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  • I am David John, I may not be the best at what I

    do, but what I do is always my best

    - David John ( age 18)

    Picture by David John

  • I have always fought for what I wanted. Living in

    New York my body has been battered, bruised and

    even broken.

    - David John ( age 18)


  • Give up? You could never make ME....GIVE UP! - David John (age 12)

    But the one thing that never wavered was my

    spirit because that is one thing no one can take

    from me. - David John ( age 18)


  • I believe in God who watches my back and

    myself David John (age 19)


  • Kindness is my forte

    David John (age 13)

    I do good because it is

    the right thing to do

    David John(age 15) http://www.flickr.com/photos/92082510@N04/8367503351/


  • I love video games


  • Unbreakable will meets immortal determination In the game development industry

    If you expect me to be

    someone Im not then you

    are in for a rude awakening

    David John(age 20)


  • Are you crazy? You walked 80 miles

    for a job you didnt even get. That could

    have killed you My mother


  • If I couldnt walk 80 miles for a simple job

    interview, then I might as well give up on going to

    Japan David John(age 19) in reply to his mother

    I am always early by at least 1

    hour to any appointments I have

    and wake up before my alarms

    just to make sure I never am late.

    -David John(age 14)


  • The only time I will ever stay

    home from school or work is

    if both my hands are broken


  • I can count by powers of 2 up to 8192

    which helps me with my talent for bit

    wise operations


  • Im capable of learning programming languages

    fairly quickly as long as I know how it differs from



  • I have an IQ of 210 (diagnosed during my middle school years)

    I was told when I was

    younger that I have

    wisdom beyond my

    years which means that

    despite my age I am not

    oblivious of this world and

    those who dwell in it. http://www.flickr.com/photos/36101697408@N01/174688752/

  • I can write stories with 30 or more

    chapters that are skilled enough to hook

    my audience with the first chapter (as long as I get feedback)

    I dont know who or what you are the Smasher said as

    his eyes narrowed, but what I do know is that my

    partner and I each have a set of skills we acquired over

    the years, Now we can do this the easy way or the hard

    way the Smasher continued, the choice is yours.

    Release these western plains from your tyrannical rule

    and disassemble your organization the Smasher

    continued, and that will be it, my partner and I wont

    pursue you and your associates any longer. However

    the Smasher said, should you continue on this hell bent

    path, I promise you two things, we will find you and we

    will stop you.by any means if necessary.

    Quote from Tales of the two heroes


  • I was a janitor for both my school

    and town for 3 years straight

    every summer so no job is too

    beneath me for me to do http://www.flickr.com/photos/7390466@N06/4623178705/

  • I volunteer as much as I can; from working with

    Toys For Tots during the holiday season, the

    wetland festival during the fall or even replanting



  • The environment I would like to work in is a gaming

    company that doesnt chastise a programmer for asking an

    opinion from a peer and that allows peer programming.

    other than that

    Im fine working

    anywhere I can


  • Examples of my work

    Link to all of my work so far



  • I dont care about having a lot of

    money; I just want to be happy

    David John(age 20)


  • What success means to me

    is being happy with what you

    are doing for the rest of your

    life David John(age 17)


  • Contact Information

    Picture by David John

    Email: djgjgamer@aol.com Phone: 516-300-2791