effectively manage a multi-device & multi-generational workforce

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Presented at SharePoint Conference 2014


  • 1. Lead the BYOD Revolution: Effectively Manage a Multi-Device & Multi-Generational Workforcehttp://youtu.be/RJ0sJJ05g54

2. What the BYOD revolution is all aboutHow BYOD and social delivers business valueKey steps to lead the BYOD revolution 3. #spc14 #spc276 @meetdux 4. Do More w/ LessEvolving Comms Speed of Business MobileThe BYOD Revolution is Here 5. Will & Kate are having a baby!!! #RoyalBabyReply Retweet Favorite More#Breaking The royal family is going to have a new addition! Reply Retweet Favorite MoreThe Royal Family welcomes their new member!!Reply Retweet Favorite MoreThis just in! Kate & Will are having a baby boy! #RoyalBabyReply Retweet Favorite MoreCongratulations to Will & Kate on the birth of their baby! #RoyalBabyReply Retweet Favorite MoreKate Middleton is pregnant! OMG! #RoyalBabyReply Retweet Favorite More 6. 84% of organizations have remote workersMobile technologies changes how we workAlways on --Consumers usean average of 4 devices every day65% of Americans will have a smartphone and/or tablet device by 2015Rise of the mobile consumerHumans have an intrinsic drive to engage and connectWe organize into communities to get things done - at home, and at workMobile technologies remove the barriers of connectivity, geography and time 7. COMPANIESWERENOTBUILTFORCHANGE 8. Long cycleRapid innovationEmailSocialWorkplaceMobileLess dataBig data 9. enhancing 10. Partners Customers ProspectsSalesService MarketingHR R&D OperationsOrganizational silosIneffective engagementResponsive OrganizationFacilitate purposeful collaboration" ???? 11. 20%of companies implementing BYOD programs will ultimately fail to find the proper balance between security and productivity. 12. Increase ProductivityAttract Talent Strategic Initiatives$ 13. Facilitate Purposeful Collaboration 14. Enterprise Mobility As a Service (EMaaS) Seamlessly weave BYOD into the tools you use everyday to get your work doneProject+ 15. Align business needs to how BYOD can helpBusiness ValueBYOD Purpose1. Business Transparency2. Team Collaboration3. CommunicationsVisibility, real-time access to business metricsConnecting, collaborating & sharing with teamsDrive faster decisions 16. DIY - roll your ownBuy 3rd party apps, add-ins, services, etc. 17. Business NeedsUser Experience Technical NeedsEnvironment Capacity 18. !!!!AIIM Survey Report: Mobile Content Security & Productivity 19. Is it the CEO in a Starbucks?A warehouse employee with a tablet?A sales rep in a hotel room? 20. 39 21. Business ValueHow does enterprise BYOD enable this?What was achieved?How is it measured?Team CollaborationStreamlined collaboration across regions and teams to execute projects.Increasing global spread of business.15% improvement in increasing number of successful projects delivered on time.Employee EngagementFind experts and information fast.Time saved in searching for assistance with portfolio management.30% improvement in access to experts and knowledge.Achieve real business relevance by measuring your outcomes qualitatively and quantitatively. Use BYOD data to support your findings. 22. Ahsantethank you 23. Lets Connect