crowd movement, disruptive innovation and contentmarketing - important trends for today!

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Internet changed the world (C) J.W. Alphenaar And it’s not over yet!

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  • Internet changed the world

    (C) J.W. Alphenaar

    And its not over yet!

  • 1981

    10 print jw is here 20 goto 10 run

  • INSI

  • I know my classics

  • Did some serious shit

  • My own business!

  • Who am I

    Public Speaker Writer / Blogger Consultant/trainer (Marketing) Trendwatcher


  • Trend 1: Crowd movement

    and disruptive innovation

  • The crowd turns the world upside down and is unstoppable

  • We have direct acces to 1 billion people

  • People want to make a difference


  • It all starts with an idea

  • To make ideas happen

    Time Planning Expertise Money

    You need




  • I dont get it Who wants that?

    Youre not the classical type of

    entrepreneurNo market research?

    Im just an intern

  • Youre not the only one with a business plan

  • Rich uncle? We would love to help you out!

    But our savings are all gone by wrong

    investments But we do believe in you. Really!

  • Oh this will never work. boohoohoo

    Dont give up!

  • So start crowd funding!

  • When enough people believe in your idea

  • Marcel

  • When people cherish your idea

  • Theyre willing to help you!

  • F**k the banks?!

  • A warning for the big players?

    We dont need your


  • What will be the future role of the bank?

  • Nederlanders zouden in totaal zo'n 20 miljoen euro aan bitcoins bezitten.

    Volgens Kamerlid Henk Nijboer is de Nederlandse wetgeving dan ook niet meer van deze tijd, zo zegt hij tegenover Hij wijst er op dat de nieuwe online betaalmiddelen door criminelen gebruikt kunnen worden voor witwassen. In de

    VS wordt momenteel een onderzoek gedaan naar witwassen met Bitcoins.

    Dijsselbloem stelde afgelopen zomer nog dat de 'alternatieve virtuele munteenheid' wat hem betreft niet erkend kan worden als elektronisch geld, omdat de valuta niet voldoet aan de eisen die Nederlandse wet daaraan stelt.

  • Some cool cases and examples




  • The crowd turns the world upside down and is unstoppable

    Join the movement!

  • Golden tip!

    The powers that used to be

  • Trend 2: Contentmarketing

  • We are all knowledge workers

  • Continuously developing

  • Time is money

  • Knowledge is power!

  • So we keep that to ourselves

  • People love product sampling

  • The horror!

  • How about knowledge sampling?

  • I believe in you. Gimme more!

    Look what I got

    to offer

    Knowledge sharing

  • Dont tell

    But prove it!

  • Sales vs Purchase

  • Traditional Sales

    Suspect ProspectLead Customer

  • The sales funnel

  • People dont like salespeople

  • The customer is in control

    Need Research Shortlist Selection Decision

  • Shocking facts and figures

  • 78% of the DMUs start on the Internet

    B2B lead onderzoek - 2012

  • 86% distrusts advertising

  • 51% first will make a list of suppliers before contacting you

    B2B lead onderzoek - 2012

  • What influences DMUs?

  • 84% - advice from friends Word-of-mouth

  • From client to fan

  • Client to ambassadorI need a solution to

    provide my employees secure access to our

    network, any suggestions?

    Why dont you call Rob Buddingh of IP4Sure.

    He can help you!

  • 50% gets influenced by peers

    74% values this very high

  • 87% let their decision be accelerated by content & social

    media of potential business partners

  • People search online for everything


  • So get out in the open!

  • Good content can lead to new insights


  • Mmmm, interesting

    We could actually use


    Need Shortlist Selection Decision

  • Not only invest in new knowledge

  • But share it!

  • Types of content

  • Blogs

  • Vormen van content Presentaties

  • Content strategy

  • Step 1: what do you want to achieve?

  • Who do you what to reach?

  • Step 2: knowledge sessions

  • Step 3: Topics and content calendar



    Buzz & awareness




    Lead generation

  • Step 4: training

  • Step 5: create and curate

  • Step 6: make it sexy

    Image is everything Think like your audience

    Make it snackable Title!

  • Step 7: publish

  • Step 8: distribution

  • @jwalphenaar

    Your content is your ammo!

  • @jwalphenaar

  • @jwalphenaar

  • @jwalphenaar

    Most effective network to share?

  • @jwalphenaar

  • @jwalphenaar


  • Step 9: learn by the numbers

  • @jwalphenaar

    1. Categorize your knowledge 2. Make it into sharable and likable content 3. Publish 4. Share the content = share your knowledge 5. Create the need

  • Let your ambassadors share it to their connections - the peers

  • Who are your ambassadors?

    Clients EmployeesBusiness partners

    They all have a network!

  • Social is all aboutPeople Connections Content

    Ambassadors Buzz

  • Contentmarketing is foreplay

  • @jwalphenaar

    Good content marketing


  • People will love you for it

  • Knowledge creates trust

    They seem to know something

    about itCall them for a meeting


  • Any questions?