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  • 1. Managed Hosting and Storage Services Customer PPT 2010TataCommunicationsLtd.,AllRightsReserved Presented by The Audio Video of Managed Hosting Service Offered

2. Applications and data are critical to every department across your network 2010TataCommunicationsLtd.,AllRightsReserved 3. You have to stitch together multiple discreet services . . . 2010TataCommunicationsLtd.,AllRightsReserved 4. in order to reduce the cost of delivery and increase profits 2010TataCommunicationsLtd.,AllRightsReserved 5. Could your time be better spent elsewhere? Instead of this. You could focus on Management Maintenance Patching Tuning Backup and restore Monitoring and reporting Housekeeping Application development Analyzing data Modeling Forecasting Research and development Launch new technology 2010TataCommunicationsLtd.,AllRightsReserved 6. Leverage our secure, dynamic global environment Enhance Efficiency Benefits Managed Hosting and Storage provides streamlined, scalable and highly secure management of IT infrastructure, data and storage Reduce costs while increasing availability and access to expert data center engineers Access state-of-the-art storage management and gain the benefits of StorageArea Network (SAN) management for a fraction of the costs of dedicated external storage Reduce TCO Ensure business continuity and meet corporate governance requirements Receive uniform service and reporting through a consistent global platform Prevent technology obsolescence Meet specific business environment and opex/capex allocation with a predictable, accurate cost model Utilize scalable capacity on demand to keep pace with a dynamic data storage environment Access hosting and storage specialists 24x7 to form part of your recovery and contingency plan Optimize Capabilities Combine the cost efficiencies of a shared environment with local control of data and applications Enjoy a consistent environment across our four global data centers 2010TataCommunicationsLtd.,AllRightsReserved 7. Delivering on the value proposition Managed operating system environments from 3 global data centers Managed storage delivered as a monthly rental Managed and administered from India, extending the services reach of Tata Communications internationally ITIL based processes offer clients a proactive hosted service - an extension of there own organization Accredited services and processes at an optimum value Delivering application integration and out sourcing with a network and infrastructure partner Combining the data centers, server skills and network to build value for corporate clients by removing IT management costs 2010TataCommunicationsLtd.,AllRightsReserved 8. We have the technology to monitor your solution Multi-million dollar infrastructure Captures all events Automatic assessment Global data centers and network Resilient connections and power Physical and network security Powerful vendor relationships ITIL standards for solution build Routine events inline with policy Serious issues addressed together 2010TataCommunicationsLtd.,AllRightsReserved 9. Solutions | Managed Hosting Service 3 Data Centers UK, US, Singapore, Chennai & Hyderabad delivering 24x7x365 managed service Base components include Managed Intel Server Managed Windows 2003 OS Managed Load balancer Managed Switch Managed Firewall Disk Back up network and process Secure management Network Trained ITIL engineers for support Monitor Immediate fix Restore Report 2010TataCommunicationsLtd.,AllRightsReserved 10. Solutions | Managed Storage2010TataCommunicationsLtd.,AllRightsReserved Archive Mail Exchange Call Recording $ per month on demand Located Tata Communications data center Tiers of storage Hosted clients Tata Communications storage area network Availability of disk Global provision- 4 DCs Singapore, India, UK, USA 1 2 3 StorageArray Remote Backup Services Digital Media Transactions Storage 11. Managed Services Operation Center Dedicated Service Delivery and Operations Competency centers ITIL based framework System monitoring Backup/recovery Capacity management Patch management Service assurance Service delivery Service management Tiered 24 x 7 global support Remote management of offshore data centers 2010TataCommunicationsLtd.,AllRightsReserved 12. How Tata Communications ITIL: Integrating People, Processes People delivers these services and Tools Design centers of excellence Operational management expertise Highly skilled global technical staff Extended IT team members Processes Methodical solutions shaping and design Proven procurement, configuration and installation processes Rigorous operation processes for predictable performance Proven metrics for operational experience Tools Integrated best-of-breed management tools Operational & Real-time performance reports Client Servicing Customer advocates throughout lifecycle management team Regular planning and performance reviews to optimize investment 2010TataCommunicationsLtd.,AllRightsReserved 13. MSOC ITIL Process Users & Customers Management Management Management 2010TataCommunicationsLtd.,AllRightsReserved Incident Management Service desk Problem Management Change Management Configuration Release Management Management Service Level Availability Capacity Financial Management for IT Services IT Service Continuity Management Security Management 14. Customer Solution Domains Customer Problem Solve to present best value in their solution Earn a role as a customers trusted partner Partners GoToMarket (Education,Sales, Delivery,Support) MarketSegment Customer Internal 2010TataCommunicationsLtd.,AllRightsReserved Tata Communications Back Office Tata Communications Service Offerings Tata Communications Services and BusinessArchitecture Customer Solution Stack 15. Enterprise Services | Delivery Model Sales & Mkt Sales Service Management Service Delivery Engineering and Operations 2010TataCommunicationsLtd.,AllRightsReserved Partners Engineering Management India Central Central Operations Location Operational Support Customer Service Delivery Regional/ Customer Support Country Extended Operational team Locations Customer Advocate Service Level Management Region/ Reporting Country/City Location Sales Specialists Pre-Sales Support Country/City Marketing Location 16. How Do We Add Value? Financial Value Reduced Capital Expenditure Utilize existing Tata Communications data center, underlying infrastructure and connectivity no need to have your own Fully managed service means dedicated asset ownership is with Tata Communications with no need for capital outlay from customer Improves customer capital ratios, returns, EBIT and upfront cash requirements Reduced Operational Expenditure No need for expensive in-house resource Utilize Tata Communications economies of scale (60 devices per FTE against industry norm 30) Option for Managed Co-lo means asset ownership can stay with customer where costs are sunk minimizing ongoing opex Flexible term provide extended payback period Improves customers EBITDAand ongoing cash position 2010TataCommunicationsLtd.,AllRightsReserved 17. Summary Availability and Performance Joined up network and hosting Service aligned to your business model Backup, replication and security Cost Reduction Improved bandwidth utilization Flexibility for business peaks Up to 30% total savings Mitigate the Risk of Change Manage existing equipment Quarterly service review Annual contract review 2010TataCommunicationsLtd.,AllRightsReserved 18. Key Steps in Plan Multi geography hosted solutions Replication Global management Hosted applications CRM Next gen services DBA/application 9IAS SQL Oracle 10g Microsoft OS Development Virtualized Grid on demand Storage as a differentiator Compliance Virtualised Integrated storage Base OS management Dedicated SAN Colo Connectivity Storage as a service Tired storage Archive Remote backup/resore Dual site recovery Adding Value Basic Management Enhancing General CorporateIT market Highvalue bespokeIT projects Dedicatedout taskedIT projects 2010TataCommunicationsLtd.,AllRightsReserved 19. 2010 Tata CommunicationsLtd., All Rights Reserved ThankYou