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  • 1.LaRon Epps

2. I went to a performing arts 3. I left my home area ofSt. Louis 4. I joined theU.S Navy 5. Lived inJapan 6. I am an ambitious entrepreneur with a great work ethic ready to conquer theUnknown. 7. I had a brightIdea 8. I wanted to further my Education 9. I decided to attendFull Sail University 10. in Orlando, FL 11. I joined theStudent Community Association 12. I attempt toGolf 13. I am aVisionary 14. Works well underPRESSURE 15. Learning to become a more efficientLeader 16. Life longLearner 17. Host of theSCA Networking Summit 18. I am a GraphicDesigner 19. I amProficient inPowerpoint, Excel, Keynote, Quikbooks, Microsoft Ofce, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop 20. I am ready to start a new journey, areyou ? 21. Contact email: phone: (312)000-0000 Linked in Prole: LaRon Epps