEDGE - Ek Bharat - Shrestha Bharat - - Vibrant and Participatory Democracy - - Empowered and Inspired People - - Inclusive and Sustainable Development - - Quality life in Villages and Cities - - Basic Amenities to All - - Flourishing Agriculture - - Productive Youth - - Involved Women - - Robust physical and social Infrastructure - - Innovative and Technologically driven Society - - Globally competitive Economy - - Brand India built on Quality - - Strong, Effective and Futuristic Institutions - - Open, Transparent and Systems-based Government - - Pro-active, Pro-people Good Governance - The Best Foundation Our own Culture The Best Tool Our own hands The Best Material Our own aspirations To build a Modern India NNNDDDOOOCCC
  • ATTEND THE IMMINENT Price Rise Break vicious cycle of high ination and high interest rates Special Courts to stop hoarding Price Stabilisation Fund Un-bundle FCI operations into procurement, storage and distribution Real time data, to farmers Single National Agriculture Market Area specic crops and vegetables linked to food habits of people Employment and Entrepreneurship Develop Labour-intensive manufacturing and Tourism Strengthen agriculture and allied industries, and retail Upgradation of infrastructure and housing, for its job generating potential Multi-skilling programme Entrepreneurship in both rural and urban areas Employment Exchanges into Career Centres Decision and Policy Paralysis The engine of Government will be ignited again Will power and commitment to public interest Encourage the bureaucracy to take right decisions Poor Delivery Remove bottlenecks and missing links Proper planning and execution for right outcomes Scale and speed with futuristic vision Build institutions for today and tomorrow Credibility Crisis Congress party lowered dignity of Government, & the dignity of India. This is driving recent adversities like the falling rupee and countries riding roughshod over us. Restore the trust and credibility of the Union Government Ensure chain of responsibility and accountability is built in the system Corruption Technology enabled e- Governance System-based, policy- driven governance Rationalization and simplication of tax regime Task force to recommend amendments to existing laws or enact new laws NNNDDDOOOCCC
  • STRENGTHEN THE FRAMEWORK - l Team India shall not be limited to the PM but will also include CMs as equal partners Fiscal autonomy of States while urging nancial discipline Regional Councils of States Statespecic developmental priorities of hill and desert states Focus on economy of UTs. Promote tourism; develop infrastructure of coastal areas Integrated development of island territories Involve state Governments in the promotion of foreign trade and commerce Peoples Engagement: through Pro-active, Pro-people Good Governance, People - Public - Private - Partnership (PPPP) model. Empower Panchayati Raj Institutions 3 Fs - Team India Centre - State relations Decentralization and Peoples Participation From Representative to Participatory democracy Functions Functionaries Funds NNNDDDOOOCCC
  • STRENGTHEN THE FRAMEWORK - ll Eastern India Bring eastern parts of the country on par with the western parts Harness richness in natural and human resources of Eastern India North - East Empower the Ministry of North-Eastern Region with a larger charter and non-lapsable funds Massive infrastructure development, especially along the LOC in Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim Address the issue of Flood control in Assam Nurture more job generating opportunities like tourism and IT industry Address issue of inltration in the North-East Measures for the safety of North-Eastern students studying across the country Jammu and Kashmir: Equal and rapid development in all three regions of the state - Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. Return of Kashmiri Pandits with full dignity Demand of refugees from (POK) will be addressed Discuss Article 370 with all stakeholders; committed to its abrogation Good governance, better infrastructure, educational opportunities, healthcare more job opportunities, better quality of life in the valley Seemandhra and Telangana: Full justice to Seemandhra Development and governance of Seemandhra and Telangana. Integrating the Nation Its vastness and voices All voices must be encouraged and heard within the spirit of India First NNNDDDOOOCCC
  • Open Government and accountable Administration Administrative reforms under an appropriate body under PMO Set up effective Lokpal institution Eliminate obsolete laws, regulations and administrative structures E-Governance: Easy, Efcient and Effective Deployment of broadband in every village e-Governance and engage through social media for participative governance IT based jobs in rural and semi-urban areas National Rural Internet and Technology Mission, for use of telemedicine and mobile healthcare for rural healthcare delivery E Gram, Vishwa Gram scheme in Gujarat to be implemented nationwide Promote eBhasha - National Mission for the promotion of IT in Indian Languages High-speed digital highways to unite the nation REFORM THE SYSTEM - l Hallmarks of our Governance model Policy driven Minimum Government, Maximum Governance People centric Time bound delivery NNNDDDOOOCCC
  • REFORM THE SYSTEM - ll Institutional reform Administrative: Rationalization and convergence among the Ministries Open up government to draw expertise from the industry, academia and society Fellowship and Internship for youth for contribution in governance Judicial: Double number of courts and judges in the sub-ordinate judiciary National Judicial Commission for the appointment of judges Separate fast track class of courts for specied commercial laws Extend fast track courts to all layers of the judiciary Reduce number of cases in which the Government is a litigant National e-Library, empowering Lawyers Enhance number of women in the Bar as well as Bench Specialized universities having expertise in Forensics, Arbitration, IPR, International Law, etc. Police: Networking of police stations Strengthen Investigations, making them Swift, Transparent, Fair, Clear and Decisive Overhaul intelligence set up Modernize Prison system Improve working conditions and welfare of police personnel Electoral: Evolve a method of holding Assembly and Lok Sabha elections simultaneously Look at revising expenditure limits realistically NNNDDDOOOCCC
  • WIDEN THE PLATFORM - l Poor are Left behind Bridge the gap 100 most backward districts of the country to be brought at par with other districts Gainfully employ rural poor in agriculture and allied activities Develop skills of urban so that they take advantage of the emerging opportunities Food Security: Incorporate best practices of successful PDS models and revise the existing PDS Address the issue of under-nutrition and malnutrition Radically transform the Food Corporation of India (FCI) Scs, STs, OBCs and Other weaker sections Social Justice and Empowerment An ecosystem for education and entrepreneurship for SC, ST, OBCs and other weaker sections Eradication of untouchability at all levels Eliminate manual scavenging Tribal development Van Bandhu Kalyan Yojna Electrication of tribal hamlets and provision of all weather roads Network of rural Haats (markets) National Centre for Tribal Research and Culture Empower each and every Indian through health and education. Basic level of Infrastructure to all - Home, Electricity, Water, Sanitation Job creation central to our economic model. NNNDDDOOOCCC
  • WIDEN THE PLATFORM - ll Minorities Equal opportunity Unfortunate that a large section of the minority, and especially Muslim community, continues to be stymied in poverty. Ensure that the young and the girl child in particular get education and jobs without discrimination National Madrasa modernization programme Branding, market linkages, access to credit to traditional artisans in cottage and small-scale industry Curate rich heritage and culture; digitization of archives; preservation and promotion of Urdu Neo-Middle class Meet their aspirations Educational scholarships and educational facilities Medical insurance and quality healthcare services Middle-income housing Efcient public transport systems Rural areas High priority Idea of Rurban - urban amenities to rural areas while retaining the soul of the village Improve village level infrastructure in terms of roads, potable water, education, health, supply chain, electricity, broadband Urban areasHigh growth centres 100 new cities Twin cities and Satellite towns Wi-Fi facilities in all public places and commercial centers NNNDDDOOOCCC
  • LEAP FORWARD - l NNNDDDOOOCCC Give the taste of a developed country to this very generation Social Security A caring Government; Passionate society Effective implementation of Right to Education, Right to Food Security Act Strengthen the Child and Adolescent Labour Act, 2012 ICPS Focused efforts to address issue of anaemia Reduce the burden of books on children Senior citiz