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  1. 1. First Day of EditingBy Akbar Miah
  2. 2. Today was the first day we started to edit. As agroup we were all looking forward to editing as thispart is vital if the music video is to be complete. To edit we used one of the most known and usedediting programme; Final Cut Pro. Final Cut Pro is not the first time we used thisprogramme as for our Film opening in AS we usedthis software. Furthermore, outside of lesson we all have watchedtutorials on how to use the effects on FCP.
  3. 3. Challenges we faced?To say we had an easy first dayediting would be a lie as wehad some problems; firstlyimporting the video files ontothe Mac was difficult and wewasted some time due to thememory card being corrupt.Also we had some issue withmarkers and where to placethem as we didnt know if weshould mark every beat orevery verse