dog care! by: maddie, katie, mikaela, and yuki. finding the right dog! if you like dogs that are...

Download Dog Care! By: Maddie, Katie, Mikaela, and Yuki. Finding the right dog! If you like dogs that are jumpy and playful you should pick the dog that is always

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  • Dog Care! By: Maddie, Katie, Mikaela, and Yuki
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  • Finding the right dog! If you like dogs that are jumpy and playful you should pick the dog that is always excited! If you want a dog thats quiet and not playful you should get a dog that looks very quiet.
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  • Finding right things for your dog! First when you finally get your dog you need to find the right things! You need things like a leash,food,water,toys, coller,and other things.After that try the things you picked out and see if your dog likes it if not keep trying until you find one just right!
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  • Feeding Your Dog You cant just give your dog any type of food. You must make sure it is healthy and you must make sure the dog likes it.
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  • Training your dog! If you want your dog to go to the bathroom but not in your yard then you have to train him to go in the woods or go in the ivy. If you dont train him he will go to the bathroom in your yard and you will have to clean it up.
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  • Walking your dog!!!!! When your dog is happy it might be a good time to take him or her for a walk!That gives your plenty of exercise! You also need to now the illegal rules in your city.
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  • Illegal rules First you need to know the rules in your neighborhood. First its illegal to let a dog outside without a leash. Also you could be fined for your dogs going bathroom on somebodys lawn.
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  • Grooming One thing you would like to do with your dog is groom him or her. Some ways of grooming your dog is brushing, bathing, and make sure your dogs fur does not over grow.
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  • Playing with your dog You ALWAYS have to play with your dog or else he will get bored and lonely. You can play with tennis balls, chew toys, and laser lights!
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  • Love! You must always love your dog. You have to pet him when he does something good and tell him good boy!You can love him/her by playing with toys or giving him/her treats!
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  • Cute puppies
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  • More cute puppies
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  • Thank you for watching!!!!!!!!