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  • 1. Documentary Genre Purpose: Documentation of facts that actually occured by using actual footage or reconstructions to portray it.

2. With the recent development in the digital age documentary filmmakers work much harder to attain their audience. They entice their audience with interesting stories and incorporating celebrity presenters in their documentaries as they are famous and people will more likely to watch the documentary. 3. Types of Documentary 4. Fully Narrated Off screen voice over to make sense of the visuals and documents their meaning. Eg. Natural History Documentaries, Blue Planet by the BBC 5. The Fly on the Wall Obtrusively set up cameras which records the truth of the situation. Participants do not acknowledge the presence of it observing the action. Eg. Educating Essex, Educating Yorkshire 6. Mixed Documentary With a combination of interviews, observations and narration to advance the narrative or argument. Eg. The Devil Made me Do it Documentary 7. Self Reflexive The subjects featured acknowledge the camera and often speak directly at the interviewer/documentary maker. Eg. Driving Me Crazy by Nick Broomfield 8. Docu-drama Re-enactment of events that supposed to have happened. Eg. The Mummies and The Wonders Of Ancient Egypt, The Real Face of Jesus 9. Docusoap Following the daily lives of individuals in an organisation. Combining Soap opera and documentary together. Eg. BBC Call Center