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<ul><li><p>How to Become an Expert in Tax Law </p><p>In order to become an expert in tax law, there are a series of questions to answer and steps to follow </p><p>to accomplish such a goal. Tax law can be tedious, confusing and complicated, but for those who are </p><p>interested, it is a goal worth pursuing. </p><p>Learning federal or state tax laws and the pages of code and regulations can be a daunting task as is </p><p>working with figures and transferring them to documents. It can all be challenging, and there are </p><p>those who are up to the task. </p><p>Depending on what course of action an individual wants to take concerning becoming a tax law </p><p>expert, there are a few questions to be considered first, which include: </p><p>Tax Law Expert Questions to Ask </p><p></p></li><li><p>- Do you simply want to know how to prepare your own taxes or those of other individuals along </p><p>with a firm understanding of tax law, before pursuing tax preparation? </p><p>- Do you want to know the tricks of the trade concerning tax law and how it can work to your benefit </p><p>in tax preparation for yourself, or for that of potential clients? </p><p>- Do you want to become a tax attorney, a certified public accountant(CPA), or a bookkeeper for a </p><p>business that deals with federal and state tax laws? </p><p>- Do you want to pursue a specialization in federal tax law related to the Internal Revenue Service </p><p>(IRS), and its levels of tax analysis and application, in areas such as </p><p>. Personal </p><p>. Corporate </p><p>. Subchapter C (publicly traded corporations) </p><p>. Subchapter 5 </p><p>. Partnership (Subchapter K) </p><p>. International tax l </p><p>- Do you want to teach or instruct tax law? </p><p>Answers and Choices </p><p>Any of these questions will require an answer that involves a course of study of some kind, whether </p><p>it is a simple online tax preparation course, a software program, video platform or a hard cover study </p><p>guide as to how to prepare someone's tax return. </p><p>If you have gone through the questions and are still unsure of how to reach a certain level of tax </p><p>expertise, consult with a career counselor through a community college or university. A counselor </p><p>can give you advice as to what road to take to become a tax expert. </p><p>More intense preparation will obviously involve a significant amount of academic time devoted to </p><p>becoming a tax specialist whether as a tax attorney, an accountant or an IRS expert. Usually an </p><p>advanced degree in tax law, accounting, or a related field will include years of study with follow up </p><p>work experience in specific areas of tax law. </p><p>Regardless of the choice of study, the options will either be simple preparation or extremely involved </p><p>and intense study for a number of years. There are choices on how to become an expert in tax law. It </p><p>is just a matter of choosing a direction and utilizing the resources available that can assist in </p><p>acquiring tax law expertise. </p><p>William Doonan is a tax law and legal expert. </p><p></p></li></ul>