How to ROCK at Instagram, Vine and YouTube

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How to Social VideoROCKTrends &In Public Relations(CORP-6006-01/02)TECHNOLOGYTRAVIS ALLISON@zoictravis@socialcatalyst.camailto:travis@socialcatalyst.camailto:travis@socialcatalyst.ca Shave Club assignmentIntro to SocialVideoSetup Instagram,Vine & YouTubeCialdinis Principles Best Practices ThrowingBoxes care aboutat Social Video?ROCKING2013(The year that the number of mobile devices will exceed the worlds population)2/3(... of the worlds data will be video by 2017.)BusinessObjectives1234MarketingCustomer ServiceSalesReferrals150(million active users)16(billion photos & videos shared)8500(likes per second)40(million users)2,334(hours of video ifeach user recorded just one Vine)5(Vines uploadedper second)60(hours uploadedper minute)4,000,000,000(views/day)60(files equal to 60 years of network television is uploaded per month), its not easy toat Social Video.ROCKLets make a VideoVIRALGROUPEXERCISEBe AMAZING or beUSEFULPerfect is theof Good.ENEMY~ Gary VaynerchukStorytelling is by far themost underrated skill in business. coverby WOTE the 007 in you... Cialdini PERSUASIONRobert Cialdini PERSUASION(who knows how to ROCK!)Robert Cialdini PERSUASIONLearn about thewhere?6 Principles( yourIn Social VideoVOICETRIBE dramatic surprise on an ice-cold day GodinCommunication is thetransfer of emotionBest PracticesBest PracticesBest PracticesGROUPEXERCISEFiveVideosVIRAL Shave Club coverby WOTE the 007 in you... dramatic surprise on an ice-cold day Complete Social Video Assignment Submit the assignment to Geoff via your Group Dropbox by October 1st @ 6pm (01) or October 2nd @ 6pm (02)HOMEWORK Discuss Social Video Assignment Introduction to Social Bookmarking & Memes Meme Assignment NEXT WEEKPhotographers that Creative Commons Licensed PhotosROCK(Lego at Beach) Band) Dancing in the Rain) singer lego)