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A fun, qwirky, visual resume of our amazing Intern Sara Tellio! Get to know her! @empoweredpres


  • 1. Time to a story!

2. Time to a story!is her last name :) 3. Her first name is 4. Without the H 5. T HATS BETTER! 6. She was born in 7. She was born inlook at those cheeks! 8. in 9. and is a 10. But ethnically: 11. Her Dad is from Hawaii 12. & Mom is from Japan. 13. When they , 14. Sara had to choose where she wanted to live. 15. Young and afraid of planes, she decided to live in... 16. During high school, Sarastruggled withdepression, 17. and thought that everyone hated her. 18. Her life was filled withbetrayal and sadness, 19. and thought she hadno purpose. 20. and right when she was about togive up... 21. Graduating from 22. with Magna Cum-lade 23. and found what she wanted in life: 24. Sara wasnt afraid of flying anymore, 25. and traveled to many places, EnglandMissouri ChinaCaliforniaKansasItaly Arizona Texas Japan Mexico 26. and even studied abroad for a year 27. at Taisho University. 28. As a memoir, collectedfrom the places traveled. 29. In doing so, Saras eaten many types of foods, 30. but nothing beats her favorites... 31. Sara eventually graduated from 32. with a double major in 33. and even a certificate in 34. Her life is lived every moment saying, 35. which means, Just likeRobbin Williams in The DeadPoet Society. 36. Sara has even learned to fly... 37. There are still things she hasnt settled with. 38. Like... 39. She 40. She 41. She 42. and... 43. How can someone living in not like 44. thats easy!!! 45. Another dislike is peoples wet hands 46. She is not always a hater 47. becauseis always thebetween anand an 48. Sara loves 49. Especially 50. like 51. it teaches her inner peace! 52. She is a at 53. Sara also enjoys 54. shows like... 55. & 56. She even have aand even has her own... 57. zombie n cuatioeva lplan. 58. Sara can talk about TV shows 59. Having a heightened sense of & 60. She can taste the differencebetween types of water, 61. and hasvision. 62. her sense ofdepth perception 63. is not quite there because... 64. One of her hobbies is... 65. like 66. and if you everchallenge her in 67. She would have to 68. Bring it! Sara is ready for any 69. Throughout her lifes journey working atdifferent places, like... 70. *Her first job 71. to & 72. & 73. NOW, choosing to workher which are... 74. &PresentationsVideography DesignSocial Media, 75. and her all time favorite: 76. of Saras creations, and 77. Click to her on: 78. Get Empowered: 79. Click to presentations: