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Christianity and Judaism Sock Puppet plays. The story of Judaism Moses and the Exodus The Promised Land and Persecution and Creation of Israel Jewish Tradition and Synagogue. Story of Christianity and Death of Christ St Paul and Christian Persecution Schism Middle Ages and Crusades. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Christianity and Judaism Sock Puppet playsThe story of Judaism Moses and the Exodus The Promised Land and Persecution and Creation of IsraelJewish Tradition and Synagogue

Story of Christianity and Death of ChristSt Paul and Christian PersecutionSchismMiddle Ages and Crusades

The sock puppet playMeet with reading partner5-6 key factsPotential play charactersLarge groupSummarize your articlesDo you need a copy each article?Give role assignmentsDirectorProducerSet designerStage ManagerCostume and MakeupScript writerConsultant

Key itemsContentKey facts from each readingBe able to answer questions about your readingCreativity/ Color# of sock puppets based upon # of handsBackground picture on whiteboard (1 each scene)Stage design for each sceneOrganizationMinimum of 3 distinct scene1-2 minutes each sceneTransition from 1 scene to nextWritten scriptWho are the Jews? Story of JudaismWhat is the Hebrew Bible?Who is the father of the faith?CovenantCircumcisedWhy is the story of Abraham and his son significant to Judaism?How did Jews view their god? Sodom and Gomorrah

Who was Moses? Why did he lead the Exodus? Why were the Jews in Egypt? MosesWhy did the plague strike Egyptians and not Hebrews?Exodus10 Commandments (Moses)

What was the Promised Land?Why did Moses not reach the Promised Land?JoshuaJerichoDavidArk of the CovenantAfter Solomon what happened to Israel?Who conquered the Israelites? Babylonian Captivity

How was Israel Created? Romans in IsraelMasadaAelina Capitolina and the JewsDiasporaSephardimAshkenazimPalestineKhazarsZionismTheodor HerzlTel AvivWhat was important for Jews when they left Israel?In order to keep the rest of the presentations bogging down and noticing a tremendous amount of boredom today, attached you will find a copy of the readings on Judaism and Christianity for all the groups. My sense is that you would rather read than listen to students answer questions. I will reduce the number of questions tomorrow, however I will not reduce the necessary content knowledge you should have. I'll just write the quiz based upon the readings. Here is the reading on Judaism.

Who was Maimondes? How is he significant to Jewish thought?When Cordoba and MuslimsSaladinJobsMishna TorahHow did he view Judaism and its books? (the Torah & Talmud)Who persecuted the Jews?Anti-SemitismCrusades and the Black DeathFerdinand and IsabellaPale of Settlement and ProgramsHolocaust and the Final SolutionWhat are some important Jewish Traditions?Torah TalmudShabbat (Sabbath)Bar/ Bat MitzvahYom KippurRosh HashanahPassover-SederTemple of Soloman (Jerusalem) Wailing WallTisha BAvHannukah

Why is the Synagogue important?What do you need present for a Sabbath?What do synagogues have in common? What is an arc?What is the perpetual lamp? What does it symbolize? MenorahRabbiWhat are the sects of Judaism? OrthodoxReformHasidismHow are those sects different?