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Mastery Journal is the international ezine dedicated to mastery in Qigong, Internal Arts and life.


  • 1.VOLUME 1 ISSUE 2February 2011Mastery JournalThe International Ezine on Mastery in Qigong, Internal Arts, and LifeIntroduction to a Life of Daoist Play Qigong and Reality Mark Johnson Gary GiamboiDoes Mastery Lead to Enlightenment?The Great Epidemic Part ILama TantrapaPaul LevyTai Chi and Snow Shoveling Qigong and CreativityViolet LiJohn Munro

2. February 2011Volume 1 Issue 2Dear Mastery Journal Readers,Letter from the EditorArticlesCan we enjoy our lives more fully Introduction to a Life of Daoist Playby learning to perceive reality moreMark Johnsonobjectively? The quest for a greaterquality of life seems to motivate most of the masters in Does Mastery Lead to Enlightenment?most arts, be that Yoga, Qigong, or Martial Arts, which Lama Tantrapamay be a spiritual quest at the same time. Indeed, Tai Chi and Snow Shoveling knowing whether an objective reality exists outside of Violet Liour consciousness or we subjectively dream it up canaffect every aspect of our lives. This knowledge canQigong and Realityprovide us with wisdom to think, act and respond toGary Giamboilife in the most empowered way.The Great Epidemic Part I Paul LevyThis issue of Mastery Journal presents two seeminglyQigong and Creativity opposing perspectives on reality. Do we dreamJohn Munroup our reality moment by moment or does it existindependently of us? This is a test for resonance thatHow to Join the every one of our readers has to undertake in order tofind out ones personal truth. This relativity of truth isInternational Qigong Communityanother challenging topic to wrap our minds around.Academy of Qi Dao WebsiteThe Secrets of Qigong MastersWhen we focus on the real essence of our arts, Online Audio Broadcastwhich is the flow of energy, rather than on external Qigong Network Socialappearances or forms, we become more masterfulNetworking Interfacein our respective arts. Contemplating on the essencecan inspire us to understand the true nature ofTwitter, Facebook, Meetup, LinkedIn reality But nobody, even the greatest of all masters,has the definitive answer whether there is such a The Flow Showthing as objective reality. We must arrive to our ownconclusions not by following the logic of other people,but by testing, comparing side by side and recognizingwhich belief system allows us to live more fully andBrought to you By:powerfully. How would you like to live your life?Namaste,Publisher: Lama TantrapaProduction Designer: Thomas PameliaThe Cover Photo: Kali TaraLama TantrapaCopy Editor: Lucas MeyerInformation is correct at press time.Mastery Journal is published monthly by the Academy of Qi Dao inPortland, Oregon. Signed articles do not necessarily reflect the officialcompany policy 2011. All rights reserved. Reproduction in part orwhole without permission is prohibited. 3. Introduction toselflessness and any other quality listed above, there is no real Divinity or Divine Play. I chose those particular aspects of the Divine because they are most often absenta Life of Daoist in people who are trying to be spiritual or trying to appear spiritual to themselves and others. Are all those qualities present in your life? Why not?Play Play is also a perspective, and perspectives create ourMark Johnson world. Years ago, eclipses of the sun caused mass panic. Today, people go out of their way to view them. SameI was fortunate enough to have known many of the phenomena, different perspectives, different reactions.great spiritual teachers of the last half-century. TheyThe way we respond to things largely determines therepresented almost every major religious tradition, butquality of our lives, so imagine how our lives would beI spent the majority of my time with Vedantists, Zen enhanced if we were in a constant state of Play. I haveteachers, and especially Daoist masters. My mentors arealso observed that growth happens most easily whenthe treasures of my life, for it was they who showed meone is Playing. It seems to be a fundamental survivalhow to Play. My present identity as a low-to-middlinginstinct and my learned friends assure me that it is aincarnation of the Divine was nurtured by their endlessnecessary ingredient in maintaining the neuroplasticitypatience, attention and love over long periods of time.of our brains.Everything of value in myWhile life seems to flow effortlessly for people who canlife came through them truly Play, that does not mean there are no challengesand if there is a common in their lives. It is just that they are not as bothered bytheme to their divergent adverse circumstances because they are not so stronglyspiritual traditions, it is this:attached to their egos. The size of your ego doesntregardless of what you are matter. Whats important isdoing, life can be Play. Filling how strongly you are attachedout your income tax can be to it. It is often more difficult toa playful experience; youtranscend a small, restricted lifecan relax and enjoy chaosthan a more expansive one. A lackand confusion; and you can of attachment to ego is one ofeven accept suffering andthe foundations of living a life ofdeath without losing your sense of lightness and being Play. Everyone has the potentialcentered. Play, in other words, is not so much about to transcend ego without denyingwhat you do; instead it arises from your perspective and it or trying to crush it. Only a fewyour sense of who and what you are.people in any era completely succeed, but they do exist.The kind of Play I refer to (Play with a capital P) iscertainly not the play of the idle rich, nor is it limited Play is also knowing the instant-by-instant delight ofto throwing a Frisbee around on a fine summer day. A pure being. A spontaneous person dances for the joy ofchild is incapable of this kind of Play for children knowdancing and for no other reason. Joy is like a good winenothing of time or consequences. The kind of Play I am and as my often-inebriated uncle used to say, Winetrying to encourage can only be manifested by a mature complements a good meal, and a bad meal demands it.adult who reflects and embodies the playfulness of the If you dont like your present life, then change it untiluniverse in its many expressions of spontaneity, novelty,every moment is Playful, joyous and sacred to you.mystery, miracles, paradox, synchronicities, humor andbeing in the zone. If there is an absence of love and 4. In its highest expression, Divine Play occurs when youHow do I know these things? I was speaking with theparticipate in the co-creation of the universe. Similar toDivine just the other day and she verified everything Istates of lucid dreaming, where dreamers are aware they have written. Finding and living with people who manifestare dreaming and decide to have fun with the dream, playful qualities was always a priority for me and my booka person in a state of co-creation experiences everyis filled with the lessons I learned from each of them.action as being an effortless, natural response to everycircumstance. Within that state, there eventually arisesthe realization that everyone and everything is oneself To read about the lives of the Buddha, Lao Tzu, Moses,and that everything one does is done to oneself. That Jesus, Mohammed, Zoroaster, Milarepa, the Holy Mother,Ramana Maharshi, Gandhi, Mother Teresa and MartinLuther King Jr. is inspiring in itself, but to have lived withsuch people and cultivated oneself under their tutelageis quite another matter. How would you feel if you hadlived in Jerusalem at the time of Jesus and never met theguy? What a tragedy it would have been to have knownthe Buddha personally, but, due to religious prejudiceor tunnel vision, that person would remain closed to hismessage of compassion. Seeking the counsel of those youdeem wise and truly loving is a great way to live.all-encompassing state of identity with the Other is theIt is even better to BE wise and truly loving yourself. Whatorigin and foundation of love and compassion. When that makes you think you are not one of thoserealization becomes an abiding state, you are expressingremarkable souls right now? I had no ideayourself from the depth of your being.of my inner spiritual potential when I wasyoung. It is never too late to recognizeThe connection between Play and the Divine firstyour innate Divinity, so real-ize it (make itoccurred to me while I was reading Krishna Dharmas real) by any means that is natural to you.retelling of the Hindu epic The Mahabharata. The poem Just be sure that your path is integratedrefers to the manifest world as the Lila or Play of the that your body is healthy, flexible, andLord and asserts that we in our essence are Divine. Ifenergetic; your emotions are appropriate to the situation;the core of our being is Divine and everlasting, and if the your mind is alert, curious, and clear; and your spirit is all-Divine is constantly Playing, I wondered, then why arent embracing and tranquil. While these facets of your beingwe? are in the process of integrating with one another, useyour mature ego to create benefit for all beings.This world is not a cosmic mistake, nor should it be aveil of tears to be endured and transcended as soon asI was fortunate to have 20 years of intense self-cultivationpossible. The Divine loves to manifest and Play. When weunder a powerful Chinese Daoist Wizard in the seventieslive life as Play, the world becomes a Divine Playground. and eighties. That era with my teacher includes a yearin Taiwan and the remarkable circumstances of bringinghim to the United States. We then trained in the wildand dangerous hills of Malibu, California, in Tai Ji,acupuncture, Daoist exorcism, spiritual sexual practicesand how to integrate our three energetic bodies: thephysical, the bio-electrical and the Auric bodies.I studied Feng Shui and how different psyches are formedby the topography of their locale. 5. I have taught Tai Ji to famous contemporary actorsand actresses. and my most recent attemptsat transcendence have comethrough ultrali