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  • 8/12/2019 Elt 204 Course Plan


    Independent University, Bangladesh

    ELT 204: Advanced English Grammar

    Spring 20

    Instr!ct"r: Mithila Mahfuz Lecturer

    Room 8005 (B), Department of English mmithilagmail!com

    #lass Sched!le: M" 0#$0 % &&00

    'raitionall, grammar has *een unerstoo roughl as a finite set of rules that helps uscom*ine +ors to mae phrases, clauses an ultimatel sentences that +e use in our e-erali-es! .o+e-er, linguists since ancient times ha-e *een stuing this efinition closel to arri-e

    at the present a conclusion that grammar is, in fact, much more than that! 'his course thusaims to strengthen the no+lege of traitional grammar that stuents ha-e ac/uire an tointrouce them to contemporar +as of looing at grammar! 'he course +ill ena*le stuents tocriticall form a efinition of language an mae use of *oth historical an contemporar stuiesof language to form an unerstaning of ho+ language functions +ith the help of grammar, anho+ grammar is not merel a um*le of ranom +ors *ut a social1cultural1cogniti-e1historicalprocess to arri-e at 2meaning3 that at the same time unifies the peoples of this +orl anifferentiates them! 4lthough the focus of the course lies in stuing English language through'ransformational enerati-e rammar, stuents +ill *e introuce to ifferent tpes ofgrammars an grammatical theories in e6istence!

    'herefore, the desired st!dent "!tc"me of EL' 70 is to la a *asic founation for

    unerstaning the sstems go-erning the functions of language in general an English inparticular! B the en of this course, stuents +ill *e a*le to ientif the ifferent structural anfunctional units of English grammar an learn their namics in forming an changing meaningsin English!

    $ec"mmended reading for this course inclues:1 4! Do+ning an 9! Loce!A University Course in English Grammar! Routlege, 70071 4! 'homson an 4!; Matinet!A Practical English Grammar(theition)! 1 B! 4arts! English Syntax and Argumentation($reition).9algrage Macmillan, 70081 D! ?ree*orn!A Coursebook in English Grammar! 9algra-e, #51 ! Langan! Sentence Skills: A Workbook or Writers, ?orm B, @theition! Mcra+ .ill,

    7001 A! Boeras an A! Barrige! !ntroducing English Grammar.4rnol, 70001 M!4!A .allia!An !ntroduction to "unctional Grammar! 4rnol, #1 M! Dean! English Grammar #essons!

  • 8/12/2019 Elt 204 Course Plan


    $eading %e&"re classes+ill *e manator for most sessions, especiall since most te6ts +ill*e relati-el ifficult, re/uiring thorough reaing, perhaps e-en multiple times!

    'his course is meant for stuents +ith an e6perience of ealing +ith a-ance courses an it+ill *e eli-ere in the form of disc!ssi"n type lect!res' .ence, st!dent participati"n is


    =nless other+ise specifie, assignments+ill ha-e to *e hand(ritten!

    Eval!ati"nfor this course +ill inclue:1 uizzes, 5 mars each (t+o *etter scores +ill *e consiere)1 lass 4ttenance, 5 mars1 lass 9articipation, 5 mars1 4ssignments, in1class an tae home, &0 mars1 Mi1term e6am, $0 mars1 ?inal e6am, $0 mars

    There (ill %e n" ma)e !ps &"r missed *!i++ese-ams'

    .igh attendance is crucial for this course as topics co-ere in a class +ill not *e repeateunless for re-ision or a*sence ue to a genuine emergenc!

    Cn case a class is misse ue to una-oia*le circumstances in the uni-ersit or the countr orue to the instructor3s a*sence, /a)e Up #lass +ill *e scheule at a later ate +ithconsultation +ith the stuents!

    Regaring #heatinglagiarismin assignments or e6amsF/uizzes, the instructor +ill follo+ theirecti-es outline in the uni-ersit oe of onuct!

    Grading+ill *e one as sho+n *elo+:

    1000 A3 51 A3 67 B83 04 B3 5551 B3 5657 #835054 #3 7571 #3 7677 983 60

    74 93 Bel"( 60

    #"!rse lan


  • 8/12/2019 Elt 204 Course Plan


    "ee &:

    1 Cntrouction to the course

    1 "hat is languageG

    1 "hat is the relation *et+een language an communicationG

    1 haracteristics of language

    "ee 7:

    1 ?unctions of language

    1 tu of language

    1 .o+ is language structureG

    "ee $:

    1 Meaningmeaning of meaning

    1 "hat is the significance of meaning

    "ee :

    1 .o+ is meaning constructeG .o+ is it con-eeG .o+ is meaning changeG

    1 uiz &

    "ee 5:

    1 "hat is grammarG .o+ is grammar formeG

    1 .istor of grammar

    "ee >:

    1 .istor of grammar (cont3)

    "ee @:

    1 'pes of grammar

    1 uiz 7

    "ee 8:

    1 'pes of grammar (cont3!)

    "ee #:


  • 8/12/2019 Elt 204 Course Plan


    1 Mi1term E6amination

    1 English grammar

    "ee &0:

    1 ntactic forms in English"ors, +or classes an phrases

    "ee &&:

    1 ntactic forms (cont3)

    "ee &7:

    1 ntactic functionsu*ect19reicate, DirectFCnirect :

    1 lauses an entences'pes an hierarchies of clauses, tree iagrams, etc!

    "ee &@:

    1 lauses an entences (cont3)

    "ee &8:

    1 uiz

    1 9reicates an 'hematic Roles

    "ee :

    1 9reicates an 'hematic Roles (cont3)

    1 H1*ar 'heor.eas, omplements, pecifiers, 4uncts

  • 8/12/2019 Elt 204 Course Plan


    "ee 70:

    1 H1*ar 'heor (cont3)

    "ee 7&:

    1 H1*ar 'heor (cont3)

    "ee 77:

    1 lausesC1noe, C tructure, u*orinate lauses

    "ee 7$:

    1 lauses (cont3)

    "ee 7:

    1 lauses (cont3)

    "ee 75:

    1 'he issue of tense an moalit;er*s, Iominals, 4spect, Moalit, etc!

    "ee 7>:

    1 'he issue of tense an moalit (cont3)

    "ee 7@:

    1 rammatical Cneterminac ategor Bounaries an raience

    "ee 78:

    1 rammatical Cneterminac (cont3)

    "ee 7# an $0:

    1 Re-ision for ?inal E6amination