editing our ‘another day’ magazine cover

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Editing our ‘Another Day’ Magazine Cover By Jessie Connell

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Page 1: Editing our ‘Another Day’ magazine cover

Editing our ‘Another Day’ Magazine Cover

By Jessie Connell

Page 2: Editing our ‘Another Day’ magazine cover


• After deciding on which magazine format to use, deciding on our ethos and coming up with a name, we were able to start planning our magazine. We drew a diagram of the general layout that we wanted, and wrote down ideas for prospective sell lines and other conventional elements that should feature on the front cover.

Page 3: Editing our ‘Another Day’ magazine cover


• As well as sell lines going down the sides of the front cover, we also decided that we wanted to give our readers/audience something to take away with them. After brainstorming ideas about possible free pens or free mini diaries, we eventually decided on a pull out poster instead. This meant that we needed to use a ‘Puff’ on our front cover to advertise that this was included in the issue.

Page 4: Editing our ‘Another Day’ magazine cover

Main Image

• After deciding on how our magazine would look in terms of conventions, we were ready to choose the main image for the cover. We had taken a number of stills for both our poster and magazine on our filming day, so we had lots to choose from.

• Conventionally, the feature of the main image gives direct address to the audience by looking straight at them, so we were able to narrow down our choices for the main image to just photos where ‘Eve’ is looking directly at the camera. It took us a while to decide but we finally agreed on one.

Page 5: Editing our ‘Another Day’ magazine cover

Original Still

Page 6: Editing our ‘Another Day’ magazine cover

Photoshop and Layering

• As I had used Photoshop before when creating our film poster, I took predominant control over this task.

• I firstly imported the still into Photoshop, and immediately began creating new layers in the order that they would appear, as often the Mast head is layered over the top of the image as well as the puff and sell lines.

Page 7: Editing our ‘Another Day’ magazine cover

Layers created in the order that I wanted them to appear.

Page 8: Editing our ‘Another Day’ magazine cover

Erasing the background• I then had the task of using the eraser to erase the

back ground of the still so that it was transparent. This took a very long time as it was such a delicate procedure; In addition to this, when we had taken the picture the wind was blowing, making small individual pieces of ‘Eve’s’ hair blow to one side.

• After continuously attempting to draw around these pieces of hair, I did take some short cuts and drag the polygon tool over particularly problematic areas of fly away hair, although the rest was painstakingly drawn around.

• After erasing the background from the image, I placed the image onto a white background, as is conventional with health magazines.

Page 9: Editing our ‘Another Day’ magazine cover

Adding conventional features

• After the background was finally erased, I was then able to start adding in the different magazine features to their designated layers.

• I firstly added the Mast head and Skyline, as aside from the main image, these are the most important features of a magazine cover.

Page 10: Editing our ‘Another Day’ magazine cover

Adding the Mast head and Skyline

• The lesson prior, we as a group had browsed DaFont.com in search of an appropriate font to use on our health magazine. We had chosen one called ‘Dolce Vita,’ and imported it into our fonts list.

• With this font downloaded onto our fonts list, I was then able to use the template that we had drawn out to start creating the Mast Head and skyline for our magazine.

Page 11: Editing our ‘Another Day’ magazine cover

Mast head and Skyline

This is the Mast head and Skyline that I added onto our magazine cover. The large, bold Mast head ‘INSPIRE’ is written in our downloaded font ‘Dolce Vita,’ and is written in black to follow the conventions of our teaser trailer, where our titles and the title of our film is written in black. The word ‘health’ is written in blue as this colour is a key part of our branding, due to Eve’s diary being blue and featuring on the front cover.

Page 12: Editing our ‘Another Day’ magazine cover

BarcodeI was then able to add a barcode to our magazine

cover. I followed the example of real media text ‘Women’s

Health’ by placing the barcode in the bottom left of the magazine cover. Not all

magazines have a price on the front, so I did not feel the need

to add this to the cover.The barcode was placed on a

separate layer, in order for it to sit over the top of the image of


Page 13: Editing our ‘Another Day’ magazine cover

• However, when showing the rest of my group the Skyline, they did not like the fact that ‘health’ was written in blue, and thought that it should instead be green to not only show connotations of health, but to also convey nature which is another key part of our branding. However, I think that our magazine might have looked more effective if our highlight colour had remained blue.

Changing the colour of the Skyline

Page 14: Editing our ‘Another Day’ magazine cover

Changing the colour of the Skyline

This is how the Skyline looked after changing the word ‘health’ from being written in blue to being written in green.

Page 15: Editing our ‘Another Day’ magazine cover

• From what I had created, our group then began to add the Anchorage text to the front of the magazine. We wrote the title of our film ‘Another Day’ on its designated layer, and in the same font and colour as it appeared in our film in order to keep our branding constant. We then used our template to add text around it in highlight colours of black and green to tell the audience about an interview with the star of the film, Eve.

• After completing this, we then added sell lines around the sides of our magazine cover, with conventional sell lines from health magazines such as ways to keep healthy, as well as an issue related to our film which was a celebrity talking about her own struggles with anxiety, all of which was written in our downloaded font, ‘Dolce Vita.’

• After doing this, we then added a web address and social media links for the magazine just under the mast head.

Adding sell lines and anchorage text

Page 16: Editing our ‘Another Day’ magazine cover

Anchorage text and sell


Here is our groups magazine cover after adding sell lines and anchorage text. We also decided to feature stories from real life bloggers, as we had used quotes from real life anxiety bloggers to inspire the voiceover for our teaser trailer.

Page 17: Editing our ‘Another Day’ magazine cover

Puff and changing text


I then used the ‘circle’ tool in Photoshop to draw our Puff, before advertising the free pull out poster featured inside of the magazine. In addition to this, I also changed the font advertising stories from real life bloggers from white into black, as it fit with both the colour scheme of our magazine and the conventions of our marketing campaign as a whole, a lot better.

Page 18: Editing our ‘Another Day’ magazine cover

Finished magazine