instagram vs vine: battle of the short form video apps

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  • Battle of the short form video apps

  • Launched in 2010 as an iOS app

    Launched in 2012 as an Android app

    Purchased by Facebook for over 1

    billion in 2012

    As of June 2013 has over 130 million


    Video was added to Instagram in June


  • Launched in 2012 as an iOS app

    Launched in 2013 as an Android app

    Purchased by Twitter in October 2012

    As of August 2013 has over 40 million


  • Features

    Allows users to record video or upload previously recorded video

    Allows for videos up to 15 seconds in length

    Has 14 filters available to enhance the look of your video

    Can share your video to Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr

    Hashtags can be used to help categorize your video

    Users can comment on and like your video

  • Features

    Video recording is limited in length to 6


    Video camera offers a ghost mode to allow

    for easier creation of stop motion videos

    You can use hashtags and select

    categories to help categorise your videos

    Can share to Twitter or Facebook

    Users can ReVine,Comment and Like


  • Instagram or Vine?

    Determine where your audience is and

    use the appropriate network in order to

    reach the most amount of your audience

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