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<ul><li><p>Central Texas, 2013: Looking for some interesting kids activities in Texas? Visit The Boys &amp; Girls Club of Central Texas (BGCTX). The kids club is renowned across the state for offering a wide range of fun and recreational programs for kids of all age groups These programs range from indoor fun like Leisure Reading, Writing Activities, Computer Skills Programs, Money Management Programs, Health Programs, Photography, Music Camp, Arts &amp; Crafts to outdoor kids sports like tackle football, track, basketball, volleyball and cheerleading. </p><p>BGCTX also organizes a number of educational programs for kids. To name some of these programs are:</p><p>Project learn: The program aims at enhancing the skills and knowledge kids learn at their schools)Goals for Graduation: The programs help kids in setting daily and weekly academic goals.Power Hour: This is a tutoring program that provides homework help to kids.Career Launch: Helps kids in exploring careers and make sound educational decisions. Money Matters: Helps in promoting financial responsibilities amongst the kids. </p><p>BGCTX offers membership to boys and girls between the age group of 6 and 18 years. To become a member of this kids club, you need to complete and submit the membership form, providing your accurate contact details along with a membership fee of 20 dollars. The membership lasts for one year from the date of your kids joining. You can easily renew the membership every year. The club has kept the membership costs really low so that maximum number of kids can participate and take advantage of the various programs and events organized here.</p><p>To know more about the programs and kids activities organized at Boys &amp; Girls Club of Central Texas or to make donation here, visit . You can also visit them at 304 W Ave B, Killeen, TX 76541 or call at 254-699-5808, Ext: 102.</p></li></ul>