How to be safe in your hotel room

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Most people have specific expectations whenever they travel and are going to stay in a hotel room. However, things become tricky when someone is travelling on a budget and can only afford to pay so much or when you boo through an agency or online; sometimes you only get surprised when you walk into your hotel room. While the best hotel room may not always be the most luxurious, some standard features need to be cleanliness, a comfortable bed and a nice en-suite bathroom; there is no way you are going to share a bathroom with other guests.


<p>How to be safe in your hotel room </p> <p>Whether you are going to stay in a five star hotel or a budget hostel, there are few important things a traveler needs to consider whenever they are going to stay in a hotel. Some of the things you need to consider in order to ensure a safe stay in a hotel room include the following: </p> <p>A nice room: When you have the option of booking you hotel room in advance or selecting exactly where you are going to stay; you want to choose the floor, especially between the 2nd and 6th floors. While intruders cant easily access your room, fire fighters can easily reach you in case there is an emergency. If for any reason you are unhappy with the rooms location, you should feel free to ask to be moved. </p> <p>Fire safety: As a guest, you should always ask yourself what you would do in case of a fire or any other emergency. After placing your bags and settling, exit the room and locate the nearest fire exit and take a mental picture of how you would reach the place in pitch darkness. You may want to count the number of doors between this point and your room. Take time to look that this fire exit is actually a viable option; get back to your room when you are satisfied. Check the Door: The hotel room door is basically the barrier between you and the external world. Once you are inside your hotel room, it is important to ensure that you use all the locks available; always use a peephole and only open the door when you are sure who is knocking. You can also enhance your security while in the hotel room by using some cheap items such as a door lock ratchet or a door wedge. Always use the peephole when leaving your room and never assume all is well when you come back, some hotel room doors can be accessed easily and, as such, always take caution when you come back by checking around. Dont be complacent: Always respond to the alarm if and when you hear it and react as quickly as possible using an already pre-determined exit. Simply get dressed and put on your shoes and prepare to leave the room after locking it. You may also want to avoid using the hotel emergency gathering point until you are sure; there are criminals who are known to trick people into running to the emergency point before attacking them. However, even with all these precautions, you will avoid developing an irrational fear that will prevent you from enjoying what would otherwise have been a nice hotel stay. Author's Bio:</p> <p>This article is penned by Lora Davis for Hotel South Avenue of Indore. The hotel established in 2002 is a landmark hotel when it comes to budget hotels in Indore. The hotel is frequented hotel as it offers 4 star amenities in a 3 star category hotel. The hotel's rooms and suites along with its roof top restaurants are what people like the most.</p>