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Digital Australia Monthly Update Session written by Damus Chu, owner of Pug Life Ad Solutions. He has worked in corporate media across several industries in the last 7 years, managed over $20m worth of media and familiar with the Sydney and Melbourne markets. Every month he will collate digital ad opportunities collected from the media owners in Australia and present them to you on Slide Share.


  • 1 Author: Pug Life Ad Solutions, Damus Chu Prepared on February 2014
  • Why Invest in Digital? Digital Landscape. Digital Opportunities. 2
  • Theres a couple of reasons to use digital media. 3
  • Source National Business Monitor Report: Feb13 (1,000) 2 out of 5 business owners reported annual revenue decrease! 4
  • Consumer Confidence jumps to highest level since January 2011 42% (+5%) expect the economy to have good times over the next 5 years. 17% (-2%) expect bad times Source Consumer Confidence Report: Oct13 (53k) 5
  • 140% **[VALUE] 120% $2,000,000 100% $1,500,000 100% **[VALUE] 80% $1,000,000 60% 40% $500,000 % Difference Ave. Annual Revenue 126% 20% $- 0% Low Digital Engagement Businesses High Digital Engagement Businesses High digital engagement businesses saw $350k increased revenue. Only 16% of businesses have high digital engagement! Source Access Economics Report 2013 (500) **$ Figures forecasted revenue by Pug Life Ad Solutions 6
  • Source Thinks Docs New Multi Screen World A massive 90% of interactions occur on digital screens 7
  • 39% of business owners revenue are down 3 year high in consumer confidence 30% increase in revenue for business owners with digital presence 90% of all media interactions are across digital screens. There are 4 sources of research suggesting why Australian businesses should invest in digital media 8
  • The current state of digital in Australia. 9
  • 16.8m Aussies Online 810m mobile impressions 36% site visit on Mobile & Tablet 12.5m streamed video 40hrs/mth online 14.4m unique on Facebook 10.9m unique on Mi9 6hrs 49mins/ mth streamed 10.8m unique stream YT 4.1m unique stream FB 76% of Aussies are online mainly using FB, Youtube and NineMSN 2 out of the 5 site visits are on Mobile & Tablet Source Online Landscape: May 2013 10
  • 78% smartphone users research products 55% use a social app PayPal / NFC / iBeacon enable user payments 59% Aussies use web on mobile Mobile 1H 40M spent on mobile each day 41% smartphon e users made purchases Mobile takes over Desktop in 2014 Tablet takes over desktop in 2017 Source Digital Buzz 2014 Stats Facts & Google Think New Multi-screen World 2013 Mobile & Tablet are very important devices over the next 3 years Agencies will be recommending to build your landing pages in HTML5 to be device agnostic 11
  • #1 2.76m FUN FACTS: My Kitchen Rules = 1.766m The Block = 1.234m 9 News = 1.091m #2 2.75m Source: OzTam 26th Wed Feb 2014 #3 2.45m #4 2.39m Source: Nielsen Online Ratings January 2014 Leverage top 4 news sites in Australia Reach business and retail customers on higher reach days Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday 12
  • Source: Lumascape Resource Center Agencies are able to manage the 15 categories above, and curate the best possible mix of digital channel plan to meet your marketing objectives 13
  • 0.35% 0.31% Click Through Rate % 0.30% 0.25% 0.22% 0.19% 0.20% 0.15% 0.10% 0.05% 0.13% 0.12% 0.09% 0.08% 0.08% 0.10% 0.06% 0.05% 0.04% 0.06% 0.06% 0.15% 0.13% 0.06% 0.08% 0.07% 0.04% 0.23% 0.21% 0.20% 0.15% 0.14% 0.06% 0.18% 0.12% 0.06% 0.07% 0.12% 0.07% 0.08% 0.03% 0.07% 0.07% 0.05% 0.05% 0.03% 0.08% 0.05% 0.06% 0.00% Standard CTR% Rich Media CTR% Gaming, Apparel and Auto tops the list of industries expect higher responsiveness Tech, News & Finance need creative to work harder Managing your expectations according to industry click through rates 14
  • 2.00% Click Through Rate % 1.53% 1.50% 1.30% 1.00% 0.67% 0.37% 0.50% 0.25% 0.13% 0.08% 0.06% Polite Banner Standard Banner 0.00% Floating Ad In-Stream Mobile Floating Ad w Reminder Expandable Banner Rich Media Floating ad units yield the highest response rate but are expensive to use The recommendation would be to use them for campaign launches 15
  • 728x90 300x25 0 300x60 0 160x60 0 Source: Press Releases 2013 Universal Ad Package There are x4 mandatory display ad units to use. This is to ensure you maximise your reach 16
  • Source: Press Releases 2013 Universal Ad Package The 300x50 & 320x50 are the mandatory mobile ad units to use across key publishers such as InMobi and AdMob 17
  • Latest Digital Media Opportunities 18
  • TACTICS DIGITAL UPDATE MEDIA OUTPUTS AWARENESS Interactive Video & Connected TV Unique Visitors & Impressions INVOLVEMENT & ADVOCACY Content Amplification, Use Images on Social, Dial-up FB, Building a Bespoke LinkedIN App Affinity, Likes, Comments, Shares , +50% Video, Competition Entry, Dwell Time PURCHASE The Trade Desk, Retargeting, Criteo, Microsoft Media Network, Creative Tips, Leverage KWs. Applications, Brochure Downloads & Sale The purchase funnel is used to strategically plan the right channels to meet your objective 19
  • Play Game View-ability Tool: Win Prizes TVC Choose one to Skip: Download Brochure Book Test Drive 360 Spin Photo Gallery Boost engagement (~3%) and completion rates (~72%) using interactive TVCs 20
  • 1/3 Australians own TV with access to internet 300-400k Australian have connect to internet They are streaming TV shows and movies Once NBN is rolled out, usage will surge Adconion partners withy LG and Samsung to sell exclusive ad inventory Be one of the first in Australia to invested in Connected TV opportunities The audience is typically tech savvy, affluent and a movie lover 21
  • Text-links/Thumbnails Video Links Youve created amazing content already. Its informative, easy to ready and newsworthy. Amplify these through the Outbrain network. Your articles will appear native and organic to publisher websites 22
  • Spends 2 hours across breakfast, lunch & night FB usage dominates. 89% 62% Facebook 81% 53% 42% 14% Google+ Optimise to conversion on The Trade Desk Active User Twitter 30% 14% LinkedIN 23% 11% Instagram Bigger CTR% using Imagery: Own Account Any Specific Targeting: Network 15% 7% Source Digital Buzz 2014 Stats Facts, The Trade Desk, Pug Life Ad Solutions Anecdotal Evidence Images across all networks achieve higher response rates 23
  • Page Post Promotions to increase reach, drive brand engagement and spread WOM of special offers Enable fans to vote their favourite designs / colours / range, they become brand ambassadors, & spread WOM Youve already created some FB posts with offers and votes Reach a lot more Australians with a bit of paid media 24
  • Engage with professional through a LinkedIn game These apps will live forever. This was built through the LinkedIN API 25
  • Image Driven Professionals Eco-conscious Adventure Seekers Road Warriors Career Changers Luxury Tech Opinion Leaders Empty Nesters Entrepreneurs / StartUps Active Lifestyle Influencers Female Professionals Millennial (reach adulthood in yr. 2000) Early Adopters Mobile Pro-sumers Run of Professionals Target career changers who just received a pay rise Target key decision makers; C-Suite, Managers, etc 26
  • SUPPLY EXCHANGES REAL-TIME BIDDING DEMAND SIDE PLATFORM (SOFTWARE) SUPPLY SIDE PLATFORM (SOFTWARE) Heres one example of a credible trading desk called The Trade Desk It trades up to $51m worth of Display and $4m Video ad inventory CONSUMERS ADVERTISERS TRADING DESKS 27
  • STEP 1 STEP 2 STEP 3 STEP 4 Your Brand Page User clicks on your ad User reaches your landing page. The Trade Desk drops a cookie User is either: 1) Negative targeting if they make a purchase 2) Re-targeting if they make no conversion Your target audience re-visits your landing page / visits your store to make a purchase We can re-target people who have visited your site We recommend marketers use Google Tag Manager to ensure we have all the conversion points & touch points are tracked 28
  • Criteo can help manage relevant creative to be served to users depending on how they engaged with your brand on your site 29
  • MMN (Microsoft Media Network) Mass reach 16.8m of population Top 5 digital media owner